Are you a medical professional with ambition and skill seeking to travel to a new and exciting place? You might find that Egypt is the ideal travel destination! Egypt presents a great chance for medical professionals looking to progress their careers and experience a different way of life because of its fascinating history, dynamic culture, and expanding healthcare industry. We will walk you through every step to help you immigrate to Egypt as a doctor, from obtaining the required credentials to adjusting to Egyptian culture. Let’s find out how to work as a doctor in Egypt.

Can a Foreign Doctor Work in Egypt?

If foreign medical professionals meet the necessary qualifications, receive the necessary licenses, and secure a work visa sponsored by the healthcare facility where they are employed, they are permitted to practice medicine in Egypt.

How to Work and Immigrate to Egypt as a Doctor in 2023

Requirements and Qualifications to Immigrate to Egypt as a Doctor

The Egyptian government’s and the Ministry of Health and Population’s specific requirements and qualifications must be met to immigrate to Egypt as a doctor. The following are the main things you should think about:

Medical Degree and Work Experience

You need a medical degree from an accredited school to practice medicine in Egypt. Your degree ought to be on par with medical qualifications in Egypt. Furthermore, having relevant work experience is frequently necessary, and it can help to have specialized certifications.

Licensing and Registration

Obtaining a license from the Ministry of Population and Health is imperative. You must submit your medical qualifications and credentials for review during licensing. You will be able to practice medicine in Egypt if you are accepted.

Visa and Work Permit

A work visa is essential for anyone looking to work legally in Egypt. Most of the time, the medical facility where you are employed will sponsor your work visa. If you want to stay in Egypt for an extended length of time, you’ll also need a residence permit.

Language Proficiency

Although most people in cities speak English, learning Arabic can help you communicate with patients and coworkers more effectively. Applying for a visa may necessitate passing certain language exams, including the Test of Arabic as a Foreign Language (TAFL), International Arabic Language Testing System (IALTS), or Arabic Language Proficiency Test (ALPT).

Cultural Adaptation

Integrating into the local community requires adjusting to Egyptian customs, traditions, and social norms. Establishing a rapport with patients and colleagues can be facilitated by embracing the Egyptian people’s gracious hospitality and hospitable nature.

Housing and Accommodation

It’s important to find a place to live when moving to Egypt. A lot of foreigners choose to rent villas or apartments in neighborhoods that are welcoming to foreigners. Research the local real estate market to locate a place that suits your needs and budget.

Health Insurance

Make sure you have adequate insurance coverage for medical emergencies while visiting Egypt. Although many employers provide health insurance, if necessary, take into account purchasing additional private insurance.

Continuing Education and Professional Development

Keeping up with the most recent medical developments is essential for your practice. Consider attending conferences, seminars, and workshops to expand your knowledge and expertise in your industry.

How to Immigrate to Egypt as a Doctor?

To immigrate to Egypt as a doctor, you must make a smooth and successful transition. To do that, follow these detailed steps:

Step 1. Research the Requirements

Investigate the prerequisites for becoming a physician in Egypt first. Ensure you meet the requirements for experience and qualifications set by the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt and the Egyptian government.

Step 2. Obtain Necessary Licenses

You must apply for a license from the Ministry of Health and Population to immigrate to Egypt as a doctor and practice medicine. You can practice medicine nationwide once your medical qualifications and credentials are reviewed and approved.

Step 3. Explore Job Opportunities

Examine the Egyptian medical job market to determine how in demand your specialty is. Look into employment opportunities in hospitals and healthcare facilities, especially in major cities like Luxor, Alexandria, and Cairo.

Step 4. Apply for Work Visa and Residence Permit

You must apply for a work visa as soon as you have a job, and the medical facility you are employed by will typically sponsor your application. Moreover, if you want to legally reside in Egypt for an extended time, get a residence permit.

Step 5. Learn Arabic

Learning Arabic can help you communicate effectively with patients and coworkers. Sign up for language classes or use apps to learn the fundamentals of Arabic.

Step 6. Embrace Egyptian Culture

To integrate into the community smoothly, an individual must first adapt to the local culture. Spend some time learning about Egyptian social mores, traditions, and customs. Respect the customs of the Egyptian people and accept their gracious hospitality.

Step 7. Find Suitable Accommodation

Find suitable housing that meets your needs and budget by researching the neighborhood real estate market. Renting villas or apartments in communities that welcome foreigners is a popular choice among expats.

Step 8. Settle in and Explore

After you arrive, give yourself time to get used to your new surroundings. Learn about the neighborhood’s features, markets, and tourist destinations. You’ll find it easier to adapt to your new life in Egypt if you establish a routine.

Step 9. Build Professional Networks

Become a member of professional networks and medical associations to network with other medical professionals. Attend conferences and events to keep up with the most recent advancements in your field and make useful contacts.

Step 10. Obtain Health Insurance

Make sure you are adequately covered for medical emergencies while visiting Egypt. Although many employers provide health insurance, if necessary, take into account purchasing additional private insurance.

Step 12. Embrace the Egyptian Lifestyle

In your spare time, take in the local way of life, try Egyptian food, and visit some of the nation’s historic sites. Accepting the Egyptian way of life will make your stay in this intriguing nation more enjoyable.

Immigrate to Egypt as a Doctor

How to Get a License as a Foreign Doctor in Egypt?

The following actions must be taken to obtain a license as a foreign physician in Egypt:

Eligibility Check

Conducting an eligibility check is a prerequisite for foreign medical professionals seeking to obtain a medical license in Egypt. Some requirements must be fulfilled by both the Egyptian government and the Ministry of Health and Population. Possessing a valid medical degree from an accredited university is one essential requirement. Making sure you fulfill these requirements is the first step in getting a license.

Submit Documentation

Get everything ready and send it in, including your medical background and certifications, to the Ministry of Health and Population so that it can be reviewed.

  • Medical Degree Certificate
  • Transcripts and Academic Records
  • Internship and Residency Certificates
  • Professional Certifications and Licenses
  • Proof of Experience (Letters of Recommendation or Work Certificates)
  • Passport and Visa Documents
  • Language Proficiency Certificates
  • Updated CV/Resume
  • Identification Photographs

Pass Licensing Exam

You might need to pass a licensing exam to prove your proficiency and understanding of medicine. This test assesses your clinical and medical knowledge to ensure you can practice medicine in Egypt. On the road to getting your medical license, passing the licensing exam is a critical first step.

Visa Application

Apply for a work visa that is sponsored by the Egyptian medical facility that is hiring you. You can lawfully work in the nation with a visa.

Receive License

After passing the licensing exam and having your documentation verified, you will be able to practice medicine.

How to Find a Doctor Job in Egypt?

Start by updating your CV and resume, using online job boards and healthcare websites to search for a medical position. Create a network among coworkers and medical experts, and contact clinics and hospitals directly.

To increase the number of professional contacts you have:

  1. Join medical associations and go to conferences.
  2. Consider contacting hiring companies and writing a customized cover letter for every application.
  3. Make your website highlight your credentials and get ready for interviews.

If there aren’t many job openings, consider volunteering, fellowships, and internships to expand your resume and experience in the healthcare industry. By being persistent and determined, you can land a fulfilling job in the medical field.

Language and Cultural Adaptation

Learning Arabic is crucial for doctors relocating to Egypt to communicate effectively with patients and other medical professionals. Accept Egyptian traditions and customs to foster goodwill among the local populace. Testing for language proficiency has been approved for ALPT, IALTS, and TAFL. Your experience in Egypt will be enhanced, and the transition will go more smoothly if you respect cultural sensitivities.

Relocation and Housing

Finding appropriate housing is essential when relocating to Egypt as a doctor for a smooth transition. Look through the local real estate market to find a place to live that meets your needs and budget. Renting villas or apartments in communities that welcome foreigners is a popular choice among expats. Give yourself time to acclimate to the new surroundings, form a routine, and settle in. You can make your new surroundings feel like home by community involvement.

How Much is the Salary of Doctors in Egypt in 2024?

The average salary for a doctor is 21,200 EGP. The lowest average salary is 7,940 EGP, while the highest is 36,500 EGP.


  • Doctors or physicians with two to five years of experience earn, on average, 32% more than freshers and juniors across all industries and disciplines.
  • Doctors with more than five years of working experience earn, on average, 36% more than those with five years or less of work experience.
  • As doctors reach ten years, the salary increases by 21% and an additional 14% for those who have worked for 15 years.


  • The average salary difference between men and women doctors is 19%.

Starting Your Medical Practice in Egypt as a Doctor

After you immigrate to Egypt as a doctor, you might want to start your medical practice there. It needs planning and adherence to legal procedures. Here are the essential steps to establish a successful practice.

Legal Requirements and Business Registration

Before starting your practice, make sure you comply with all applicable laws. This entails applying for a work permit and a medical license from the Ministry of Population and Health. Get your company’s licenses and permits to operate legally, then register it.

Business Plan

Create a thorough business plan that details your practice’s objectives, target market, services provided, and marketing tactics. A carefully considered plan will direct you through the beginning and provide a clear path for your practice.

Location and Facility

Pick a good site for your practice; ideally, it will be in a place with a big need for doctors. To comfortably accommodate patients, consider the facility’s size and layout.

Equipment and Supplies

Invest in top-notch medical supplies and equipment required for your area of expertise. This guarantees you can offer your patients the best possible care and services.


Employ competent employees, such as nurses, receptionists, and administrative staff. A capable group of workers will help your practice run smoothly.

Health Insurance and Billing

Choose the health insurance plans you will accept and become acquainted with their billing policies. Efficient billing procedures will make dealings with insurance companies and patients easier.

Marketing Your Practice

Establish a presence on the internet using social media and a business website. Participate in regional medical conferences and community events to advertise your business and develop a solid network.

Patient Care and Experience

Make patient care your top priority and establish a friendly atmosphere. To foster loyalty and trust, give your patients individual attention and keep lines of communication open.

Compliance and Regulations

Keep current with ethical standards and medical requirements. Respect all applicable legal requirements while maintaining patient privacy and security.

Continuing Education

Keep up with the most recent developments in your field. Go to conferences, seminars, and workshops to improve your knowledge and abilities.

Medical Residency in Egypt

For three to five years, medical residents in Egypt receive extensive training in a range of specializations. Those who meet the requirements must have a medical degree and pass a demanding entrance exam. Residents participate in academic and research endeavors and rigorous training under knowledgeable advisors. After graduating, physicians might pursue fulfilling jobs in medical facilities. The curriculum offers a valuable combination of clinical exposure and cultural enrichment.


Being a doctor and moving to Egypt can profoundly affect one’s life. The nation’s developing healthcare sector and historical significance make it a desirable location for medical experts looking to expand their horizons. Making a seamless transition and establishing a fulfilling career in Egypt can be achieved by being aware of the criteria, assisting with the visa application process, and embracing Egyptian culture.


With a foreign medical degree, you can practice medicine in Egypt. But first, you have to apply for a license from the Ministry of Population and Health.

Depending on your specialty and the type of healthcare facility you work for, doctors’ working hours in Egypt can vary. Work conventional shifts and be available for calls whenever necessary.

Although adjusting to a new culture can be difficult, Egyptians are renowned for being hospitable and friendly, making the process easier.

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