The Chinese dragon has risen and is showing its strength in the form of the economy. If you are a sales executive and wanna immigrate and work in China, this article brings you all the information you must know to immigrate and work in China as a sales executive. 

Are sales executives in demand in China?

Although China is the most populated country in the world and the rice culture is tied to hard work, there are positions for sales executives in China. 

One single search on Google and other websites, and you can find positions as a sales executive. 

Whether you can get a job in China depends on your conditions, skills, and abilities. 

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Sales Executive salary in China 

According to the Salary Expert website, a sales executive’s average salary in China is about 780,389 (CNY) per year. 

If you are a beginner with 1-3 years of experience in the field, you can expect to earn about  ¥531,230 per year. But if you have more experience, 8-10 years, and are a senior sales executive, you can earn about ¥1,007,893 per year in China. 

This is while the Salary Explorer indicates that the average salary of a sales executive in China is about 39,000 CNY every month. 

The range of payment begins from 20,300 CNY to 59,700 CNY every month. 

Your payment varieties by your: 

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Gender
  • Location
  • Company 
  • Bonus 
  • Company payment policy 
  • Whether you get a commission or not 

One thing you can do is look at the websites that advertise job positions. Determine the age range when you look at the positions for a sales executive position in China.

You can have a perspective on the range of salaries and compare it with the salaries explained in this section of the article. 

Why should you immigrate and work in China as a sales executive? 

China’s economy has boomed in the past three decades. The dragon has risen with full power and is roaring like Dracarys. 

Let’s take a look at the export rate. China was able to export $3,548.55B in 2021, a 30.31% increase from 2020.

The export rate was $2,628.94B which is 18.41% of its GDP in 2019. 

China is producing and selling goods everywhere in the world, so there is sales executive demand. 

The rapid growth of China as the second-largest economy in the world has become a topic of research and debate. 

Companies, governments, and people try to learn from it, but the below reasons are some of the causes; 

  • A plentiful supply of workers
  • Female participation in the workforce
  • Political system to adopt western-style free market economics
  • Strong leadership
  • High rate of export-led to growth 
  • Energy supply
  • Investment in infrastructure
  • Good education system 
  • Strategic location 
  • Culture (eps Confucian) 
  • Population growth

How to get a visa as a sales executive in China?

Every foreign national who wants to work in China must apply for a work visa or Z visa. There are eligibility principles with the work visa and requirements. You must fulfill them to immigrate and work in China as a sales executive. 

The first and foremost requirement for a work visa is to have a job offer from a Chinese employer or company. Why? 

It is the employer’s responsibility in China to apply for a work permit or authorization from the government to bring a foreign national to the country. A work permit is a must to work in China. The employee or sales executive can not apply for a work permit. So first, you must find an employer; he/she applies and receives the work permit. Then you can apply for a work visa. 

There are supporting documents with the work permit, and the sales executives must send them to the employer. 

There are also requirements with the Chinese work visa, but the employee applies to the Chinese embassy or consulate in his/her country. 

China work visa is well explained on the right sidebar article, and you can find about it there. If you have questions, you can write them down in the comment section, and the Visa Library team will respond to them. 

What are the requirements to immigrate and work in China as a sales executive? 

The first requirement to immigrate and work in China as a sales executive is to have a job offer from a Chinese employer. You must convince the employer to hire you as a foreign national. 

Of course, you must have the skills and abilities as a sales executive to show you are qualified to do the job. Your CV or resume must show that you are well-qualified for the sales position. 

If there are other requirements, which should be, they are with the employer’s demand. You can look at the job positions on the websites to see the tasks and responsibilities. The employers explain what they require of the employees. 

Language requirements are with the position and company you work with. It would be better to speak Mandarin to some level, as English or other languages is not common in China. 

You could also ask sales executives in China to know the atmosphere, requirements, differences, and any useful tips you could use along the way. 

How to find a job position as a sales executive in China?

So many websites are filtered in China like; 

  • Google 
  • Facebook 
  • Famous news websites like CNN 
  • Cloud Storage, Information, and Sharing (google drive) 
  • Youtube 
  • Whatsapp 
  • Telegram 

It might be a bit hard to find job positions through websites. But there are some that advertise job positions, especially in China. You can look for a job through them. 

There are also recruitment agencies in China that you can ask to get you a job: 

  • Remote Team Solutions 
  • Gini Talent
  • Uplers 
  • Horizons  
  • HROne 
  • Wuhu Hande Business Consulting Co., Ltd. 
  • YLZ Information Technology Co., Ltd. 
  • HumanPool (Suzhou) Human Resources Co., Ltd. 

Best websites to find a job in China as a sales executive

Although foreign websites are restricted in China, the internal internet is active. You can find job positions on websites like the below list. 

They are the best websites to find a job position as a foreign national: 

  • Chinajob.com 
  • Chinasemester.com 
  • foreignhr.com
  • Echinacities.com 
  •  jobsitechina.com
  • Hiredchina.com 
  • Jobleadchina.com
  • Chinaexpat.cn
  • Pingwaijiao.com 
  • thebeijinger.com
  • echinacareers.com
  • linkedin.com

Best cities to immigrate to and work in China as a sales executive. 

You would better do research and find a position and try your chance. But the list of cities in this section can help you to narrow down your research and improve your chance. 

The below list is the top cities in China by foreign trade volume. You might find an opportunity as a sales executive in one of them. You could also search for companies located in these cities and determine if they have a vacancy or not. 

  • Xiamen 
  • Chengdu
  • Tianjin
  • Guangzhou
  • Ningbo 
  • Dongguan
  • Suzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing 

You might have a chance with the above cities and can try it with them. 

There is also a list of the best Chinese cities for expats. 

The population is higher in these cities. Large cities offer better working opportunities and positions. It is true with China and almost every country in the world. 

There are pros and cons to each of these cities. But you must find which one is appropriate for you by your condition. 

For instance, Beijing is a city where standard Mandarin is spoken, and you will have less trouble learning, speaking, and understanding people. However, housing is expensive in Beijing, and you might have trouble with it. 

Kunming, the other city on this list, is famous for being less polluted than other citizens and having good weather. But the issue you might have is there are fewer foreigners than in other major cities on the east coast.

  • Beijing
  • Shenzhen
  • Chengdu
  • Xiamen
  • Kunming

There are advantages and disadvantages to each of the above cities. It is your choice and preference. Determine what is important to you and decide which city to live in.

Infographic How to immigrate and work in China as a sales executive

Immigrate and work in China as a sales executive benefits 

The Chinese have worked hard and gone through a lot to become the second-largest economy in the world. It’s a tough market. Working in this situation can be a hallmark of your resume. 

Now that you have entered this article and have read this far, you have made up your mind to move to China as a sales executive and work there. 

Plenty of job opportunities

You can see Chinese products everywhere on every website, store, and market. There is a need for sales executives to advertise and sell these products. 

The market is large and tough to work in. so you will get good work experience. 

Salary is good 

Some positions are paid better in China compared with Asia and other countries. You can expect a fair salary as a sales executive besides the perks and benefits. 

You can save money or invest with the extra amount you get to build a better future for yourself. 

A completely new experience and culture 

China’s culture, work atmosphere and people are completely different from any palace you have been to. It’s a challenge that if you pass, you will be ready for every tough situation in your future career. 

The cuisine, lifestyle, architecture, and people are fascinating to know and learn about them. 

Build a great resume 

It looks amazing to have work experience in China on your resume. Being able to adapt yourself to the Chinese culture, lifestyle, and working conditions is not to be ignored. It demonstrates that you have fine abilities and skills and can work in any condition. 

Surviving in the Chinese job market is a peak that not everyone can get to. It is not unachievable but requires hard work. 

 There is a lot to do and see 

You will need another lifetime to explore China’s attractions and wonders. There is always something to see and enjoy for every taste. Just search attractions, and you will see they are spread across the country.


The government is serious about safety rules and is strict with criminals and rule breakers. The safety measures and standards are among the best in the world. 

The crime rate is also low compared with the neighboring countries. 

There are also benefits from companies: 

  • Pre-departure information, 
  • airport pick up, 
  • accommodation, 
  • orientation, 
  • meals

Build a useful network of friends

 China has become a hub for tradespeople and businesspeople from around the world. Also, the Chinese are spread around the world. You have one Chinese friend; you can build a good connection and improve career opportunities. One of these friends might inform you of a better position in China or another country. 

Let’s sum up…

This article explained how you could move to China as a sales executive. It provides you with salary, benefits, work visa information, and other questions you might have along the way. 

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them right away. 

Frequently asked questions about immigration and working in China as a sales executive.

Salary is up to experience and position but about 39,000 CNY every month.

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