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You are going to visit Italy? Providing that you need to stay longer than 90 days, you need an Italy Residence Permit. You need to take this final step to enjoy your wine while nibbling damn fine pizza.

What is Italy Residence Permit?

Non-EU nationals who need to stay in Italy for longer than 90 days need a residence permit. Italy visa is permission to enter the country. But Italy Residence Permit is the permission to stay in the country for the long term.


Are you eligible for Italy Residence Permit?

The EU nationals don’t need a visa to enter Italy. They just need a passport or ID card. When they want to stay longer than 90 days, they need to register with the Italian authorities.

When non-EU residents seek to stay in Italy for longer than 90 days, they need an Italy Residence Permit. Bear in mind that the non-EU residents might have to apply for a visa to enter Italy.


Being in Italy. You may not apply for an Italy Residence Permit from outside of the country. You have to be inside the country.


Italy long-stay visa. You don’t have the Permit to apply for a Residence Permit under every Italian visa. Your visa type must belong to stay. For instance, you have no authorization to apply for the Permit under an Italy tourist visa or the Business visa.


How to apply for Italy Residence Permit?

The application process for Italy residence Permit is as follows:


1. Italy long-stay visa

You must be in Italy to apply for its Residence Permit. But you need a long-stay visa. You need to be in the country under a long-stay visa. If you are already in the country, skip this stage.


 2. Application

You have to apply for an Italy Residence Permit within the first eight days of arrival. Be careful not to delay the process. You might face heavy consequences if you miss the deadline.

Get the application package from the nearest Post office. It includes the forms you have to complete. Complete them with true information from your documents. You need to buy a stamp called Marca da Bollo. Attach it to your application before you submit it to the authorities.


3. Requirements

The application package also includes a list of requirements. You need to gather all of them and submit them to the officials. Remember one key point. Try to bring a few original documents from home. You might need to provide them with Residence Permit.

You can see a list of the requirements for the Italy residence Permit in the below section.


4. Submitting the requirements

When you gathered every piece of requirements, submit them to the Post Office, then get the package. Bear in mind NOT TO SIGN the application or close the envelope. The Italian authorities will check everything before accepting them.

If everything is fine, the Post Office will give you a date with the Police. They will also give you a receipt. It serves as a temporary residence. Keep and don’t lose it.


5. Interview with Police

Get to the Police headquarter on the given date. bring the below items with yourself:

  • The original copy of your documents.
  • The receipt that the Post office granted you.

The Police authorities will take your fingerprints. Then you need to go through an interview. They will ask you a few questions.

In the end, they will tell you when to come back to receive your Residence Permit.


What are the requirements for Italy Residence Permit?

The requirements for an Italy residence permit is as follows:



The passport requirements were the same when you applied for the Italy visa.



You need private or public insurance that covers all of your medical expenses. If public, the registration with the Italian National Health Service (SSN) certificate.


Proof to have enough funds

Bank statements or employment contracts could prove you have enough funds to cover yourself. You can prove your financial capability the same way you proved for your visa.


Proof of accommodation

A rental agreement or proof of ownership.



You need four recent photos. They must be passport-sized and not later than three months.


Italy visa requirements

You need the same documents that the officials required for the Italy visa.


Note: you need the original and the copy of the mentioned documents. You deliver the copy form to the Post office and the original ones to the Police Headquarter.



How long is the Italy Residence Permit valid for?

The validity of an Italy Residence permit depends on the type of your visa. It ranges from one six months to two years. But no need to worry. You can extend your Residence permit.


Can you extend Italy Residence Permit?

Yes, You have the authorization to extend an Italy residence Permit. However, your situation must allow it. For instance, if you are in Italy under a student visa, your course must be in Progress. In case you have a work visa, you must have an employment contract.

You won’t need a visa to extend your Permit, but you must repeat the whole process.


How can you receive an Italy permanent Residency?

You need to live in Italy for five years under the Temporary Residence Permit. After this time, you will become eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. It holds several advantages:

  • Receiving public funds.
  • Being able to work or study without any restriction.
  • Study or work in other EU countries without a work permit.


Let’s sum up…

When you need to stay in Italy for longer than 90 days, you need an Italy Residence permit. All non-EU nationals need to apply for a Residence Permit to stay longer than three months.

This article introduces who is eligible for Residence Permit, requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

If you want to know about other types of Italy visas, visit the left sidebar.

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