A step by step guide to Sweden Self-employment Visa

Sweden’s economy is highly developed and liberalized. Its open market economy has led to great development. Many private businesses own companies and industries. If you consider starting a new business there, you might need a Sweden Self-employment visa.

In this blog, we covered Sweden Self-employment Visa, residence permit to start a new business, requirements, eligibility, application process, costs, FAQs, etc.


Sweden Self-employment Visa

In case you are thinking about moving to Sweden to work or start a business, you need to have a Sweden self-employment visa. You must also get the residence permit before you travel to Sweden. Please note that there is a difference between Self-employment Visa and residence permit. The visa allows you to enter the country and residence permit lets you work. Under this visa, you can start a new business or participate in one of the Swedish businesses.


Eligibility Criteria for Self-employment Visa

To be eligible for a Sweden investor visa, you must fulfill a few requirements as following:

  • Prove to have enough skills and experience in your career field.
  • Be proficient in Swedish or English.
  • Prove you will be able to manage your business in Sweden.
  • You must have at least %50 of company shares.
  • You must explain how you will sell your product/service in Sweden.
  • Have enough funds to cover your expenses in the first two years of your residence. You should also provide evidence that the company will cover your expenses after two years.


Requirements for Sweden Self-employment Visa

As we said, you should get a residence permit to be able to work or start your business in Sweden. To apply for a Sweden residence permit, you must gather the requirements as following:

  • Valid passport.
  • Prove you have enough skill and experience in your field.
  • Prove:
    • You will be running the company
    • The executive responsibility in the company belongs to you
    • At least %50 of the company belongs to you.
  • Prove you are proficient in English/Swedish.
  • The service or product of your company will get produced and sold in Sweden.
  • Have enough funds to support yourself in the first two years of residence in Sweden:
    • 200,000 SEK (about 18656 EUR) for you
    • 100,000 SEK (about 9328 EUR) for your wife/husband
    • 50,000 SEK (about 4664) for each child
  • The initial cost to establish a business in Sweden is SEK 50.000, and the least required capital is SEK 600.000.
  • Provide credible documents for your budget.
  • Prove you have made created a customer network in Sweden
  • Prove that after two years, your company will make enough profit to cover your expenses in Sweden. The amount is according to the income for the Swedish standard of income and housing costs.
  • Pay the residence permit application fees.
  • Work experience for at least two years in the area you want to work in.

Please remember that the Swedish Migration Agency will assess your business plans.

To get a Sweden residence permit, you must get a permit valid for one year and live in Sweden for one year.

Please note that the residents of some countries don’t need a Sweden visa or work permit if they stay less than three months.


Processing Time for Self-employment Visa

The processing time for a Sweden Self-employment visa is about 12 months. The Swedish government needs to go through your documents and business plan. You must convince them that you have a strong business plan, and it will benefit the Swedish citizens. Checking all the information might take long.


Self-employment Visa Validity

Sweden Self-employment visa is valid for two years. At the same time, you can ask a residence permit for your family, but they may not work in Sweden. To extend your residence permit for another two years, the company in Sweden must be active and have no tax violation. When you live in Sweden for five years, you can apply for a Sweden permanent residence or citizenship.


Extending Self-employment Visa

The Sweden Self-employment Residence Permit is valid for two years. During this time, you have to keep your company active and obey all rules. If your company makes a profit and you have no tax violation, you can apply for a new two-year residence permit. When you have lived for five years in Sweden, you can apply for a Sweden permanent residence permit or citizenship.


Can You Bring your family to under a Sweden Self-employment Visa?

Yes, you can bring your spouse and under 18 children under a Sweden Self-employment visa. Although your children can study, they can not work, and you have to have enough funds to cover their expenses.


 Sweden Self-employment Visa Costs

The cost for Sweden Self-employment visa is SEK 2,000. But, you must have enough funds to cover your expenses in the first two years of your residence in Sweden.


Let’s sum up …

In this blog, we explained all about Sweden Self-employment visa

The people who want to start a new business in Sweden should apply for a residence permit. Wo covered the requirements, eligibility, the least required fund, application process, FAQs about family, extension, etc.

You can check the Visa Library website to find more information about other countries’ visas.

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