Who Can Apply for Norway Investor Visa?

Are you looking for a safe country with a high standard of living to continue your life? If you have enough funds, then Norway is your option. Norway is known for many things. From winter sports, spectacular landscape, the venue of Nobel Prize, to Northern Lights, etc. You need a Norway Investor visa to move this country.
In this blog, we will explain who is eligible for Norway Investor visa, requirements, the area you can invest in, FAQs, and more.


What is Norway Investor visa?

Norway is a member of the Schengen Area. It enjoys a strong and open economy. The authorities understand the advantages of a free market. They make as much as an effort to develop business in the country. One way is foreign investment. The Norwegian authorities welcome foreign investment with open arms. They have introduced the Investor visa to attract investments into the country. If you comply with the requirements, you can move to Norway and achieve Permanent Residence.


Who is Eligible for the Norway Investor visa?

Almost anyone who complies with the requirements becomes eligible for a Norway investor visa.

Being admissible

To be eligible for a Norway Investor visa, you have to fulfill a few requirements. The first one is that you must be eligible to enter Norway. You must have a valid passport from the country you live in. Also, you must not be involved in:

  • Terrorist activities
  • Be in jail of prison
  • Trying to overthrow governments
  • Human trafficking
  • Drug dealing
  • Etc.

Providing that you have been convicted of a crime and can not provide a clean record, you are inadmissible to enter Norway.

Initial investment funds

Applicants for the Investor visa must also have enough funds. The least required amount to invest in Norway is 100.000 EUR. You must prove to have the least amount to be eligible for the investor visa.

Please note that the eligibility criteria for a Norway investor visa might change.

Proof to have enough funds

Apart from the initial investment fund, you must have enough money to cover your expenses in Norway. Norway is a pretty much expensive country. Financial independence is a must. If your family is traveling with you, you must be able to support them as well.

The Norwegian government might introduce new rules. If not, they might ask for more requirements.


What Business Fields Can I Invest in?

The investment through Investor visa must create jobs. It must make a considerable contribution to the Norwegian economy. The main business activities of Norway is oil and gas. It would be wise to pick a business field that is stable and has a bright future. However, at the time of application, the Norwegian government might set restrictions. You could invest in:

  • Seafood maritime
  • Green energy
  • Oil & Gas
  • IT section
  • Etc.

You could also start a new company in Norway and move. First, you should propose your business plan to the authorities. If they approve it and you have enough investment fund, you can start your business.

You could visit Norwegian embassy or consulate in your home country for Norway Investor visa application. the application process for each country is a bit different.

Who Can Apply for Norway Investor Visa

Can I Bring my Family Under Norway Investor Visa?

YES. One of the main benefits of investor visa is bringing the family. You can bring your spouse or law-partner and under 18 children to Norway. The requirement for family financial independence. You must be able to support them financially. It is true until your business or investment makes a profit.


Can I apply for Permanent Residence under Norway Investor visa

YES. The officials grant you a one-year residence permit for Norway Investor visa. If you are still eligible, obey rules, and fulfill requirements, the authorities extend the permit for another year. After three years of living in Norway, you can apply for Permanent Residence.


Can I Apply for Citizenship under Norway Investor visa?

YES. The first requirement is to live in Norway for seven years. The government will set the requirements and eligibility for it. When you fulfill this first one, you can apply to the authorities to ask for more information.


Let’s sum up…

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