What are the Requirements for a Norway Visitor Visa?


You have packed up to visit Norway. Make a stop. Are you sure you do not need a visa? If yes, which one? Are there limitations over it. How to apply for it? This text is an answer to your Norway visitor visa questions. You find out if you need a visa or not, the requirement to apply for one, the application process, and different types.

What is Norway Visitor Visa?

Norway visitor visa allows foreign people or tourists to stay for up to 90 days in the country. It falls under the short-term category. So the duration of stay is limited. Applicants could use it for different purposes. It could be a holiday, visiting family, etc. However, they can not work or study in the country. It also allows people to visit other Schengen states. Remember that if you spend more time in another Schengen Area member, apply for its visa.

Do I need a Norway Visitor Visa?

Not everyone will need a Norway visitor visa. Some countries can enter Norway without a visa. The EU, EEA, and Schengen Area members are some of them. There are also other countries. Before you apply for a Norway visitor visa, see if your nationality is exempt or not. If yes, you should not need to apply for a visitor visa. But, keep in mind that the visitor visa’s validity is only up to 90 days. Also, the Norwegian officials might grant a visa with less validity.

What are the Requirements for a Norway Visitor Visa?

The requirements for a Norway visitor visa are as follows:

  • Application form
  • Photos
  • Passport
  • Return ticket
  • Health insurance
  • Cover letter
  • Travel itinerary
  • Accommodation proof
  • Civil status
  • Proof to have enough funds
  • Requirements based on your employment status
  • Supporting documents for minors

Norway Visitor Visa Application Process

The application process for the Norway visitor visa or tourist visa is as follows:

1. Requiring a visa

As explained earlier, see if you need a visa before you apply for one. Some countries and states do not need a Norway visitor visa. You should determine if you are one of them or not. If yes, Congratulations. Get there with your passport.

2.Being eligible

Once you need a visa, you must be eligible for it. Each visa has its standards and set or rules. Determine if you comply with them or not.

3. Application form

Download the application form from the Norway embassy or consulate. You could also receive it from the  Norway official immigration website. Once you completed it, print, date, and sign it.

4. Requirements

Gather the supporting documents introduced by Norwegian officials. All pieces must be complete. Missing part means longer processing time.

5. Visa meeting

Set an appointment with the Norwegian embassy. Get one through a phone call or their website.

7. Interview and fees

Get to the embassy in-time. Keep in mind to bring all the requirements. Submit everything to the authorities. Also, pay the fee for visa processing. The fee depends on different elements. Research about it.

You could also have to pass an interview. The embassy’s officials ask about the purpose of your visit. Be truthful and give true answers.

8. Processing

Wait until the visa gets processed. The required processing time depends on different items. When officials issue the visa, they will send it to your address. The visa may get denied. If so, the authorities inform you why.

Let’s Sup up…

This article introduced all you should know about Norway visitor visa. You got familiar with requirements, the application process, and whether you need a visitor visa or not.

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