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You are tired of your current job with its conditions. You must be thinking about moving to another country. Working in Italy came to your mind. A better version of anything promises a bright future. This article will explain whether you need an Italy work visa, its work permit, requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

Who Needs an Italy work visa?

You need to know a few points before the answer. An Italy work visa is permission to enter the country. The Italy work permit or residence permit is the authorization to work in the country. The citizens of the EU, EEA, and Switzerland do not need an Italy work visa. They can enter the country and work for any employer. But, if they want to work for longer than three months, they have to apply for a residence permit. The non-EU nationals need a work visa and work permit to work for longer than three months.


Who Can Apply for Italy Work Visa?

Whether you can apply for an Italy work visa depends on different factors. Some of these factors are in your control. Some of them are not.

Time of the year

First, you should know that you can not apply for an Italy work visa at any time. The Italian officials accept applications for a work visa only a few months of the year. It might also be every one or two years. It depends on:

  • Italy’s job market
  • Immigration status in Italy
  • The shortage of workforce in Italy

If Italian employers need a workforce, the government starts accepting work visas. If there is no need, you can not apply.


There is also a quota over Italy work visa. It means the government puts a limit on the number of issued work visas every time. Before you apply, see if the quota is full or not.

Job offer

Holding a job offer from an Italian employer is another requirement. An Italian employer must propose you a job. So then you can apply for an Italy work visa. Remember that the employer and employee must reach an agreement. The agreement must lead to a contract. Providing the contract to the officials is mandatory.

Work authorization

When you find a job offer from an Italian employer, he/she must apply for an Italy work authorization. The employer starts the application process on your behalf. When the officials issue the work authorization, you can apply for Italy work visa.


In short, you can apply for an Italy work visa if:

  • The government permitted issuance on Italy work visa.
  • The set quota on the visa is not filled.
  • You have a job offer from an Italian employer.
  • Hold a work authorization.

Remember that holding a work visa is not the end. You have to apply for an Italy work permit when you get to the country.


Italy work Visa Application Process

The application process for Italy work visa is as follows:

1. See if you are eligible

Check all the rules and regulations over Italy work visa. You might not be eligible for it. There are a few features that are in your control. A few are not. See if you can change your conditions to meet the standards. If not, your application will get rejected.

As explained, you can not apply at any time of the year. The Italian government permits granting work visas at particular times. You have permission to apply in this period. It is not possible to apply at other times of the year.

There is also a quota on the number of visas. See if the quota is filled or not. You can only apply if the quota is empty.

2. Job offer

Holding a job offer from an employer is mandatory for an Italy work visa. The employer can offer you the job only if he/she could not find an employee in Italy or the EU. Remember that the proposed job must lead to a work contract. The employer and employee both have to sign it. The work contract can not be shorter than one year.

3. Work authorization

When you and the employer reach an agreement, the employer must start the application process. He/she applies for work authorization to the officials in Italy. Bear in mind that you should send him/her all the requirements to do so. The employer is applying on your behalf. So he/she needs a few supporting documents. The employer will inform you of them. So, try not to lose connection with him/her. When the employer receives the authorization, he/she will send it to you. Now the employee can continue the application form his/her home country.

4. Application form

Download, then complete the application form for an Italy work visa. Focus on the information you put in the form. It must be identical to your documents. Pay special attention to your names. Type them like your passport. Once finished, print, date, and sign it.


5. Requirements

Gather the requirements for an Italy work visa. You can find the list in the section below. Remember that everything must be complete. If your documents are incomplete or missing, the process will take longer. You should not waste any time with the application process. The quota could get filled sooner than you expect—even minutes matter. So try to prepare a few items in advance.

Remember that you should have your documents translated by a verified translator.


6. Visa appointment

Schedule a meeting with the Italian embassy or consulate in your home country. Find one through the internet. you could get an appointment:

  • Through their website
  • By a phone call
  • In-person

The way to get the meeting depends on the embassy. Providing that there is no Italian embassy or consulate near you:

  • Apply to an Italian embassy in a neighboring country
  • Find a visa center verified by the Italian government


7. Participate in the visa meeting

Get to the visa meeting in-time and bring all the requirements. Forget nothing. Arriving at the embassy a bit early would help to a great extent. Submit all the supporting documents to the authorities.

There is a fee for the processing of Italy work visa. You have to pay for it, so bring enough money. There might be an interview that you have to pass. It’s not a big deal. The officials will ask you a few questions about your history and the purpose of your visit to Italy. It would help to gather some information about Italy and the city you will be moving to. The more you know, the better.


8. Processing

After completing all the procedures with the Italian embassy, you should wait for processing. It takes some time for the Italian embassy to work on your visa. You might need to wait for up to two months for the embassy’s decision. Once the embassy decides and issues the visa, they will inform you to pick it up. Also, they might post it to your address. Bear in mind that you will have six months to move to Italy when you receive the months.


9. Applying for a Work permit

When you enter Italy through its work visa, you have to apply for a Residence Permit in one week. The process is simple and clear. Also, you will receive a residence permit. There answer is always yes.

Visit the local post office in the city you live in. Submit them all the requirements they require:

  • Work visa
  • Work Authorization
  • Passport
  • Proof of accommodation

The mentioned documents are a common set of requirements. The officials need more documents. They will inform you of what to submit. You submit everything to the Post Office. Then, the Police Station in your city issues the residence permit.

At this stage, there is no procedure to follow. Have fun, and enjoy your Italy work visa.


What are the Requirements for an Italy Work Visa?

The requirements for an Italy work visa is as follows:

1. Work contract

Submit a copy of the work contract with the Italian employer. Remember that both the employee and employer must sign it. Also, it must make clear payment and other notable conditions.

2. Work Authorization

A copy of the Work Authorization is mandatory. Bear in mind that Work Authorization is different from the work permit:

  • Work Authorization: a document that lets non-EU nationals work in Italy. It is the first requirement for an Italy work visa. The Italian employee has to apply and receive it.
  • Work Permit: is the official permission to live and work in Italy. The employee applies for a work permit in Italy after receiving a Work visa.

3. Application form

You can receive the application form for an Italy work visa from the Italian embassy or consulate in your country. Remember, you have to complete it on your computer. Then print, date, and sign it. You must be careful with the application. There are short-stay and long-stay application forms. You need the long-stay for Italy to work visas.

4. Passport

Examine the passport you will submit to the authorities. It must:

  • hold two blank pages.
  • not be older than ten years ago
  • Be valid for 3-6 months over the date your work visa will expire.
  1. Photocopy of your previous passport
  2. Photo

You need two colored photos of yourself. They could not be older than the latest three months. Also, your face must cover %75-%85 of the photo.

5. Accommodation proof in Italy

Having somewhere to stay is essential for Italy work visa. The place you will stay in must be suitable and meet the standards.

6. Health insurance

You need health insurance valid in Italy until you begin your work.

  1. Job certificates
  2. Proof to have enough funds

You must hold sufficient money to support yourself at the beginning.

The mentioned list of documents is a common set. The officials might require additional documents.


How Long is the Italy Work Visa Valid for?

You want to know how long your Italy work visa is valid for? Look at your work contract’s validity. The work visa’s validity is as long as your work contract. You hold a work contract with an employer; you can extend a work visa. The topmost validity of a work visa is two years.


Can I Extend Italy Visa?

The answer is not a definite yes, not a no. You can extend your Italy work visa. However, you have to hold a work contract to do so. It means as long as you have a work contract in Italy, you can extend your work visa. Remember that there is no need to extend the visa. You just extend the work permit while being in Italy. You have permission to extend the work visa for two years. After that, for another two years. You may extend the work permit for up to five years.


Can Students Living in Italy Apply for a visa?

The precise-positive answer is YES. Students residing in Italy under its student visa can apply for an Italy work visa. Yet, the essential requirement is to have a job offer. The students must find an Italian employer willing to hire them. The job offer must lead to a work contract. Also, the work contract must meet the requirements:

  • Pay enough salary
  • its length can not be shorter than one year

The current student and future employer must have enough money to cover his/her expenses in Italy.


Can I Bring my family under an Italy work visa?

Yes. You have permission to bring your family to Italy through its work visa:

  • Spouse
  • Minor children
  • Adult children with disabilities
  • Dependent parents(or parents over 65 years old)

The work permit you hold must be valid for at least one year. Also, you must have:

  • enough money to cover the expenses of your family member.
  • sufficient space for your family to live


Italy work visa fees/Costs

The general fee for an Italy work visa is 116 EUR. Remember that the fee might be subject to change. Also, the Italian embassy could charge you more.


Let’s sum up…

This text explained all you should know about Italy’s work visa. It clarified who needs an Italian work visa, who is eligible for it, requirements, the application process, validity, FAQs, and more.

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