Are you self-employed and want to experience a better way of life? Canada welcomes international self-employed in arts, athletes, and farm fields. If you prove you are eligible, you can move permanently under Canada self-employed visa.

In this blog, we will explain all about Canada self-employed visa, who is eligible for it, points-based system, FAQS, and more.

Are You Eligible for Canada Self-employed visa?

To be eligible for a Canada Self-employed visa, you have to fulfill a few requirements:

  • Candidates have to possess at least two years of work experience in their field. The experience must have achieved in the latest five years before the application. The more experience you have, the higher your points.
  • Have enough funds to cover your expenses.
  • Have sufficient skills and knowledge to start a business. Applicants must be able to create a job for themselves, at least.
  • Make a substantial contribution to the economy or culture.
  • Achieve the least required point in the evaluation system.

Required Points for Canada Self-employed visa

The authorities evaluate potential applications by a point-based system. It is a 100 point evaluation. The applicants have to achieve at least 35 points to be eligible for Canada self-employed visa.

Selection AreaMaximum points
Job Experience35
Proficiency  in English and/or French24

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) evaluate the candidates by:

Education (Maximum 25)

P.hD. and 17 years of work experience25
Two or more bachelor’s degree with 15 years of experience22
A three-year diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship and at least 15 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.22
A university degree of two years or more at the bachelor’s level and at least 14 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.2
A two-year diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship and at least 14 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.20
A one-year university degree at the bachelor’s level and at least 13 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.15
A one-year diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship and at least 13 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.15
A one-year diploma, trade certificate or apprenticeship and at least 12 years of full-time or full-time equivalent study.12
High school.5

Proficiency in official Canadian languages (Maximum24)

To prove your language abilities, you must take one of the following tests:






Please note that the test result is only valid after two years.

Work experience (maximum35)

Years of relevant work experiencePoints

Age (Maximum10)

16 or under0

Adaptability (Maximum point 6)

spouse or law partner’s education3-5
Work experience in Canada5
Previous study in Canada5
Relatives in Canada5

If you want to immigrate to Canada under a self-employed visa, you must achieve at least 35 points.

If you have questions on how to move to Canada as a software engineer, go through this article. 

Self-Employed Program in Quebec

The Quebec province has its immigration program called Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Program. However, applicants who can create a job for themselves in Quebec can move to the province. The eligibility criteria for Quebec self-employed program are a bit different from the Self-employed visa.

Who is Eligible for Quebec Self-Employed Program?

To immigrate to the Quebec province as a self-employed person, you have to:

  • Possess two years of work experience in your skilled field.
  • Have enough funds to cover your expenses in Quebec. The least required amount is C$100,000.
  • You must be able to create a job for yourself. AS self-employed, you can not work for anyone else.
  • Be proficient in English or French. Applicants must prove their ability in the official languages of Canada. The approved tests by IRCC are:






Qualified Jobs for Canada Self-employed visa?

The IRCC has set a few jobs that qualify under Canada self-employed visa. They are as follows:

Professional Occupations in Art and Culture

Painters, Sculptors and Other Visual Artists
Actors and Comedians
Musicians and Singers
Conductors, Composers, and Arrangers
Translators, Terminologists, and Interpreters
Professional Occupations in Public Relations and Communications
Authors and Writers

Software engineers are among the occupations that have a good opportunity to immigrate to Canada and work as a self employed person. They can work for a Canadian employer or a foreign employer if they can cover their costs.

Technical and Skilled Occupations in Art, Culture, Recreation, and Sport

Program Leaders and Instructors in Recreation, Sport and Fitness
Sports Officials and Referees
Patternmakers – Textile, Leather and Fur Products
Artisans and Craftspersons
Theatre, Fashion, Exhibit and Other Creative Designers
Interior Designers
Graphic Designers and Illustrators
Other Performers
Announcers and Other Broadcasters
Support Occupations in Motion Pictures, the Performing Arts and Broadcasting.
Other Technical and Co-ordinating jobs in Motion Pictures, Broadcasting and the Performing Arts
Audio and Video Recording Technicians
Broadcast Technicians
Graphic Art Technicians
Film and Video Camera Operators
Technical jobs for Museums and Art Galleries
Library and Archive Technicians and Assistants

Application Process for Canada Self-employed visa

To apply for a Canada self-employed visa, you have to go through the following procedures:

A. Find out if you are eligible

The initial step in the application process for a self-employed visa is to figure out eligibility. You have to fulfill the requirements set by authorities. Please. You must perform the application process through the IRCC official website. When you sign into the site, you have to answer a few questions. Please remember that you must achieve the required point to be eligible. To see the factors uses in the point-bases sites, see the section above. The questionnaire will reveal whether you are eligible for a self-employed visa or not. If yes, they will send you a list of forms to complete and documents to collect.

B. Gather required documents

The supporting documents you have to provide for a self-employed visa is as follows:

  • The general requirements for a Canada visa. Please note that all the requirements in this part may not be mandatory for you.
  • Educational certificate.
  • Proof of language test. Please remember that the tests for English and French are different.
  • Proof to have work experience. It must be relevant to your skill.
  • Adaptability proof.
  • It must have been issued in the past ten years. There must be at least one blank page in it.
  • Clean record certificate from the police.
  • Personal documents, including:
    • Birth certificates.
    • Marriage certificate
    • Death certificate of former spouse (if applicable)
    • Birth certificate for children. If you have adopted your child, the adoption documents are mandatory.
  • It must be according to the Canada visa photo requirements.
  • The receipt of paid visa fees.
  • In case you have picked Quebec province, you have to provide Certificat de Sélection du Québec (CSQ).

Please note you have to submit the documents to the IRCC official website.

C. Submitting Biometrics

When the authorities received your application, they will ask for your Biometrics. It includes your photo and fingerprints. You could submit your Biometrics in the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country. If not available, you could do it through a certified visa center.

D. Moving to Canada

When your application gets approved, you can make arrangements to move to Canada. Please note that you have to carry all the required documents. The Canadian visa officers will check them when you enter.

Processing time for Canada Self-employed visa

The processing time for a Canada self-employed visa depends on:

  • Your particular case
  • The country you apply from
  • Whether your documents are comp[lete or not

The Canadian authorities might tell you the average time you have to wait.

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all you need to know about Canadaself-employed visa.

We covered who is eligible for a self-employed visa, points-based system, requirements, application process, FAQs, and more.

You can find all the Canada visa information in the world here. To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu of the site. You can find all the types of Canada visas at the left sidebar.

You can check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.

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