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Canada is a highly developed country. Its employment market is good. Many people from foreign countries move to get a better job and salary. Every year, almost 300, 000 workers go to Canada to get a job. If you want to move to Canada for work, you might need a Canada Temporary Work Visa. With a few exceptions, all foreign workers need a work visa.

In this article, we will cover Canada temporary Work Visa, work permits, requirements, application process, types, FAQs, and more.


What Are the Canada Temporary Work Visa?

The two ways to get a Canada working visa:

  1. Temporary Work Visas: With this group of visas, you can work for six months or less.
  2. Permanent or Immigrant Work Visas: With this group of Canada working visa, you can immigrate to Canada because of the job you have found.

A Canada Temporary Work Visa is a mixture of:

  • A Work Permit
  • A Temporary Resident Visa (TRV)

You can stay in Canada for six months or less with a TRV. While you could work/look for a job in Canada with a Work Permit.

Temporary Work Visa is not a Canada permanent visa. Depending on the type, it will expire after months or years. Then, you must apply to renew it or go back to your home country. The maximum time for temporary work in Canada is four years. Yet it depends on:

  • The country you are from.
  • Type of visa you have.

After your visa expiry, you may not stay and work in Canada. You will get deported and may not get a Canada visa again.


Do You Need a Canada Temporary Work Visa?

Anyone who wants to get a job in Canada must get a Temporary Work Visa or Work Permit. In case you are part of the following options, you need the work permit:

  • You are going to get employed in Canada with a salary.
  • A registered company in Canada as a business will pay your salary.
  • Canada will be your primary work location.
  • You will get your salary in a Canadian bank account.


The following groups of visitors may not need a Temporary work permit:

  • Workers of foreign Government
  • Representatives of foreign Governments and their family members.
  • Military personnel.
  • Business visitors.
  • Performing artists.
  • Members of sports teams.
  • referees, Judges or similar workers
  • News reporters and media crews.
  • Convention organizers and Public speakers.
  • Examiners and Evaluators.
  • Health care students.
  • Clergy.
  • Students who are working on campus.
  • Inspectors of civil aviation.
  • Inspectors of an aviation accident.
  • Emergency service providers.
  • Researchers who must work only for 120 days in Canada.
  • Expert investigators and witnesses.

If you don’t come to these groups, you will need a Canada Temporary Work Visa and work permit.


Eligibility for a Canada Temporary Work Visa

If you want to work in Canada temporarily, you must fulfill these requirements:

  • Prove you will leave Canada and go back to your home country when your work permit expires.
  • Obey your work permit conditions.
  • Proving you won’t work in prohibited jobs like:
    • erotic massages
    • escort services
    • erotic dance
    • striptease services

If you are applying from inside of Canada, you should meet the following requirements:

  • You are now in Canada with a work permit/study permit that will get expired soon.
  • You graduated from a Canadian educational institution.
  • Have a temporary resident permit but valid for six months or more.
  • You have applied for refugee status in Canada, waiting for the authorities’ decision.
  • You are a protected person or refugee.
  • Your refugee status or application got denied, but you cannot leave Canada for beyond your control reasons.


 The types of Canada Temporary Work Visa

The Canadian government issues different types of Temporary Work Visas. It depends on the applicants’ needs. There are four types of Temporary work visas:

Temporary Foreign Workers Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program comes under the Canada temporary work visas. It provides opportunities for you as a foreign worker to get a job in Canada. With a TFWP, you may only work in Canada for six months. But you can extend it.  When you are in Canada under a TFWP, you have to work only for one employer. Also, You have to obey the Canadian rules. When the visa expiry gets close, you can extend it as well. In this stage, if you find a new employer, you can extend your visa to work for him/her.

Open Work Permit

Canada Open Work Permit allows you to move to Canada to work. To do so, you need a job offer from a Canadian employer. The employer in Canada needs a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from the Canadian authorities to hire a foreign worker. But in the open work permit, they don’t need to get the LMIA. In this program, when you arrive in Canada, you can change your employer and the location you work for.

Working Holiday Visa

If you want to travel to Canada but don’t have enough money, you can apply for a Canada Working Holiday Visa. It allows you to get a job in Canada and visit the tourist attractions. To get this visa, the country you live in must have an agreement with Canada to exchange young workers. If not, you can contact a Recognized Organization (RO) to get help.

Post Graduate Work Permit

If your student visa in Canada is about to expire, but you want to get job experience, then Post Graduate Work Permit is your option. The Canadian government allows foreign students to get work experience under the PGWP.


How to Apply for a Canada Temporary Work Visa?

You need to complete these steps to get a Canada Temporary Work Visa:

Find a temporary job offer from a Canadian Company

You need a job offer from an employer in Canada. It depends on the work permit you apply for:

  • If you get an Open Work Permit, you have the chance to switch employers. In case you want an employer-specific permit, you should find the job before you apply for it.
  • You should find a job from your home country in Canada if you want to get a Foreign Temporary Workers Visa.
  • You should skip this step if you just want to look for a job in Canada.
  • If you know where you will work, your chances of getting a working holiday visa will be higher.

For finding a job in Canada, you can:

  • Research in the companies you want to work for.
  • Attend job fairs.
  • Visit websites.
  • Call headhunting services
  • Use an employment agency.

The company you will apply to work for must have an LMIA

The Canadain government issues LMIA as an authorization for a company to hire foreign temporary workers. The company you apply to work for must have an LMIA.

You must have the company’s LMIA certificate and then apply for a work permit in Canada.


The Required Documents and Forms for a Temporary work visa

You must submit these supporting documents and application forms:

  • Your passport. It should be valid for more than six months after your entry date into Canada.
  • Your passport photocopy and all its pages.
  • Two photos according to Canada Photo Requirements.
  • In case your residence country is different from your citizenship country, proof of current immigration status.
  • marriage certificate copy (if married)
  • Your children’s birth certificate.
  • Certificates of police record.
  • Proving you have enough money to cover yours/your family stay costs in Canada.
  • Your CV/resume.
  • Your education certificates and diploma.
  • Valid job offer from your employer.
  • The LMIA document.
  • In case you work in Quebec, you need a Certificate d’acceptation du Quebec (CAQ).
  • Fulfill the medical exam. The officials may ask you to take a medical exam to prove that you are in good health and able to work.


The Canada Work visa interview

The Canadian consulate might ask for an interview to:

  1. Check you have submitted the right documents.
  2. See if you are truthful.
  3. Check if you will return to your country after your work permit expires.

You should arrive at the planned time and give honest answers.


How Long is the Canada Temporary Work Visa Valid?

It is valid for six months or less. Then you must:

  • Apply for an extension.
  • Return to your home country. You could only stay in Canada for up to four months with all the extensions. The extension time depends on Canadian Consulate decisions.


What are the Fees for the Canada Temporary Work Visa?

The Temporary work permit fee is C$155. If you apply for an extension, you should pay a separate fee. The fee for an Open Work Permit is CAD$100.


Can You Bring Your Dependent Under a Canada Temporary Work Visa?

You may bring your spouse and minor children. You should add their documents to yours when you apply to get considered a family application.


Can you apply for a Permanent Residence with a Canada Temporary Work visa?

No, YOU CAN NOT. Yet, when you are in Canada, you could apply for Permanent Visas like:

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC).
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).
  • Live-In Caregiver Program.

You have to fulfill the requirements for these visas. Nothing is guaranteed. In case you are working in Canada, the application will be easier.


Extending Canada Temporary Work Visa

The Temporary Work Visa is not permanent. If you want, you can extend it and stay in Canada. If so, you should apply for an extension at least 30 days before the expiry.

You can apply for a work visa if only:

  • Your employers sign a new contract with you.
  • The employer gets a new LMIA.
  • Your employer pays the fee for the employer’s compliance and submits a new employment offer.

The extension process is either online or on paper.

You have to create an account on  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada
website to apply online. There you will find:

  • Document checklists
  • Application forms,
  • Guideline
  • How to apply.

Apply on paper

To apply on paper, you have to:

  • Download the application package
  • Print and sign them
  • Get all the necessary documents
  • Pay the fees
  • Post them to the address given on the application package


Let’s sum up …

In this blog, we explained all about Canada Temporary work visa.

We covered the people who are eligible for Canada Temporary visa, requirements, application process, FAQs, and more.

You can find all the Canada visa information in the world here. To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu of the site. You can find all the types of Canada visas at the left sidebar.

You can check the theVisa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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