Spain family visa, how to join your partner or relative


You have a relative in Spain you want to join. You have the option to apply for a Spain family visa. It allows you to stay with your relative, work, and do whatever you want. However, there are a few things you must know.

This article will tell you that who can apply for a Spain family visa, requirements, application process, validity, processing time, FAQs, and more.


What is Spain Family Visa?

Spain family visa is a way for non-EU residents who live in Spain to bring their family members to the country. The legal-formal procedure to join a relative in Spain is through the family visa. The visa also gets called;

  • Spain family reunification visa
  • Spanish family visa

There are some strict rules both for the sponsor and the guest. Yet, it is not impossible to receive a family visa. When you get one, you can stay with the sponsor as long as he/she is in Spain. There are lots of advantages to it.


Who Needs Spain Family Visa?

Whether you need a Spain family visa is a matter of your nationality. Bear in mind that a family visa for Spain is a long-stay visa. You can stay in Spain for longer than three months under a family visa.

A few countries do not need Spain family visa. Many more need it. The following list makes it clear for you:


EU, EEA, and Switzerland nationals

If you are citizens or nationals of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland, you do not need a Spain family visa. You can join your relative without a visa. Also, you do not require a residence permit either. However, you have to register with the Immigration Authorities and receive Foreigner’s Identity Number (NIE).


What if the sponsor is an EU resident, but the guest is not?

In case your relative living in Spain is an EU, EEA, or Switzerland resident, and you are not, you might not need a family visa. Yet, you have to apply for the EU family member’s residence.


Non-EU, EEA nationals

The citizens of non-EU, EEA countries can join their relatives in Spain. However, the sponsor living in Spain must comply with conditions. The sponsor must have one of the following residence permits to be eligible:

  • An EU Blue Card.
  • Staying in Spain under a student visa.
  • Residing in Spain under a research visa.
  • An EU long-term residence permit. It must be from Spain or another EU member state.


Who Can Join you under Spain Family Visa?

Spain family visa has a few limitations. It does not permit you to bring every relative. You have the authorization to bring the following family members:


Spouse or paw partner

Bringing your spouse or same-sex partner to Spain is not so hard. Yet, you have to provide the documents that prove marriage or relationship:

  • Marriage certificate or
  • Civil partnership registration

You can not bring your spouse or partner if you have married another person. It is true for the spouse living abroad. Also, you have to provide enough documents or prove that your marriage is not a convenient one.


Parents, parents-in-law

Bringing parents or in-law parents to Spain can be a bit hard. Your parents must be over 65 to be eligible for joining you. It is your responsibility to take care of them. You must have a compelling reason to bring your relatives. Being old and in need of care is one reason.

Remember that the birth certificate proves your relationship with your parents. In case you want to bring your parents-in-law, you need the marriage certificate to prove your relationship.

The most important requirement is that the sponsor must have lived in Spain under a long-term residence permit for FIVE years.


Children, children of your spouse

The child who wants to join you in Spain must not be over 18 years old. He/she must not be married either. It is also possible to bring the child up to 21 years old. Yet, there are a few rules over it. The child must prove to be studying. He/she must rely on the sponsor living in Spain for financial support. Providing that the child has a job contract in Spain, he/she can not join you. The mentioned rules are true for an adopted child. You have permission to bring your adopted child if she is eligible.

There is one exception that you can bring your child who is over 21. If the child is disabled and needs parents’ help, you can bring him/her to Spain. Yet, the disability must get proved by the officials. Also, the child’s disability must be to an acceptable level.

Spain Family Visa Requirements

There are two packages of requirements for a Spain family visa:

  • Sponsor’s requirements.
  • Guest’s requirements.

The requirements for the sponsor living in Spain are different from the guest who wants to move to the country.


Sponsor’s requirements for Spain family visa

Minimum residency

The sponsor must have stayed in Spain for at least one year. He/she must have extended the residence permit for at least another year.


It must be valid for a few months.

Residence permit

Provide a copy of the legal residence permit.

Proof of accommodation

The sponsor must prove to have enough space and conditions. His/her house must be appropriate and meet the requirements.


How should I prove my house meets the conditions?

Visit the city hall of the place you live in. Request an adequate housing report from them. They provide you a certificate. The provided certificate will evaluate all the elements.


Proof of relationship

Provide documents that you and the guest have a relationship. It is different for each family member. It got explained in the above part.


Have enough funds

The sponsor has full financial commitment over the guest. So, he/she must provide proof to have enough funds to cover the guest. You must have at least 150% of the IPREM. Providing that you wish to bring more than one family member, add another 50% of IPREM for each family member.

Also, you must prove to the officials that your income is stable over time.


The requirements based on job status


Provide a copy of the work contract and payslips for the latest six months. In other words, six payslips are required.

My job contract is about to expire. What shall I do?

If your job contract is about to expire, you are not eligible for a Spain family visa. You must hold a contract valid for at least one year. As mentioned, you have to provide a stable income over time. The officials will not consider your income stable in this case.


Latest income tax statement.

Health insurance

If you are self-employed, provide a copy of your private health insurance. This certificate will not be required if you are employed.

Clean record certificate

When the relative who wants to move to Spain is over 18, he/she must provide a Criminal records certificate.


Guest’s requirements


The passport must be valid for at least one year.


Two identical photos taken in the latest three months to the date of application.

Application form

Complete the application form, then print, date, and sign it.

Permission leave

If the under 18 children will join one parent, permission to leave from another one is necessary.


The guest might have to submit more documents. It depends on who he/she is (parent, child, etc.). Also, the Spanish officials could ask for additional documents for the Spain family visa.


Spain Family Visa Application Process

The application process for the Spain family visa has two parts. The sponsor living in Spain must begin the first step. Then, the guest living in a foreign country must continue the rest:

The application process for the Spain family visa is as follows:


1. Check eligibility

Before you begin the process, check whether you are eligible or not. Remember that both the sponsor living in Spain and the guest must be eligible. See the “Requirements” and “who can apply for Spain family visa” to make sure of it. Begin the process only f you can comply with the requirements.


2. Begin the application

The sponsor living in Spain must begin the application process for the Spain family visa. He/she should start the procedure with the Foreigners Office.

The sponsor should complete the application form, complete it, and then sign it. He/she must gather the requirements, as explained above. Then submit all of them to Spain’s Foreigners Office.


3. Processing

Wait until Spain’s Authorities process your application. You will get a response for up to two months. No response in this period means your application has been rejected. When the officials send a positive response, send the confirmation for the guest in your home country.


4. Applying for the Spain family visa

When the guest residing in the foreign country receives the confirmation, he/she should apply for a Spain family visa. Remember that the guest has only two months to complete the application. The guest must apply for a visa through the Spanish embassy or consulate in his/her home country.

The process for a visa is as follows:

A. Requirements

Collect all the requirements for a Spain family visa by the guest. You can find the list in the above section. Remember that the Spanish embassy could ask for additional documents.

B. Visa appointment

Set an appointment with the Spanish embassy or consulate. Visit the embassy in-time and in-person. It will be a brilliant idea to get there a few minutes early. Being late is not a good idea. Remember, you must have your documents translated into Spanish. Also, there is no copying service at the embassy. So check your documents a few times to make sure they are complete. Submit everything to the officials. Pay the fee for visa processing.

D. Processing

When you completed everything with the embassy, wait until they process your visa. The processing time depends on different factors. It might take to two months until the embassy processes your visa. When the embassy issues the visa, they will mail it to you. Now you can move to Spain to join your relative. Remember that you only have three months to move to Spain and join your family member.


After the guest arrives in Spain

Once the guest arrives in Spain, he/she has one month to apply for a Residence Permit. Residence Permit’s application is easy and straightforward. The guest has to visit the nearest Foreigner’s Office and apply for Foreigner’s Identification Card (TIE).


How Long is the Spain family visa Valid for?

It depends on the sponsor’s condition. The guest’s residence permit will be as valid as the sponsor’s. As long as the sponsor can stay in Spain, the guest can stay too. However, the sponsor must be able to pay the guest’s living costs.


Can I Extend the Spain Family visa?

Yes. You have permission to extend the Spain family visa. But remember that you can only extend it if the sponsor extends his/her residence permit. It means that if the sponsor can stay in Spain, you can extend your visa to stay in the country too.

If the guest receives an employment contract in Spain, he/she can extend the residence permit separately. In this case, the fate of the permits depends on the employment contract, not the sponsor’s residence permit.


Can I Work Under Spain Family Visa?

Yes. The spouse and children over 16 have permission to work in Spain. They do not need a work permit to do so. Their Foreigner’s Identification Card will suffice. The card authorizes them to work in Spain.


Spain Family Visa Processing time

The processing time for Spain family visa could take up to six months. There are two times to receive a response. The sponsor has to wait for an answer from the Foreigner’s Office. Then, the guest has to wait for the processing of the visa.


Applying for a Long-Term Residence permit

When the guest lives in Spain for five continuous years, he/she has permission to apply for a long-term residence permit. During this period, the guest must comply with Spanish law. Obeying regulations is a must.


Let’s sum up…

This blog introduced everything you must know about Spain family visa.

It covered who is eligible for a family visa, requirements, application process, validity, processing time, FAQ, and more.

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