How does it sound to work in China, the second-strongest economy in the world? There are various opportunities to explore, see and do. It will be a brilliant opportunity and an outstanding point in your resume. This article tells you how to immigrate to China as a bank manager.

What are the requirements to immigrate and work as a bank manager in China?

These are some of the required items you need to move to China as a bank manager:

Job offer

The first requirement to move to China as a bank manager is to have a job offer from a Chinese employer. It is the key that opens the door to working in China as a bank manager.

The Chinese employer must apply for a work permit notice, and you may not work or apply for a work visa without it.

So you must find a job offer first.

Work experience

It is mandatory to have work experience as a bank manager. You must be able to work in this position and have the experience to prove you can work in it.

Your skills and abilities must prove to the employer that you qualify to immigrate and work as a bank manager. It’s likely that you have interviews with the employer and talk with the banking expression to show your knowledge.

Valid passport

You must have a valid passport from your home country to immigrate to China and work as a bank manager. It must hold enough validity for the duration of your stay in China. Also, it cannot be older than 10 years ago at the time of application. Having one or two blank pages is a must to get the visa stick on it.

If you cannot get a passport, you have to forget to move to China.

Also, you must obey the rules of your home country to get a passport. For instance, if you have to pass compulsory Military service to get a passport, you are obliged to obey and do it.

Clean record certificate

One of the supporting documents to get a work permit and work visa is a clean record certificate. It must show that you have no criminal background and have obeyed the national law of your home country.

Being admissible

It means you can leave your home country and can enter China. You must not have been involved in illegal, terrorist, espionage, or international criminal activities. Such crimes make you admissible to enter China or any foreign country.

Proof of work experience

You might have to submit proof of work experience as a bank manager. Not everyone can claim to have work experience as a bank manager or in any field.

Paid health insurance or salary receipt from the bank you have worked at are some of the samples that prove you have work experience.

Language proficiency

Whether you need to be fluent in Chinese or not is up to the job offer and your employer. The job you will be doing determines whether you need language proficiency or not. But knowing Chinese is useful and helps you a lot in settling down in the country.

How to immigrate to China as a bank manager

China visa to immigrate and work as a bank manager in China

The visa you need to immigrate to China as a bank manager is a Z visa, or standard general work visa. You might have heard about R visas and J visa, but bank managers don’t qualify for them.

You need a Z visa to work as a foreign bank manager. The first requirement is to get a job offer from a Chinese employer willing to hire you. Then, the employer must apply for a work permit notice from the Chinese GOVT inside the country.

It is impossible to immigrate to China as a bank manager without a job offer and work permit notice. After that, you must apply for a work visa and complete other steps inside China. You can get familiar with the other steps in the below section. You can also get more information about China’s work visa from the left sidebar and the related article.

What cities can I immigrate to and find a job in as a bank manager?

The answer to this question is not definite. No one knows exactly what Chinese cities or banks need a bank manager. But the chance is higher with large cities as they are more populated.

The range of opportunities is better in larger cities, and you will find more job opportunities there. They attract foreign visitors, tourists business people, so large banks tend to be in large cities.

Here you will find a list of the largest cities in China. You can look for a position there and get familiar with them.

  • Chongqing
  • Shanghai
  • Beijing
  • Chengdu
  • Tianjin
  • Guangzhou
  • Shenzhen

Immigrant bank manager salary in China

According to Salary Explorer, the average salary of a bank manager in China is about 53,600 CNY per month. The range of salaries starts from  28,900 CNY to 80,900 CNY. However, it’s up to several factors.

According to Salary Expert, the average salary is 310,890 CNY per year. The same source indicates that the bank managers’ salaries start from 221.000 CNY and can go up to 389,000 per year.

This is while that Glassdoor says that the average salary is about 74.000 per month, and the base salary is 18.000.

Immigration to China as a bank manager benefits.

There are so many benefits of living in the second-strongest economy in the world. You have started to do research and have entered this page; you know the pros outweigh the cons. Of course, there are disadvantages to living in China, and they are up to your preferences. This section helps you get familiar with the benefits;

Good standard of living

You will have a comfortable life in China as the standard of living is good, and you will earn enough to have a life and save. China has been able to create a stable economy with high growth and prevent inflation. Prices don’t go up without any reason, and the government is strict with the welfare of the people. There is an unwritten rule between the people and the government. The first one obeys, and the second brings development.

Easy access to Asia

How about the weekend in Japan or South Korea with one short flight? Even if you live in a mid-level Chinese city, you can have access to friendly-cost flights to foreign countries. South-East Asia is unspoiled compared with the rest parts, and there is so much to explore, see, do, and eat. Just take a look at China’s neighboring countries, and you will see how many options you have:

  • Bhutan,
  • India,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • North Korea,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Laos,
  • Mongolia

A complex of different cultures.

Chinese culture, lifestyle, and food are diverse, and you will find differences. But they have lived in a country for a long time. There is so much to see and do in China that it will never get boring. Whether you are interested in history, nature, modern life, culture, or food, there is always something for you.

The future language is Mandarin.

Ray Dalio, the American investor and CEO of Bridgewater Associates, the largest hedge funding company in the world, says that the language you should learn for future business is Mandarin.

The Chinese economy has grown fast and booming more than ever. Tomorrow or the day after it, you might have to deal with a Chinese company. Learning Mandarin can be an outstanding feature in your resume.

A safe place to live.

China is a safe place to live for foreign people. It is so if you don’t speak Chinese. The government has worked hard and is strict with security. Violent criminal activities against foreign people are rare to happen.

Infographic How to immigrate to China as a bank manager

Websites to find a job position as an immigrant bank manager in China

Although foreign websites are restricted in China, the internal internet is active. You can find job positions on websites like the below list.

They are the best websites to find a job position as a foreign national:

  • Chinajob.com
  • Chinasemester.com
  • foreignhr.com
  • Echinacities.com
  •  jobsitechina.com
  • Hiredchina.com

How to immigrate to China as a bank manager?

You have to follow these steps to immigrate to China as a bank manager;

Find a job offer with a Chinese employer.

The first step to immigrating to China as a bank manager is to find a job offer from a Chinese employer. This is the most difficult part that is in your control. Being highly qualified to persuade an employer to hire you is up to you and your skills and abilities.

You need the job offer as the Chinese employer must apply for Chinese officials’ approval. Without that approval, you and no foreign national can move to China.

You can look for a job position on websites that advertise such job positions. Also, there are some employment agencies that can help you find a job in China. The choices are yours to pick the option and find the Chinese employer.

When you find the job and persuade the employer to hire you, you must sign an employment contract with the employer. The working conditions and all the details about your employment must be verified in it. The contract is part of the supporting document, and both parties must sign it.

Chinese employer applies for China Work Permit Notice.

At this stage, the Chinese employer applies for a Work Permit Notice. It must be achieved before the employee moves to China. If the government agrees and issues the work permit notice, the employee can move to China. If not, the software engineer cannot move to China.

The bank manager applies for a work visa.

When the Work Permit Notice is issued, the employee must apply for a work visa. He/she must apply to the Chinese embassy or consulate or a visa center in his/her country. The center is up to the employee’s country of residence. You must find it out yourself.

There is a list of supporting documents you must prepare to submit to the embassy. You can find it in the article from the right sidebar.

When the work visa is issued, the employee can move to China.

Register your stay with the police.

When you arrive in China, you must register your stay with the police. You must carry some documents and visit the police center in the city you live in to register your stay: 

  1. The original passport, not a photocopy;
  2. The housing contract;
  3. A copy of the landlord’s ID and phone number.

The police may call the landlord to ensure you are truly living in the apartment.

They may even ask the landlord to show up with the employee.

Take a medical test.

You must also take a medical test to prove your health to the government. If you have taken a full medical test outside of China, you can present it to the officials. But you must have it translated inside China. It must be complete and cover every aspect the authorities want.

These documents are needed when you want to take the test: 

  1. An original medical checkup from your country (if it is partially completed)
  2. Cash to pay for your medical test.
  3. One ID Photo. It must meet these requirements:
    • Taken within the last 6 months, on a white background, printed on high-quality paper;
    • 48mm by 33mm wide, not 2 by 2 inches, which is usually used outside of China;
    • Full frontal view of the head, not smiling, face fully visible;
    • There cannot be any sign of tape or staples on it.

The employee applies for a work permit.

At this phase, you must visit the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security to apply for a work permit. It is permission to work in the country.

These documents are needed to apply for a work permit: 

  1. The actual passport;
  2. An ID photo.

It must be the same as for the medical checkup. 

  1. The police housing registration form you got from the previous stage.
  2. Medical report verification;
  3. Some documents from the company.

Apply for a residence permit.

At the final stage, you must apply for a residence permit. It is different than a work permit.

You must go in person to the local Exit-Entry Administration Bureau. And You must bring these documents:  

  1. The actual passport;
  2. Police housing registration form;
  3. Resident permit application forms;
  4. ID photo;
  5. Original work certificate;
  6. Some documents for the company.

If you don’t register with the Exit-Entry Administration Bureau and receive the residence permit, your stay in China will be illegal.

This is the final stage of registration in China, and it’s done after this part. Now you can live in China as long as your permit allows.

Let’s sum up…

This article explained how you could immigrate to China as a bank manager. It provided the application process step by step and what supporting documents you have to submit. You will find answers to some of your questions and useful information along the way.

If you have questions, write them down in the comment section. The Visa Library team will answer them.

You can find out about China visa types from the left sidebar.

Frequently asked questions about moving to China as a bank manager.

First, you must find a job offer with a Chinese employer and then apply for a work permit and work visa.

There are three work visa types, but you need a Z visa or a standard work visa.

Job offer, work permit, language proficiency, employment contract and etc.; see the article for details.

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