Who Needs and Does not Need Norway Visa?


Norway is one of the Nordic countries and a member of the EU. It is famous for wildlife, nature and winter sports. If you want to visit it, you might need a visa. Whether you need a Norway short-stay visa or not is a key factor in application process.

In this blog, we will explain who needs and does not need a Norway visa.


Who Needs and Does not Need Norway Visa?

Whether you need a Norway visa depends on:

  • Your nationality. 
  • The purpose of your visit. 
  • Duration of your stay. 

First, you must know that Norway visa comes in two categories:

  1. Short-stay visa (non-immigrant)
  2. Long-stay- (immigrant)

If you want to stay in Norway for up to 90 days, your stay is a short-stay visa. In case you stay longer than 90 days, it is a long-stay. If you want to work or study in Norway, you might need a residence permit. It depends on your nationality. 

A few countries are free of Norway short-stay visa. They can visit the country for up to 90 days. However, to stay longer, they need another visa or residence permit. 

The following countries are free of Norway short-stay visa:


Brunei Darussalam Hong Kong Malaysia
Georgia Israel Singapore
The United Arab Emirates Japan South Korea

North America

Antigua And Barbuda  Grenada 
Bahamas Guatemala
Barbados  Honduras
Canada  Mexico 
Costa Rica Nicaragua    
Dominica Panama   
El Salvador United States Of America


South America

Argentina Paraguay
Brazil   Peru   
Chile Uruguay
Colombia Venezuela



Mauritius Seychelles



Australia  Palau
Kiribati  Samoa
Marshall Islands Solomon Islands
Micronesia Tuvalu   
New Zealand Vanuatu



Albania  Monaco
Andorra Montenegro
Bosnia And Herzegovina San Marino
EEA countries  Serbia
North Macedonia Ukraine
Vatican City State United Kingdom
Moldova EU

If you are a citizen of the above countries, you don’t need to apply for a Norway short-stay visa. You can visit the country with your passport or travel document. But remember to stay longer than 90 days, you need an appropriate visa.

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