How to apply for a Russia work visa


A Russia work visa allows you to experience working with different nationalities and in high-tech offices in Russia.

Working in Russia is one of the adventurous things many employees would like to experience. Working with foreigners and interacting with a different nationality will alter your perspective about the world and its people.

Russia highly skilled visa

Russia issues work visas to highly qualified specialists (HQS) in foreign countries. Russia approves such visas based on invitations issued by the Ministry of Interior. HQS families working in Russia can also apply for this visa.

Russia work visa

If you are considered as a foreigner coming to work in Russia, you will need a work visa and a permit for work.

Russia diplomat visa

Diplomats cannot travel with ordinary visas. Therefore, they should apply for a diplomatic visa. A Russia diplomat visa is given to a diplomat. However, they can bring along their spouse.

Russia humanitarian visa

A Russia humanitarian visa is just right for you to travel to Russia for sports, culture, science and technology, public, religious, philanthropic, or humanitarian purposes.

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