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You are a bit confused; you have found different things about working in Spain. But, you are not sure of all the true or false information. So, do you want to know whether you can apply for a Spain work visa or not?

This article will explain who needs a Spain work visa, who is eligible for it, requirements, the application process, FAQs, validity, and more.

Who Needs a Spain Work Visa?

Whether you need a Spain work visa or not depends on your nationality. First, you should know that a work visa is a long-stay visa. It permits you to work in Spain for the long term.

Only the following countries are exempt from Spain work visa:

  • Members of the EU.
  • EEA members.
  • Norway
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Switzerland

If you are a resident/national on the above list, you do not need to apply for a Spanish work visa. You just need to register with the officials. Yet, if you are not on the list, you have to apply for a work visa. Also, you must apply for a work permit. Remember that you apply for a Spain work visa from outside of the country. When you entered Spain through its work visa, apply for a work permit.

Who is Eligible for a Spain Work Visa?

There are a few pre-conditions for Spain work visa. You have to comply with them to apply for a work visa.

Having a job offer from a Spanish employer is a must for a work visa. The job must be related to your studies or experience. Also, the employer must have advertised for the job in the EU. If he/she could not find someone in the EU, then he/she can offer you the job.

The job offer must lead to a work contract. The Spanish employer and the employee must sign a work contract. It must be compatible with the work rules in Spain. You as the employer have to provide a copy of the work contract for the application process.

Being healthy is the other feature. You can not suffer from a serious health condition and apply for a work visa. The applicant can not be a threat to the safety of the public.

Spain work visa types:

The following types of visas come under the work visa category:

Each one of them is different and has various requirements. You need to read them carefully to know what are

How to Apply for Work Visa?

The application process for a Spain work visa is not complicated. If you comply with the requirements, everything will be easy. You should know that having a job offer from a Spanish employer is a must. Also, your future employer must complete part of the application.

The application process for a work visa is as follows:

1. Do I Need a visa?

As explained above, not everyone needs a Spain work visa. A few countries are exempt from it. You should see whether you are among the visa-free countries or not. If you are, you should not apply. You can enter Spain with your passport.

However, when you are not on the list, you have to apply for a Spain work visa. Remember that even the visa-free countries need to apply for a work permit or Residence Permit for long stays.

2. Eligibility

See if you are eligible for a Spain work visa or not. It’s a brilliant idea before you begin the application procedure. You could see the section above to make sure of it. If you can meet up with the standards, work on your conditions. Improve your status.

3. Job offer

The first requirement for a Spain work visa is to have a job offer. You must hold an employment opportunity from a Spanish employer. Remember that you and the employer must have reached an agreement. It is mandatory to provide a signed work contract. Please keep in mind that the Spanish employer must start the application process for a Spain work visa. You, as the employer, can not begin it.

4. Work authorization

The Spanish employer must apply for work authorization. He/she will apply to the Authorities and submit the requirements. The officials could ask for different documents for the Work authorization. The work contract is one of them. The employer and employee must be in contact with each other and the employee sends all the necessary requirements.

5. Requirements

Gather the requirements for a work visa. It would be better to start it much sooner. When you submit the work authorization to the Spanish embassy, it must not be older than one month. You may not be able to gather every piece of requirements in one month. So, try to be ahead of the plan.

6. Visa appointment

You should also schedule a visa appointment with the Spanish embassy in your home country. If an embassy or consulate is not available in your country, you could find one in a neighboring country. The nearest Spanish embassy to you is fine. In case you could not find an embassy, a visa center authorized by the Spanish authorities is also fine. You could apply to them.

7. Participate in the meeting for Spain work visa

Get to the Spanish embassy on the exact date and time. Try not to be late. Being a few minutes early is fantastic. Keep in mind to bring all the gathered requirements. Providing that your documents are not complete or missing, the processing time will be longer.


Then you have to submit your biometrics. The officials will take your:

  • Fingerprints
  • Facial image

You have to submit your fingerprints only if you have not traveled to the Schengen Area in the latest five years.


There is a fee for the Spain work visa you have to pay. There will be no visa processing without paying. So bring enough money to pay for it. The fee depends on different elelmants:

  • The Spanish embassy you apply to.
  • You need a residence permit or not
  • The embassy or visa center charges


The final stage with the embassy is an interview. The embassy’s officials will ask you a few questions about your background and your trip to Spain. It would be better to be prepared for it. Find some information about:

  • Spain
  • The city you will be moving to
  • Culture
  • Life-style
  • The job you will be doing in Spain.
  • The company or employer you will work with.

The more you know, the better.

8. Processing

Once you finish every procedure with the Spanish embassy, wait for processing. You should wait until the authorities decide on your visa. The processing time depends on different elements. Also, it is different for the embassy from country to country.

When the officials issue the visa;

  • The embassy will post it to your address, or
  • You might have to pick it up from the embassy yourself.

When you receive your visa, you can move to Spain.

Things you have to do after Getting to Spain

When you get to Spain, you have to complete a few procedures. When you seek to stay longer than six months, you have to apply for a residence permit. You need to apply for Spain foreigner Identity Card. Remember that you only have one month to apply for the Foreigner Identity Card.

What are the Requirements for Spain Work Visa?

The requirement for a Spain work visa are as follows:


The passport you submit to the Spanish embassy can not be older than ten years ago. It must possess validity for at least one year over the date of your work contract.


Take the photo to the latest three months to the date of application. They must be identical. Also, nothing must cover your face:

  • Veil
  • Hat
  • Glasses
  • Unusual beard/mustache

Proof to have enough funds

You must possess sufficient money to cover your basic expenses in Spain. If the employer will cover your expenses, he/she must state it in the work contract.

Work contract

Both the employee and the employer have to sign the work contract. It must include work conditions and payment. Everything must be clear in it.

Work authorization

The future Spanish employer must apply for a Work Authorization on behalf of the employee.

Clean record

Provide a document stating you have not committed any criminal action in the latest five years. You could provide one from the police in your country. It could not be older than six months to the date of the application.

Proof to have somewhere to live

State where you will live during your stay in Spain.

Job skill

Provide the certificate or qualification that proves you have experience and skill for the offered job in Spain.

Health certificate

A physician authorized by the officials must verify that you do not suffer from any serious sickness or disease. Also, you could not be a threat to Spain’s public health. Provide the issued certificate to the authorities. Remember to provide the translation of the certificate in Spanish.

Note: The mentioned documents are a general set of requirements. The Spanish officials might ask for additional documents. They do it whenever they find it necessary.

How Long is the Spain Work Visa Valid for?

The validity of Spain work visa depends on the authorities’ decision. You can see the validity of your visa stick to your passport. However, you have nothing to worry about. You can extend your work visa in Spain. As long as you hold a contract with the Spanish employer, you have permission to extend your work permit. Also, you could change your employer. You can work for another Spanish employer if you reach an agreement.

Can you bring your family to Spain under a work visa?

Yes. You have permission to bring your family to Spain under a work visa. However, you must work for one year in Spain to do so. Also, you must have a Spain work permit valid for another year to bring your family.

Remember that your family member can work in Spain as well. Your relatives do not need to apply for a work permit. They can work without authorization.

Providing that you have an EU Blue Card, you do not need to wait for one year to bring your family member.

Processing time for Spain Work Visa

When you submit requirements to the Spanish embassy, it takes time for an answer. Wait for one month (at least) until the officials process your visa. You might have to wait for longer than one month. If the officials ask for more documents, you have to wait longer. Also, if you miss or forget a piece of document, the process will get longer.

Try to apply as soon as possible. You can not apply sooner than six months to the date of your trip to Spain.

Let’s sum up…

This article introduced all you should know about Spain work visa. It covered who needs a Spain work visa, requirements, application process, and FAQ.

You need to know more about other types of Spain visa? Visit the left-sidebar. Find anything you want.

Providing that you need to know more about other countries’ visa, go to the Visa Library homepage.

You have information or experience with visas? Share them with applicants in the comment section. Your comments help readers to avoid mistakes.

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  1. Jennie says:

    I’m Swiss. Will you explain a bit of the application process?

    • support says:

      Hello there. In fact, Swiss nationals won’t need to apply for a Spain visa. Enjoy your trip and tell us about it.

  2. KARL says:

    I have talked to the Spanish employer but we haven’t signed a work contract, I can still begin the application process yes?

    • says:

      No, the first and foremost requirement is a job contract and you need to provide a copy for your application process.

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