Do You Need Sweden Airport Transit Visa?

Sweden is one of the safest countries in the world. It is also in a strategic airway. Due to its safety, many airlines choose Swedish airspace to shorten their flight. So many flights might make a stop there. If you need to catch a connecting flight in Sweden, you might need a Sweden airport Transit visa.
In this blog, we will explain who needs a Sweden transit visa, exemptions, requirements, application process, FAQs, and more.


What is Sweden Airport Transit visa?

Sweden is a member of the Schengen States. So many rules of the Schengen Area apply to it. When you want to catch a connecting flight in one of Sweden airports, you might need a visa. The Schengen rules do not allow a few nationals to change flights in the area without a visa. The visa to do this is Sweden Airport visa.

Not everyone needs a Sweden Airport Transit visa. While a few countries are free, many more need it.


Who Needs Sweden Airport Transit Visa?

Whether you need a Sweden Airport Transit visa or not depends on your nationality. The people who hold a passport from the following countries need a Sweden Transit visa:


Dominican Republic Eritrea Bissau Mauritania
Cameroon Ethiopia The Democratic Republic of Congo Nigeria
Angola Ghana Ivory Coast Senegal
Chad Guinea Libya Somalia
Republic of Congo Guinea  Mali South 
Sudan Togo


North America

Cuba  Dominican Republic Haiti 



Afghanistan Iran
Pakistan Sri Lanka
Bangladesh Syria
Iraq Palestinians *

*Must have a travel document for a refugee that has been issued by Egypt, Lebanon, or Syria.


What Countries are Free from Sweden Transit Visa?

In the above part, we mentioned the countries that need a Sweden Airport transit visa. While the above list needs a transit visa, there are a few exceptions. You might be from one of the mentioned countries but visa-free. Travelers don’t need a Sweden Transit Visa if:

  • You are a diplomat and possess a diplomatic passport.
  • The traveler is a relative/family member of a citizen of:
    • The EU
    • The EEA
    • Switzerland
  • You possess a visa granted from:
    • The US
    • Japan
    • Canada
    • The EU
    • The EEA
  • You are a flight crew, and your country is a member of the Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation.

If one of the above circumstances is true for you, you don’t need a Sweden Airport Transit visa.


Application Process for Sweden Transit visa

To apply for a Sweden Airpot Transit visa, you have to follow the following procedures:

1. Figure out whether you need a visa

Finding out whether you need a Sweden transit visa or not is the first step. You should know that although many countries need a Sweden Airport visa, a few more are free of it. To figure this out, you can visit the section above. While your nationality might need a Sweden transit visa, you still might be free. Please see the exemption section too.

2. Gather requirements

When you know you need a Sweden Airport transit visa, you have to collect the requirements. To apply for Sweden transit visa, you have to submit the requirements to the authorities. To see the requirements for a Sweden Transit visa, see the section below.

Please be careful when you collect the required documents. The Schengen Area members are rigorous with visa rules. Pay attention to small details. If one piece of your documents is missing or faulty, the application process will take longer.

3. Schedule visa appointment

When you gathered everything, schedule an appointment to the Swedish embassy or consulate. You could get one by phone or through their website. As you have to attend it in person, remember the exact date and time of the appointment.

4. Submit requirements at the appointment

When the time of the appointment came, attend it and bring all the requirements. Try not to forget anything. Submit all of them to the authorities.

5. Pass visa interview

During the visa interview, you might have to pass an interview. The Swedish authorities will ask about your background and the purpose of your visit. Please be honest and offer true answers. The fate of the visa rides on this interview.

If Swedish officials suspect you have illegal or criminal intentions, they won’t issue you a visa.

6. Pay the visa processing fees

You also must pay the fee for Sweden Transit visa. If you don’t pay, your visa won’t get processed. The Swedish embassy might not accept cash. Prepare yourself to pay in cash and credit card.

7. Wait for processing

In the final stage, you have to wait until your application gets processed. The processing time depends on different factors. It would be wise to apply a bit early, just to be on the safe side.

The earliest time you can apply for Sweden Airport transit visa is six months. The latest time is 15 days.

If your application gets approved, Swedish officials will post it to your address. In some cases, you might have to pick it up from the embassy yourself. If it gets denied, the authorities will send you a letter explaining the reason.


Required Documents to Apply for Sweden Airport Transit visa

The required documents to apply for a Sweden Airport Transit visa

are as follows:

A. Application form

You have to complete the application form for Sweden Airport Transit visa. You could receive it from the Swedish embassy in your home country. The form is often the same for all Schengen members. Please be cautious when you fill it. The Info you fill must be the same with your documents. The spelling of your first and last name must be the same as your passport. When completed, print, date, and sign it. Keep it to submit to the authorities.

B. Passport

The passport you provide mustn’t be older than ten years. There must be two blank pages in it as well.

C. Photo

You have to provide two photos taken in the past 90 days. The background must be white and clear. The photo must cover 70% of your face.

D. Visa

If you have to hold a visa for the destined country you will visit, provide a copy to Swedish authorities.

E. Ticket

You must have booked a ticket for the country you will visit.

F. Travel insurance

You must have travel insurance valid in the whole Schengen Area. It must cover your expenses for 30.000 EUR.

G. Receipt of paid fees

Provide the receipt of the paid fees for Sweden transit visa.


Where Can I Apply for Sweden Airport Transit visa?

You can apply for Sweden Airport Transit visa to:

  1. Swedish embassy or consulate in the country you live in.
  2. A certifies visa center by the Swedish government.
  3. The Swedish embassy or consulate in another country.


Processing Time for Sweden Airport Transit visa

The processing time for Sweden transit visa is different. It depends on:

  • The country you apply from.
  • Your special case and background.
  • The political situation of your country.
  • The Swedish embassy workload.
  • Whether your documents are complete or not.
  • Etc.


Sweden Transit visa Validity

Sweden airport transit visa is only valid for 24 hours. Please remember that during this time, you may not leave the international transit zone.


Sweden Airport Transit visa Fees

The Sweden Airport Transit visa costs €80. Please remember that this is a standard price. It might be subject to change in different countries.


Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all about Sweden airport transit visa.

We covered the nationalities who must apply for it, exempted categories, the application process, FAQs, and more.

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