Due to a scarcity of physicians, particularly in the private sector, Turkey approved legislation in 2011 permitting foreign doctors to immigrate to Turkey as doctors. There are 340 doctors per 100,000 people in European nations. In Turkey, there are 156 physicians for every 100,000 people. Turkey is attempting to boost the number of physicians by allowing all doctors from all nations worldwide to work in its land after meeting all of the necessary standards.

As far as medical services and health care are concerned, Turkey is a highly developed country. Additionally, health professionals and health services are available. Turkey is also known for its integrated technical therapies, which have helped it to become a more important country in the medical area. However, if a person desires to Immigrate to Turkey as a doctor, they must meet several requirements to do so legally. First, one must be informed of the earnings and rates accessible in this nation, particularly in medical practice.

How to Immigrate to Turkey as a Doctor?

To immigrate to Turkey as a doctor, you must go through several stages.

Step 1. Prepare the Necessary Documents.

You will need to collect:

  • Bachelor’s degree recognized by your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • A copy of your passport.
  • Documented transcript from your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • High school diploma certified by your country’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs

All the documents must be translated into Turkish language and be notarized.

Step 2. Submit the Documents to the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.

Graduates of a foreign medical faculty must first receive a certificate indicating their diploma and expertise certifications have been acknowledged. The certificate of medical degree must be obtained from the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), and the certificate of expertise must be obtained from the Ministry’s General Directorate of Health Services.

You can submit the documents in Turkey by getting a Turkish tourist visa. However, if you don’t want to travel to Turkey, you can grant a power of attorney to a person to do the procedures on your behalf. Your attorney must submit your documents to the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey. The reviewing process will typically take from 8 to 12 months.

Step 3. Learn the Turkish Language.

Within one year of the application date, a document demonstrating that you can understand and speak Turkish at the (B) or above level must be presented. The language certificate can be gained by the universities’ Teaching and Research Center for Turkish Teaching (TÖMER). Graduates of Turkish academic institutions are not obliged to provide documentation.

Step 4. Pass the STS Equivalency Exams.

You must prepare for the STS equivalency exam, which must be done in Turkish and will evaluate your understanding of medicine. STS is conducted in Ankara twice a year, in April and September. The STS Exam is made up of 120 questions. Passing this test is easy because you only need 35 out of a total of 100 points. However, the language barrier can be difficult for certain applicants.

Step 5. Complete the Residency.

After the exam, you will be required to complete a 6-month to the 9-month training program at a state educational hospital in Turkey. After that, you can work in Turkey as a doctor. Submit the necessary paperwork to the Ministry of Health for a specialist equivalence application. The required documents are:

  • A certificate equal to a bachelor’s degree
  • A copy of your passport translation
  • A certificate of specialty and its translation into Turkish
  • The CCT or Certificate of Completion of Training and its translation into Turkish.
  • A document demonstrating that the institution has an education and training license and its translation into Turkish.

The process requires between one and two months. You will have to take an Oral Exam in your specialization. If you pass, you will receive an equivalency certificate; otherwise, you will be required to work under supervision for three months in one of the teaching hospitals. After its completion, you will receive an equivalency certificate and authorization to work as a specialty doctor.

Step 6. Get a Job as a Doctor in Turkey.

You can only work as a foreigner in private hospitals in Turkey. Job prospects at these hospitals are unrestricted but possible to come by. Several job-searching websites are available online, including well-known worldwide platforms such as Indeed or Linkedin. Plus, a few Turkish sites need knowledge of the language. Securing a job as an immigrant doctor in Turkey in the private sector should not be too tough with a little effort and, of course, education and abilities.

Step 7. Get a Turkish Work Visa

To start working as a doctor in Turkey, you first need to acquire a Turkish work permit/visa. A visa for this purpose can be obtained from the Ministry of Family, Labor, and Social Services. Consulates in your home country can help you obtain this visa. To apply, you will already need a job contract from a private hospital in Turkey. The hospital will also be required to submit an online application to the previously stated ministry, along with further information and papers. Candidates must enter Turkey within 180 days of receiving their work visa.

The first work permit is valid for one year. When the permission expires, workers must request an extension, which, if accepted, will be valid for another two years, provided the applicant remains with the same institution and does the same job. Extensions must be requested online at least two months before the original permit expires.


What are the Required Documents for Immigrant Doctors to Get a Work Permit?

  • Document demonstrating that the competent authority has acknowledged a foreign doctor’s comparable diploma and expertise certifications.
  • Certificate of success in the Turkish language exam conducted by the Turkish Language Teaching Application and Research Centers of Universities at (B) or above level under the criteria of the European Language Portfolio. This report;
    • Must be filed within one year of the application date at the latest. The Directorate’s staff working certificate will be revoked unless the paperwork is presented by the end of this term.
    • Those with a diploma from a Turkish educational institution are exempt.
  • Documents demonstrating you will be executing your job for the first time in Turkey, obtained from the appropriate authorities of your home country, and you will have no legal barriers. This document applies to:
    • Applicants who graduated from Turkish educational institutions within one year of the application deadline,
    • Applicants who have lived in Turkey for five years as of the application date,
    • Applicants who fled to Turkey due to a state of emergency in their home country are exempt.
  • A work contract between you and the private health institution outlining your monthly salary and listing the parties’ names and signatures on each page.

How Much is the Doctor’s Salary in Turkey Per Month?

Immigrant physicians in Turkey earn more than the minimum income of 6,700 lira per month. In addition, the maximum monthly salary for a doctor in Turkey is 31,100 liras.

Doctors in Turkey earn an average of 17,300 liras a month. This suggests that half of the doctors in this country make less than that amount, while the second half earn more than the average income.

The first thing that counts for physicians in Turkey, which significantly influences their wages, is their degree of experience. The higher the doctor’s income, the more experience they have. The level of skill and experience of a doctor in each field of medicine determines how much they are paid.

How Much is the Average Salary of Doctors in Different Cities of Turkey?

In Turkey, the city is a crucial factor influencing a doctor’s salary. Therefore, the city’s aspect and significance to Turkey significantly influence the earnings and compensation of doctors in Turkey.

The average monthly income for doctors in Ankara is 20,000 liras. While the average city wage in Antalya, Turkey, is 18,000 lira. In Istanbul, physicians make roughly 21,600 liras each year. Doctors in Izmir earn an average income of 19,200 TL.

Infographic How to Work and Immigrate to Turkey as a Doctor

How Much is the Average Salary of Doctors in Turkey According to Medical Experience?

Specialist physicians and surgeons will earn more money than others. However, physicians with experience of two to five years would earn the highest across the country.

On average, the wage is 35% higher than that of doctors, whose job is unparalleled with experience in Turkey. At the same time, doctors with more than five years of job experience in this nation earn 36% more than others.

Turkey’s doctors and professionals in many medicine sectors will earn a 12% raise every seventeen months.

It is also worth mentioning that the average earnings of physicians and persons in various medical specializations are 60% greater than those of health professionals.

Study in Turkish Medical Schools

Medicine courses in Turkish universities are recognized globally by Turkish and international students. Therefore entrance is competitive, but acceptance rates remain high, at around 90%, depending on the subject of study and university. Some institutions demand pre-admission examinations evaluating students’ reasoning and common sense. In contrast, others need the student to demonstrate competency in the language he will study, whether English or Turkish. Furthermore, all overseas students, such as medical students, must take the YÖS Exam.

General medical courses in Turkish universities are generally 6 years long. The first two years are dedicated to learning theory and fundamental science, the third year to a theoretical and practical introduction to numerous themes and disorders, and the fourth and fifth years to clinical internships. The last year of education is spent as a practicing physician in the university hospital, where the student will do standard doctor tasks.

Let’s Sum Up

To immigrate to Turkey as a doctor, you must complete as a foreign-trained doctor to begin working in Turkey. The first and most important need is a diploma from a foreign university. Following that, you must take and pass the equivalency or STS exam. You must then demonstrate competency in Turkish. Following that, you must submit your application for a residence and work permit at your nearest Turkish consulate. This procedure can only be performed if you have previously acquired a job in a hospital in Turkey. When this is completed, you can begin working as a medical professional in Turkey.


What Turkish city pays doctors the most?

Doctors’ wages in Istanbul are greater than in other cities in Turkey.

Is Turkey a competent and acceptable place for doctors?

Turkey is unquestionably ideal for physicians due to its numerous advantages and advancements in the medical profession.

Do doctors require a Turkish language certificate to work?

Doctors are, of course, obliged to hold a bachelor’s degree in Turkish.

Is a particular exam required to work in the medical industry in Turkey?

Yes, doctors in Turkey must complete an STS test and apply for an equivalent degree to practice medicine.

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