Beautiful New Zealand is well-known for its breathtaking scenery, welcoming citizens, and top-notch healthcare system. Considering relocating to this island nation as a pharmacist? You might have questions about the immigration procedure. This article will walk you through the process and tell you how to immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist in 2023.

Can I Work as a Pharmacist in New Zealand?

If you possess the necessary credentials, register with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand, and accept a job offer nationwide, you can work as a pharmacist in New Zealand. If you meet these requirements, you might be qualified to work as a pharmacist in New Zealand.

Are Pharmacists in Demand in New Zealand?

It’s critical to evaluate the need for pharmacists in New Zealand before leaping and starting to immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist. The nation has a strong healthcare system; pharmacists are essential to patient care and security.

The demand for qualified pharmacists is rising due to an aging population and a growing emphasis on healthcare. New Zealand embraces diversity and welcomes international pharmacists, making it a desirable location for aspiring professionals.

Similar Careers to Pharmacists in NZ

  • Pharmacy Technician
  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Hospital Pharmacist
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Representative
  • Research Scientist (Pharmaceuticals)
  • Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs Specialist
  • Medical Science Liaison (MSL)
  • Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Community Health Worker

Qualifications and Skills to Immigrate to New Zealand as a Pharmacist

New Zealand places a high value on education and skills. To immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist, you need:

  • A recognized pharmacy degree
  • Relevant work experience
  • Registration with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand
  • English language proficiency
  • A job offer in the pharmacy field
  • Comply with immigration rules and health checks

What is The Points-Based System in New Zealand?

You must have a minimum number of points to be granted a New Zealand visa. The points are assigned based on several variables, including your age, work history, educational background, and job offer in New Zealand. Your chances of getting a visa increase as you accrue more points. Your credentials and professional experience as a knowledgeable pharmacist will significantly increase your point total.

How to Immigrate to New Zealand as a Pharmacist?

To immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist, you’ll need to go through a process that involves meeting certain requirements and obtaining the necessary visas. Here’s a general outline of the steps you can follow:

Step 1. Qualifications and Experience

Make sure you possess the credentials necessary to practice pharmacy in New Zealand. This typically entails a pharmacy degree from an accredited university and relevant professional experience.

Step 2. Registration

Contact the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand to register. You must submit supporting documentation of your education and work history to demonstrate your eligibility.

Step 3. Job Search

Begin your search for employment opportunities in New Zealand. You can look for a job using job portals, pharmaceutical firms, and healthcare organizations. Before continuing with the immigration process, a job offer must be obtained.

Step 4. Visa Application

Skilled Migrant Visa 

You can apply for a resident visa if you have enough points under New Zealand’s Skilled Migrant Category (based on age, education, work experience, job offer, etc.). For the most recent points, requirements, and application procedure, visit the New Zealand Immigration website.

Essential Skills Work Visa

You may apply for this visa if you have a job offer from a New Zealand-based employer and your line of work is listed under “Essential Skills in Demand.” The employer might have to prove that no New Zealanders or residents are qualified to fill the position.

Specific Purpose Work Visa

You may apply for this visa if you have a job offer for a specific undertaking or occasion. It is transient and associated with the particular objective of your work.

Step 5. Health and Character Checks

If applicable, you and your family members (if applicable) may be required to undergo medical exams as part of the visa application process and provide police clearance certificates from your home country.

Step 6. Submit Application

To submit your visa application, follow the directions on the Immigration New Zealand website. Include all necessary paperwork and pay the required fees.

Step 7. Wait for Decision

Be patient while you wait for a response to your application since the processing time for visa applications can vary.

Step 8. Arrival in New Zealand

You can plan to move to New Zealand once your visa is approved. Before you leave, consider accommodations, transportation, and other logistics.

New Zealand Pharmacist Registration to Immigrate to New Zealand as a Pharmacist

Becoming a pharmacist in New Zealand and officially recognized and approved by the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand is referred to as registration for pharmacist immigration to New Zealand. You must register to practice as a pharmacist in the nation legally.

An overview of the registration procedure is provided below:

Qualifications Assessment

The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand will evaluate your credentials as the first step in the registration process. You must present documentation of your pharmacy degree and any additional pertinent credentials. The Council will evaluate your credentials to see if they meet the standards necessary to practice in New Zealand.

English Language Proficiency

Most of the time, you’ll have to prove your command of the English language. This is typically accomplished by submitting the results of an English language assessment, such as the Occupational English Test (OET) or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

Work Experience

You might need to provide documentation of your prior experience working as a pharmacist. The specific requirements may change depending on your credentials and the type of registration you’re looking for.

Good Character Check

You must submit character references or police clearance certificates from your home country as part of the registration process to demonstrate your good moral character.

Pharmacy Law and Ethics

To make sure you are familiar with the regional laws and standards, you might need to submit an evaluation of your knowledge of New Zealand pharmacy law and ethics.

Pharmacy Competence Assessment

You might need to complete a competence assessment to prove your eligibility to work as a pharmacist in New Zealand, depending on your education and experience.

Registration Fee

The registration procedure frequently involves a fee. Check the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand website for the most recent fee schedule.

You will be recognized as a pharmacist in New Zealand once you have completed the registration process and been given the Pharmacy Council’s approval. You must register to ensure that you meet the professional standards necessary to practice in the nation and to work legally.

New Zealand Pharmacist Exam

The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand conducts the Pharmacy Competence Assessment to determine the proficiency of pharmacists who received their education abroad and wish to work in New Zealand as pharmacists. This evaluation is intended to ensure pharmacists adhere to the necessary standards and possess the expertise and knowledge needed to function successfully within the New Zealand healthcare system.

To immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist, follow the Pharmacy Competence Assessment:


The primary goal of the evaluation is to ascertain whether the pharmacist’s abilities and knowledge meet the requirements for a pharmacist working in New Zealand. It supports the provision of top-notch pharmaceutical care and patient safety.


The competence assessment may be necessary for pharmacists who obtained their pharmacy degrees in a nation other than New Zealand and wish to be registered as pharmacists in that country.


Usually, the assessment consists of both written and practical parts. A broad range of pharmacy practice-related topics may be covered, such as drug dispensing, patient counseling, clinical pharmacy skills, legal and ethical considerations, and comprehension of the New Zealand healthcare system.


Candidates may need to travel to the assessment center for the practical portion of the evaluation since the assessment is typically conducted in New Zealand.


It is advisable for pharmacists getting ready for the assessment to become familiar with the laws, regulations, and healthcare practices of New Zealand. The Competence Standards for Pharmacists published by the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand may also need to be studied.


The pharmacist may move forward with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand registration process and become qualified to practice as a pharmacist in the nation after passing the Pharmacy Competence Assessment.

How Much Does a Pharmacist Make in New Zealand in 2023?

A pharmacist typically earns $83,746 annually in New Zealand, or $42.95 per hour. Most experienced pharmacists earn up to $107,250 annually, while entry-level positions start at $74,347.

  • Pharmacist Prescriber:$140K/year
  • Hospital Pharmacist: $125K/year
  • Dispensing Pharmacist: $69K/year
  • Retail Pharmacist: $57K/year

How Much Do Similar Jobs Get Paid in New Zealand?

  • PT: Average $51,657 per year
  • Clinic Coordinator: Average $65,404 per year
  • Pharmacy Technician: Average $26.23 per hour
  • Pediatrician: Average $30,000 per month
  • Junior Pharmacist: Average $74,505 per year

How to Get a Job as a Pharmacist in New Zealand?

To immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist, you must get a job offer in New Zealand. It’s a wise move to network and establish connections with potential employers. Professional associations, recruitment firms, and online job boards can all be very helpful in your job search. Employers are looking for passionate pharmacists committed to providing top-notch patient care, so highlight your skills and passion in your application.

Settling in New Zealand as a Pharmacist

Accommodation and Housing

Make plans for your accommodation in New Zealand as soon as your visa application has been approved. Depending on your preferences and budget, you can consider renting a place or buying one.

Healthcare System

You will significantly impact New Zealand’s healthcare system as a pharmacist. Learn about the country’s pharmacy laws, medical practices, and medical practices in general.

Embracing the Culture

The culture of New Zealand is welcoming and diverse. Utilize the chance to become fully immersed in the Kiwi culture, make new friends, and expand your network of associates.

How to Be a Pharmacist in New Zealand from the Philippines?

To immigrate to New Zealand as a pharmacist from the Philippines:

  1. Obtain a pharmacy degree from a reputable Philippine university.
  2. The Pharmacy Council of New Zealand can assess your qualifications.
  3. Take the English language test and the pharmacy competency test, if necessary.
  4. Contact the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand to register.
  5. Apply for a work visa after receiving a job offer from New Zealand.
  6. Prepare for your relocation to New Zealand.

Immigrate to New Zealand as a Pharmacist: Let’s Recap

A pharmacist’s immigration to New Zealand may transform their life. You can realize this dream with the right research, planning, and tenacity. Remember to adhere to all visa requirements, comprehend the registration process, and look for job opportunities to ensure a smooth transition to your new home.


Can I apply for a pharmacist job in New Zealand from overseas?

Absolutely! Many employers in New Zealand are willing to hire pharmacists from abroad and actively seek out international talent. However, before applying, you must become familiar with the registration and visa requirements.

How long does the pharmacy registration process take in New Zealand?

The length of the registration process with the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand will depend on how complete your credentials and documentation are. Starting the process well in advance is advised.

Can my family join me in New Zealand during the immigration process?

Yes, you can typically include your family in your visa application. Make sure you satisfy the requirements for family inclusion.

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