How do you feel about working in the most visited country in the world? Life will be like your dreams. A talent passport allows you to work in France as employed or self-employed for the long term.

This article explains who is eligible for a talent passport, requirements, the application process, FAQ, and more.

What is a Talent passport?

The France talent passport is a work permit. If you have a job offer from a French employer or want to work for yourself, a passport talent is your option. You can move to the country through investment as well. You can invest in an existing company or set up your own company.

Different categories come under the talent passport. It enables you to work in France for the long term. Remember it also gets called passport talent.


Who is eligible for a talent passport?

You need to fulfill the eligibility principles to apply for a talent passport. Bear in mind that the French officials are strict with their rules.


Job offer

Having a job offer from a French employer is a must. It is true when you want to work for someone in France. The offer must lead to a contract valid for at least one year. The proposed job must be related to your expertise, and you have work experience. Also, the job must be in the company’s research and development project.


Minimum salary

The offered job must pay 1.5 times the minimum salary in France. The required amount is equal to €36,946.00.



Only non-EU nationals can apply for a talent passport. The EU nationals don’t need a job offer to work in France. They can move to the country, find a job, and stay for the long term. Yet, they have to inform the authorities and receive Residence Permit.



Your work must make a significant contribution to the French economy. You need to do it through your skill or expertise.


Qualified job groups

There are ten groups of job titles that are eligible for talent passport. You might fall into one of them.

What are the qualified job categories for Talent passport?

The below list of jobs can apply for a France passport talent.


An innovative company

If a new innovative company offers you a job, you become eligible for a talent passport. The jobs must be in the research and development sector of the company.

The job offer must pay you times the minimum salary. It is equivalent to 36.506€ per year.


Young graduates

Young graduates who have an MA or an equivalent degree are eligible.


Highly-qualified employee

You become eligible if you:

  • Have a higher education, according to the French educational standards.
  • Have at least five years of work experience.

The paid salary must be at least 53.836€ per year.


Employees performing a mission

Your employer has asked you to perform a mission in the French branch of your company. Now you become qualified for the passport talent. Your employer must offer you a contract like a French employer. So the paid salary must be at least 32.900€ per year.



You are eligible if you have a degree equivalent to an MA, and you will take a research job in France. Keep in mind that you need proof of your status as a researcher. You also need to provide evidence that the job you will take is related to a research project.


Creating a Business -entrepreneur

You must be an entrepreneur and will be creating a commercial activity. It can lead to the creation of an industry.


Official agents

You are an agent and want to do some form of legal activity for the company you represent. You need to prove that you have been working for the company for at least three months.

You also need to receive the minimum salary of €55,419.00.


Global reputation

You have a worldwide reputation with your care and will be working in France in:

  • Science
  • Literature
  • Arts
  • Academia
  • Education
  • Sports

The work you will carry out can not be less than three months. Also, your salary can not be less than the minimum amount.


Artists, writers and performers, singers

If you work in one of the above fields, you can apply for a passport talent. Yet, you must receive at least 1064,85 € per month. The point is you can work as an employed or self-employed person.


Direct investment

If you run a new company in France or invest in a current company, you are eligible. The investment must create jobs for the French. The least required amount for investment must be €300.000.

You need to prepare a business plan that well explains how you will create jobs.


What are the requirements for a passport talent?

The requirements for a talent passport are as follows. Keep in mind that the French officials might require further documents. Depending on your situation, you might have to provide different documents. It is up to your case.



Your passport for the passport talent may not be older than ten years. It must have one blank page, at least. Being valid for a minimum of one year is a must.


Personal documents

They include but not limited to:

  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Child’s birth certificate



Provide two identical photos of yourself. They can not be older than three months. The size must be passport one.


Activity requirements

You need to provide documents related to the activity you will perform. It could be your business plan or proof to have enough funds for investment.


Work contract (if applicable)

Your work contract must be for at least three months old. It must be valid for at least one year.


Application form

You need the printed application form if you apply from your home country.


Older passports

If you have had passports, provide a copy of them.


Insurance policy

While you are in France, you need insurance to cover your medical expenses. Provide proof that you have bought valid insurance not only in France but the entire Schengen Area. The insurance policy must cover your expenses for 30.000 EUR.


Proof of address

A gas bill or electricity bill that proves your registered address in your home country.


Work category requirements

Depending on your work category, you need to provide different documents. For instance, if you will be working for a company, you need a work contract. It has to possess validity for at least one year.

In case you want to invest, you need proof to have enough funds.

Note: You need to have your original documents translated into French.


How to apply for a talent passport?

The application process for France talent passport is as follows:


Step 1. Are you eligible?

Research is the bow you need to fire your arrows with. France passport talent is quite heavy on requirements. You need to ensure that you are eligible for it.


Step 2. Inside or outside of France?

The application process is a bit different, whether you are inside or outside of France.

If you are inside France, you need to visit the local Prefecture. They are in charge of issuing Residence Permits, work visas, passports, etc.

In case you are in your home country, follow the below procedure.


Step 3. Application

Visit the French embassy’s website in your home country. If there is no one available, find a visa center authorized by the French authorities.

You need to get the application form from the website. Remember that the form must be a long stay one. Complete the form with your information. Be careful to put the right information. The information you put in the form must match your documents. In the end, print, date, and sign the form.


Step 4. Visa appointment

Schedule a meeting with the french embassy. You might be able to get one:

  • Through a phone call
  • In-person, or
  • Online

The way depends on the embassy or visa center. But be careful that you can prepare yourself for the meeting.


Step 5. Requirements

See the section above. You need to collect the requirements for a passport talent. The provided list is not a complete one. The officials might require more based on your case.

It would be your best option to ask the embassy about the list of requirements. They also vary from embassy to embassy.


Step 6. Visa meeting

Facing rejection or planning well to receive the visa? Which one do you prefer? If you are determined to get the visa, prepare yourself for each and every moment of your meeting with the embassy. The meeting determines whether you get the visa or not.

First, you need to get to the meeting early, at least half an hour. Don’t let haste make you forget to bring the requirements.

Submit all the requirements to the officials. Then pay the fee for visa processing. The fee is €269. You must keep the receipt as you might need it.

The officials will ask questions about your plan and move to France. This is the part you need to be prepared, most. Review your plan and information to answer all questions.

You can ask the authorities about the standard processing time.


Step7. Processing

When you leave the embassy, the officials will begin working on your visa. It takes them some time to look into your documents and evaluate them. Check whether you are eligible or not.

In case the embassy asks you to submit further documents, you have to obey. Then the processing time will be longer.

Once the embassy issues your passport talent, they notify you.


Step 8. Getting to France

When you moved to France, you need to apply for its Residence permit. You have to do it within the first two months of arrival. You need to visit the local Prefecture to receive the Residence Permit.

The Prefecture gives you an application form and a list of requirements to submit.


How long is the France talent passport valid for?

The talent passport is valid for one year. Keep in mind that you have to apply for a Residence permit within the first two months of arrival. In case you need to stay longer than one year, you need to visit the Prefecture to extend your permit.


Can you bring your family to France under a talent passport?

The passport talent permits you to bring your family to France. The family means your spouse or law partner and minor children. You don’t need to go through the family visa procedure. The passport talent gives you the right to bring family automatically.


Let’s sum up…

You want to work in France as a self-employed or have a job offer. Passport talent is what you need. It is a work permit that enables you to work for the long term in the country. However, you need to be eligible for it.

This text explained who is eligible for a passport talent, its requirements, the application process, FAQs, and more.

If you are looking for other types of France visas, look at the left sidebar.

You are requested to write your knowledge or experience with visas. They enlighten the way for other applicants.

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