You are thinking of a way to visit an EU country. But you are a bit worried about its expenses. You could be eligible for Italy working holiday visa. A great way to have funds, make some money and visit one of the most beautiful EU countries.

Who is Eligible for Italy working holiday visa?

Not everyone in the world can apply for Italy working holiday visa. Only a few groups can apply for it. Also, only the nationals of the following countries can apply for a working holiday visa:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea

The citizens of the above countries have to be eligible for Italy working holiday visa:

  1. Applicants must be between 18-30 years old at the time of application. The application for younger or older applicants will get refused. Yet, Canadians are an exception. The age limit for them is 18-35.
  2. If the applicants are married, he/she can not bring a spouse or children.
  3. The candidate can not apply for Italy working holiday visa twice. If he/she has used it before, they can not use it again.
  4. You must have a valid passport from the mentioned eligible countries.
  5. Having a valid return ticket is mandatory. If not, show proof to have enough funds to buy such a ticket.
  6. Hold enough funds to cover expenses in Italy. You need at least 3.500 EUR. The proof of financial independence must be in the applicant’s name. Remember that you can work for no longer than six months in Italy. So you must have enough funds to cover your expenses while you do not work.
  7. Have a clear background. You must provide a certificate from the Police in your home country.
  8. Being in complete health. You can not be a threat to the public’s health. Being free of contagious or dangerous diseases is a must.
  9. Bank statements must be in your name and for the latest three months to the date of application.

What Benefits does Italy Working Holiday Visa Provide?

Try not to mistake Italy working holiday visa for an Italy Tourist visa. The working holiday visa is a whole different story. It permits you to do so many things. It does not have a tourist visa’s restrictions. Read the following items to know what you may do:

  • Permission to stay in Italy for one year.
  • Authorization to get involved in a paid job for six months.
  • Traveling to other EU countries that are a member of the Schengen Agreement.
  • Legal permission to leave Italy and re-enter again.
  • You can change your employers in Italy. It is possible to work for three months for each Italian employer.


What are the Requirements for Italy working holiday visa?

The Italy working holiday visa’s requirements are as follows:


You must hold a passport from eligible countries. It must hold validity for at least three months over the date visa will expire.

Return ticket

You must have bought the return ticket in advance. It is to prove you have enough funds to return to your home country.

Enough funds

It is mandatory to have at least 200 EUR for each month of staying in Italy.

Bank statements

Provide the bank statements for the latest three months to the date of application.


Holding health insurance valid in Italy and all the EU is mandatory. It must cover all types of services you might need. Also, it must cover for 30.000 EUR for:

  • Emergency
  • Hospitalization


Applicants must be in full good health conditions.


provide the proof of the [lace you will be staying.


A copy of the passport’s bio-data page and any previous visas is mandatory.

Italy working holiday visa Application Process

The application process for Italy working holiday visa is as follows:

Are you eligible?

As explained above, there is an eligibility criteria Italy working holiday visa. Not everyone could apply for it. Also, the people from the eligible countries have to fulfill a few requirements. One of them is the age limit. Research and make sure of it before you begin doing anything.

There is one key point you have to bear in mind. You have permission to work under Italy working holiday visa. It gives you the chance to pay for some of your expenses. Yet, you must have enough funds to cover part of your expenses. It is before you move to Italy. You could not be able to get a job right upon arrival.

Do not forget there is a quota on the visa—the Italian government issues about 1.000 working holiday visas each year. The quota must not be full when you apply.

Application form

The first step to applying for the working holiday visa is the application form. You could get it from the Italian embassy’s website. This is the part you must be careful about it. Put extra attention and care into completing the form. Whatever you put in, it must be identical to your documents. Look at the dictation of your names. They must be the same as your passport. Once you completed the form, print, date, and sign it. It would be better to have a copy of it, just for a rainy day.


There are a few requirements for Italy working holiday visa. They are the supporting documents that prove you are eligible for the visa. See the list in the section above. But, bear in mind that the provided list is not definite. There is no ultimate list of requirements for a visa. It’s because the Italian embassy might ask for additional documents. It’s different from country to country. It depends on your case, as well.

The requirements must be complete. Neither party should be missing or incomplete. The incomplete requirements will lead to longer processing time.

Visa meeting

Now is the time to get an appointment with the Italian embassy. Remember, not every Italian embassy process the application for a working holiday visa. Contact and ask them whether they cover it or not.

Visit the embassy on the exact date and time. Bring all the gathered supporting documents. Submit everything to the officials. Then pay the fee for the visa processing.


It takes some time for the embassy to process your visa. The required time depends on various factors. When they issue a visa, they will inform you to lick it up.

Residence permit; after you get to Italy

Almost anyone who wants to stay in Italy for the long term has to apply for a Residence Permit. You, as a working holiday visa holder, must do it too. When you get to Italy, you have one week to apply for Residence Permit. You must get to the Police Headquarter to apply for one. Follows the below procedures to apply for Italy Residence Permit:

Police Headquarter

Find the nearest Police headquarter in the city you live—schedule an appointment with them.


You have to gather a few documents for the Italy Residence Permit. They are as follows:

  • Application form
  • Get the application form from the Police Headquarter. Complete and sign it.
  • Photo
  • You have to provide four identical photos.
  • Passport
  • Health insurance
  • Duty stamp

Get to the Police Headquarter in time and bring the requirements. They will ask you a few questions. They will grant you a receipt. Keep it as you will need to work in Italy.

Work permit

For Italy working holiday visa, the Residence Permit is different from a work permit. Apart from the Residence Permit, you have to apply for the work visa as well.

Your Italian employer has to apply for a work permit on your behalf. He/she needs the Residence Permit to do so. If the officials have not issued the permit, you can provide the receipt. When you have the work permit, you have permission to work.

How long is Italy working holiday visa valid for?

The top validity of Italy working holiday visa is one year. It is not possible to extend it either. A; so, one can apply for it one time in his/her lifetime.

Italy working holiday visa Fees/Cost

The fee of cost for an Italy working holiday visa is 100 EUR.

Let’s sum up…

In this blog, we explained all you should know about Italy working holiday visa.

The text covered who is eligible to apply for it, requirements, the application process, validity, FAQs, and many more.

If you need to know more about other types of Italy visa, visit the left sidebar.

To know about other country’s visas, visit the homepage of the Visa Library.

If you hold knowledge about visas, share them with us in the comment section. They are great tips for visa applicants.

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