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Canada is a country with economic freedom. It’s the 10th largest economy in the world. There are lots of opportunities for you to grow your business. The employment market? It’s as good as the economy. If you are considering moving to Canada for fresh opportunities, you need to get its visa. One important part of the visa is a photo that has different rules. You should know that a false travel document is one of the top ten reasons for visa denial. An inappropriate photo is a common visa denial.

In this blog, we will explain Canada Visa Photo Requirements, the places you can take this photo, the photo for minors, costs, etc.

A Canada visa photo is a set of photos or small photo attached to the visa application. It is to identify the one who is applying for the visa. So, the Embassy working on it knows who they are checking.

If you apply for a visa, you must submit your photos. The Embassy will check it. If it meets the requirements, they continue the application.


Why do you need to Submit a Canada visa photo?

You must obey all the requirements if you have applied for the Canada visa. You must follow the requirements one by one and avoid mistakes.

If you do not attach your visa photos, the Embassy rejects your application. So, you must submit photos if you are serious about getting a Canadian visa.


Where Can I take a Visa Photo?

A lot of studios offer visa photos. You can find many in your area. Find one. Ask them about the requirements to see they know how to take one. the photographer must verify the photo through writing and signature.

Try to avoid a studio that will not do so. The Embassy will not accept a verified photo by the photographer.


What are the Canadian Visa Photo Requirements for Temporary Residents?

When your visa comes under the Temporary Resident category, you must submit the photo with the other documents.

You submit the application with two photos. If they don’t fulfill the requirements, the process starts again.

If you do not re-submit photos, the Embassy rejects the application. Then you must start the process again. You must pay all the fees again.

The Canada Visa photos requirements:

  • The photos must be identical.
  • Printed on quality photographic paper.
  • Taken within the last 6 months.
  • In black and white.
  • There should be no blurriness in them.
  • With a clear, light-colored /plain white background. It must not have any design.
  • Not digital altered.
  • The face must locate in the center of the camera. It shouldn’t be too close or too far.
  • Your mouth closed, a neutral face expression neither smiling nor frowning.
  • If you wear eye-glasses, the frames must not hide your eyes.
  • You may not wear sunglasses.
  • You must not wear cosmetics, accessories, or hairpieces if they break your appearance.
  • If for religious reasons you wear a scarf, it must not cover your face.
  • The size of Canada visa photo, the frame must be at least 35 mm with 45 mm.
  • Your head size, from the top of your head to your chin, must be between 31 mm and 36 mm.


To prove your identity, you must write your information on the back of the photo. You must include the following information on the back of the photo as well:

  • Applicant’s name.
  • The address and name of the place where the photo got taken.
  • The photographer must write this text:

“I do verify this to be an accurate likeness of (Applicant Name)” and sign it with their name and surname.

The Permanent Residents and Citizenship Applications Visa Photo Requirements

You must attach your photos if you are applying for:

  •  Canadian Permanent Resident
  •  Canadian citizenship

The requirements are like the Temporary Resident Visas with a few differences.

The Permanent Canada visas requirements:

  • A Permanent Visa or Citizenship; two identical photos.
  • One photo; applying for Renunciation.
  • The Permanent visa photo; the frame should be at least 55 mm with 7- mm.
  • Your head size must be between 31 mm in the photo.
  • You must provide your own name on the back of the photo.
  • The address and name and of the photo studio must get attached to the back of the photo.
  • The photographer must write this note:

“I verify this photo to be a true likeness of (Applicant Name)” and sign it with their name and surname.

If the photograph does not meet the requirements, the Embassy will ask another one. Also, your application may get rejected.


Babies and Children photo Requirements

If you apply with a child or infant, their visa photo must get attached to the application. Based on the visa type, the requirements are the same as mentioned above.

The Canadian Embassies understand it’s hard to take photos of children and babies. So they will take it easy by requirements.

However, they want you to obey their rules. Tips to get a photo of the child or infant to meet the requirements are:

  • You can lie down the baby or put it in a car seat.
  • The background must be white or clear. So put a white sheet over the car seat or under the infant.
  • Your hands must not be clear in the photos if you are holding your baby.
  •  Try to have the baby’s mouth closed and face in the middle of the photo.


 The Cost of a Canadian Visa Photo

The cost of the photos will depend on the photo studio you choose. You can expect to pay at least $10 to $20 for each photo.

The photo will cost about $100 if you apply with your dependents. The high quality will worth the investment. You will not have to submit photos again and pay twice.


Let’s sum up …

In this blog, we explained Canada visa photo requirements.

The place you can take a visa photo, photo requirements for children, and costs got explained.

You need to know that Canadian authorities are strict with their rules. Even one simple or unwanted mistake could lead to a visa denial. Please be careful in every step of the visa application.

You can check the Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

Last Updated on June 9, 2020

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  • John Reply

    I took an expensive official photo four months ago. Do I have to take a new one?

    May 31, 2021 at 1:28 pm
    • support Reply

      Yes, you have to take a new one, particularly if your face has changed.

      May 31, 2021 at 1:29 pm

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