Canada has five of the top 100 best student cities in the world. Two out of every five university academics hold at least one international degree. Many students choose Canada to continue their education. Many of them study and work in the country for a long time. Parents whose children study in Canada want to visit their children. The visa for parents or grandparents to visit their children gets called a Canada Super visa.

In this article, we will explain what a super visa is, its eligibility criteria, who can apply for it, requirements, application process, fees, and more.

What is the Canada Super Visa?

Canada super visa comes under the Temporary Resident Visas. In Canada, people also call it a Grandparent Super visa or Parent Visa. It allows foreign nationals to visit their relatives for a particular time. To apply for a super visa, your relative must be a:

  • Canadian Citizens
  • or Permanent Resident.

Visitors can also use a Canada tourist Visa to visit friends and family. But, Canada Super Visa is to expand the time parents and grandparents can stay with their families. If parents and grandparents meet the requirements, the Super Visa lets them stay for about two years at a time in Canada with their children. This duration is not possible under Canada tourist visa.

Canada Super Visa Limits

When the grandparents and parents are in Canada with the Super Visa, they may not:

  • Have a part-time job.
  • Enroll in full-time studies.
  • Work
  • Get Canadian documents/benefits.
  • Get health care coverage.

They can only visit the country and stay with their relatives.

Who is Eligible for Canada Super Visa?

Canada Super Visa allows family members to stay in Canada for a long time. So, it needs more extensive requirements.

As well as the Temporary Resident Visas requirements, applicants have to undergo a medical examination. It finds them eligible for the Super visa.

If the applicants can’t fulfil the requirements, then the Canadian Embassy asks for more evidence. If you can not prove that you are eligible, the Embassy will deny your Canada Super visa.

How to complete the Super Visa application?

You must complete a few steps for Canada Super Visa application:

  1. Confirming you are eligible for a super visa.
  2. Gather documents and application forms for a super visa.
  3. Submission of Canada Super Visa Application.
  4. Wait for processing and response. If needed, send the more required information.
  5. Send your passport to get stamped.

Required Documents for Super Visa

You must also submit these supporting documents:

  • The standard required documents for any visa for Canada.
  • Financial statements to prove you have enough money for your trip to Canada.
  • Details of your trip to Canada or travel itinerary.
  • An invitation letter from your relatives in Canada.
  • Birth certificate or other documents to prove your relationship with the child or grandchild in Canada.
  • Your child or grandchild immigration status in Canada.

If one needs to find out how he/she can move to Canada as a skilled worker, read this article. 

Low-Income Cut Off minimum

Your child or grandchild financial statements or Bank statements to prove they meet the Low-Income Cut Off minimum, like:

    • A copy of the Notice of Assessment (NOA).
    • Their T4 or T1 copies.
    • An original letter from your grandchild’s or child’s employer with an annual salary, description, and title.
    • Pay stubs of employment insurance.
    • If your grandchild or child is self-employed, a statement to confirm their annual income will suffice.
    • Investments, pensions, etc. to prove other sources of income.
  • Your Declaration Letter to the Canadian government to explain why they should give you a Canada Super visa.
  • Two passport photos according to the Canada Photo guidelines.
  • Your education or employment status through diplomas or a resume. You should provide a letter from your employer confirming your contractual obligations. It will state you will return to your home country.
  • Lease, property deed, or any form of proof that will prove you will go back to your home country.
  • Documents to prove that you won’t study or work in Canada.
  • Evidence to prove that you have private medical insurance. It should be valid for a minimum of one year and obtained from a Canadian insurance company. Also, it must cover:
    • It must have coverage for at least $100,000.
    • Hospitalization, repatriation, and health care.
    • It should be valid for each entry to Canada.

When you submit all the required documents for a Canada Super visa, you can submit the application. Then you must pay the Super visa application fee. Now your application gets completed.

How to fulfil the Low Income Cut Off point?

The Low Income Cut Off (LICO) is one of the requirements that your grandchildren or children must fulfil to be able to host you. It means they have enough money to cover your expenses in Canada.

The host must explain how many dependents he/she will sponsor. They should also add the guest as the dependent when coming to Canada. Your grandchild or child should have enough money for all these people.

This table shows the annual minimal income your grandchild or child must have for different numbers of dependents.

The size of the Family UnitThe Minimum required income
1 person (your grandchild or child)$24,949
2 people$31,061
3 people$38,185
4 people$46,362
5 people$52,583
6 people$59,304
7 people$66,027
For more than 7 people, add an additional for each person$6,723

If your grandchild or child does not fulfil these requirements, they can add their common-law partner or spouse and count their income too.

What are the Super Visa fees?

There are two types of fees to apply for the Super Visa:

  • The visa application fee which costs CAD$100;
  • The biometrics processing fee is CAD$85;

When the Embassy asks for your passport for processing, you must pay the fee for passport processing of around CAD$45.

Processing Time

You have to wait for 8 days up to 45/ 50 days. The processing time for the Super visa depends on:

  • The country you are from.
  • Your special case
  • The Canadian embassy or consulate workload

If one piece of your documents is missing or incomplete, the processing time will take longer.

How Long is the Super Visa Valid?

Canada Super visa has basic validity for two years. When you are about to enter Canada, check whether the Border Patrol Officer has stamped two-year validity on your passport.

You can apply for another super visa after two years. You should start the application process at least six months before the first Super Visa runs out.

Can You Bring Your Family to Canada with a Super Visa?

You may only bring your common-law partner or spouse to Canada with you with the Super Visa.

Your other grandchildren or child should apply for a separate Visitor Visa.

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all about the Canada super visa.

We covered the people who need to apply for a Canada super visa, the requirements, the application process, how to extend it, the fees, and more.

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