Are you looking for a low-cost country with a high educational standard? Norway is your answer. In its informal, multicultural atmosphere, you can enjoy your studies. Students can get easy access to teachers, and tuitions are affordable. However, you might need a Norway student visa to enter the country.

In this blow, w will explain who needs and does not need a Norway student visa, study permit, application process, requirements, FAQs, and more.

Who Needs and Does not Need a Norway Student visa?

If you want to study in Norway, you might need a student visa and study permit. Whether you need a student visa or study permit depends on your nationality.

Nordic Countries

The citizens of the Nordic countries can study in Norway without a visa or study permit for up to six months. However, if the study course takes longer than six months, they have to register with a Norwegian tax office and receive an ID card.

EU, EEA, and EFTA countries

Residents from the EU, EEA, and EFTA countries can study in Norway without a visa and study permit. It is true when the course takes up to 90 days. If the course takes longer than 90 days, they have to apply for a study permit.

The study permit application process is simple. You have to register with the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration website. When you arrive in Norway, you have to visit a police station immediately. You must provide the following documents to them:

  • Passport.
  • Acceptance letter to an educational institution in Norway.
  • Health insurance
  • Proof to have enough funds to cover your expenses in Norway.

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Non-EU countries

Providing that you are from a non-EU country, your status depends on the country you are from.

A few countries are free of Norway’s short-stay visa. They can visit Norway with a passport for up to 90 days. Providing that you are from one of the listed countries and the study course takes less than 90 days, you don’t need a student visa. But if the course takes longer than 90 days, you need a Study Permit.

Other countries have to apply for Norway’s short-stay visas. The duration of stay does not matter for these countries. In case you are a citizen or national of these countries, you have to apply for a Norway student visa and residence permit.

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List of countries among the visa-waived countries and the countries that need a Norway short-stay visa. 

The List of on Norwegian Agency for Quality Assurance in Education’s (NOKUT) list of approved (accredited) universities, university colleges, or specialized university institutions (external website).

UDI checklist of documents  

Online application form

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Application Process for Norway Student Visa

You should follow the following procedures to apply for a Norway student visa:

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A. Acceptance from an educational center

First, you must get acceptance from a Norwegian educational center. If not, you can not apply for a student visa.

B. The procedure of application

You should check the application process in your home country. It is subject to change in different countries. You could apply online or on paper in some countries. If not sure, check it with the Norway embassy or consulate in your home country.

We will here explain the paper application.

C. Application form

Norway’s student visa application form is an essential requirement. You can download it from Norway Immigration Official (UDI) website. You could also receive it from the Norwegian embassy in your home country. Please be careful while you complete the form. The Info you put must be the same as your documents. Concentrate on names. The spelling of your name must be as your passport. When completed, print, date, and sign it.

D. Gathering requirements

Applicants must gather the supporting documents to submit to authorities. You can find the list in the section below. Please remember that the authorities might ask for extra documents. If one piece of your documents is missing or faulty, the application process will take longer.

E. Visa appointment

Now you should schedule an appointment with the Norway embassy at the consulate in your home country. Visit their website to arrange one. You should remember the exact date and time of the appointment. Being late or missing would be bad for your image.

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F. Attending the Norwegian embassy

When the time of the appointment comes, attend the embassy. Don’t forget to bring your requirements, application, and passport.

G. Interview and fees

During your visit to the embassy, you might have to pass an interview. The Norway authorities will ask you a few questions about your history. As you will be studying in, the range of the questions might go further. It would be better to be prepared.

You also have to pay the fee for application processing. A Norway student visa would cost you NOK 5,300.

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H. Processing

When you finish everything with the Norway embassy, you have to wait. Wait until your visa gets processed. If authorities approve it, they will send it to your address.

Please don’t forget that you have to apply for a residence permit when you arrive in Norway.

How to Apply for Norway Study Permit?

A Norway student visa is permission to enter Norway. A study permit or residence permit is the authorization to study and work. You have to apply for a residence or study when you receive a student visa and enter Norway. During the first week, you enter Norway and visit a local police station. They will take your photo and fingerprints. They will send the residence card to your address.

If you have other purposes for traveling to Norway, you can apply for a Schengen cultural visa.

Requirements for Norway Student Visa

The required documents for a Norway student visa are as follows:

A. Acceptance letter

You have to provide proof of acceptance to an educational institution in Norway. The letter must be formal and verified.

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B. Application form

You have to complete the Norway student visa application form. You can download it from Norway Immigration Official (UDI) website. Please be careful while you complete the form. The Info you put must be the same as your documents. Concentrate on names. The spelling of your name must be as your passport.

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C. Passport

The passport you provide must be as valid as your study course. If it is about to expire, it would be good to apply for a new one. It must not be older than ten years ago.

D. Photo

You must provide two passport-style photos of yourself. It must have been taken in the past three months. Not older than that. The background must be white and clear.

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E. Proof of having enough funds

Applicants must have enough funds to cover their expenses in Norway. If your family members accompany you, you must have enough funds for them as well. The least required amount is NOK 116,369 for the academic year. It is equivalent to US$13,893, EUR 12,155. Please remember that the amount must be in a Norwegian bank account. If opening a bank account in Norway is difficult for you, you can deposit it in an account made by your colleague.

If you have financial aid or a scholarship from your home country or in Norway, you must provide the official documents.

F. Accommodation proof

You have to state the place you will live during your studies. It could be:

  • House
  • Dormitory
  • Rental agreement
  • Staying with a friend or family

G. Checklist of documents

The UDI provides a list of documents to applicants. You have to download, complete, and sign it. You must provide it along with the other documents.

H. Receipt of paid fees

You also have to pay the fee for application processing. A Norway student visa costs you NOK 5,300, which is roughly US$650.


Please bear in mind that Norwegian authorities might ask for more documents. The requirements might change for different countries. They are also subject to change.

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Can I Work under a Norway Student Visa?

Yes. When you receive a Norway student visa, you have permission to work. You can take a part-time job and work for 20 hours per week. You can also take full-time jobs during your holidays. Please note that working should not impact your studies.

Can I Extend my Norway Student Visa?

YES. You can extend a Norway student visa if you are eligible:

  • Proof to have enough funds to cover your expenses.
  • Make progress in your studies. The colleague or university must prove it through Study Progression Report.
  • Obey Norway law.

Processing Time for Norway student visa

The processing time for a Norway student visa depends on different factors. The Norway embassy you apply to, requirements, peak season, etc., are a few factors. The least required time is about two months. It would be better to start the application as soon as possible.

Can I Apply for a Permanent Residence Permit with a Norway Student visa?

Providing to stay in Norway after your studies, you can apply for a residence permit. The authorities will grant you a six months permit to look for a job. Whether you can stay longer to work is up to the immigration authorities. They will check your:

  • Job offer.
  • Educational history.
  • The skill and work experience you have achieved during your studies.

If you haven’t got any job offer, you can leave the country and apply for a work visa as soon as you find the job.

Norway Student Visa Fee

The processing fee Norway Student Visa is NOK 5,300, which is about US$650 (about 570 EUR).

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained everything about Norway’s student visa.

We explained the people who should apply for a Norway student visa, study permit, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

You can find all the Norway visa information in the world here.

To find out more about the visa that suits you, go through the menu on the site. You can find all the types of Norway visas at the left sidebar.

You can check Visa Library to find more information about other countries’ visas.

In case you have some experience, please write it down in the comment section. Your comments let the readers choose better and avoid mistakes. Conveying your experiences as comments is a great help for applicants.


What is my first move to get a Norway student visa?

Apply to a university or college and get an admission letter. 

How much is needed to study in Norway?

One year tuition + the cost of living for one year; NOK 123,519 (appx. USD 13,600) per year

Can I work under a student visa?

Yes, but only limited for 20 hours per week. 

How can I get citizenship?

You need to live in Norway for 10 years.

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  1. Rosie says:

    Is it mandatory to apply to a university before applying for a visa or do it while I come to Norway?

    • Support says:

      Hello there. Thanks for leaving a comment on our website. A prior acceptance letter from the university is mandatory before applying for a student visa. However, you can travel to Norway as a tourist and apply again after checking out the universities. However, you may not stay in Norway during the process.

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