Do I have to apply for a France Work Visa?


Are you looking for a fantastic country to work and live in? France came to your mind. Everything in this country is so special that it makes you enjoy life. Working there will be a balanced life. But don’t you need a France work visa to go there?

This article will explain whether you need a France work visa or not, its requirements, the application process, validity, fees, FAQs, etc.

Who Needs a France Work Visa?

Whether you need a France work visa or not depends on:

  • The lengths of your stay in France
  • Your nationality

First, determine Whether you will be working less than 90 days or longer than it. The rules change over it.


Working up to 90 days

The EU and EEA members do not need a visa for short-stay visits to France. They do not need a work visa for France either. Such countries can work in France even longer than 90 days. Yet, they have to inform the authorities of their presence. Apart from the mentioned countries, the following list is also free of France work visa:

Switzerland Mauritius
Australia Mexico
Antigua and Barbuda St Kitts and Nevis
The Bahamas Seychelles
Brazil Singapore
Canada South Korea
Israel The United States
Japan Venezuela

If you are not on the above list, then you need a France short-stay work visa. Remember that the rules might change over time. To keep up with the latest updates, ask the French embassy in your home country.


Working longer than 90 days

Your nationality decides if you need a work visa for longer than 90 days.

The EU, EEA, and the mentioned countries in the above part do not need a France work visa. It is true even they want to work for longer than 90 days. However, they have to inform the authorities of their presence.

Citizens of nationals of the rest of the world have to apply for a France work visa. Remember that you have to apply for a work visa before you get to France. The French law does not allow you to apply for it after arriving.

The crucial tip is that if you want to work for a French employer, she/she must apply on your behalf. You can not apply for a France work visa yourself.

France work visa types

There are two types of France work visa besides the main work visa that you can apply for:

  • France working holiday visa. It allows you to work and have fun in the country for one year and only a few countries can apply.
  • France talent passport.  The France talent passport is a work permit. If you have a job offer from a French employer or want to work for yourself, a passport talent is your option. You can move to the country through investment as well. You can invest in an existing company or set up your own company.


How to Make 100% sure I need a France Work visa or not?

You are still in doubt and have not found the answer? There is another way to understand. It is an up-to-date way to find an answer. The source is the French government. So you can trust it.

Visit the France-Visas website’s official tool to know you need a France work visa or not. Put the options with appropriate information. ؛You can make sure by the toll whether you need a visa or not. Please remember that


France Work Visa Application Process

As the text covered above, there are different types of France work visas. The application process for each one of them might be different. Also, based on your nationality, you might have to go through particular procedures depending. You might not need every part of the below procedure.

The standard application process for France work visa is as follows:

Step 1. Are you eligible?

Are you sure you can work in France? Whether you need a France work visa or not is another matter. Can you qualify for the requirements? Before you do anything, research the requirements for a France visa or working there. You might not qualify with them. If not, try to work on your conditions to change them.

Step 2. Do you need a visa?

A repetitive question. You are tired of it. But it is essential. Before you begin the application process, ask yourself whether you need a visa or not. The text covered in the above section that not everyone needs a France work visa. If you don’t need a visa, do not wait. Move to France and get the job you dream of. But be careful about the Residence Permit. You might be free of the visa, but almost anyone needs a residence Permit.

If you need a visa, remember that there are two types of visa:

  • Short-stay, up to to 90 days
  • Long-stay, longer than 90 days stay

Step 3. Job offer

There are different types of France work visas. The rules over them are different. But if you want to work as an employed person, you need a job offer. It is particularly true with the non-EU residents.

Bear in mind that the French employer must begin the application process. You can not do anything on your own. The French law does not permit you to so.

So, first, find a job offer with an employer. You should agree on the conditions. The offer must lead to a work contract. The French employer must have advertised the offer in France and the EU. If he/she could not find anyone, then the employer can offer you the job. The French officials might require proof of that.

The offered job must fulfill the minimum pay requirement (SMIC). It is at least €18,473 for 2020.

Step 4. Residence Permit

When you and the future employer agreed on the work contract, he/she begins the application process. If the lengths of the contract are up to 90 days, you need a temporary work permit. The employer applies for it to the DIRECCTE.

If you come into one of the below groups, the employer will apply to the convention d’accueil:

  • Scientist
  • Researcher

When you need to work for longer than 90 days, you need a long-stay work visa. The employer will apply to the Ministry of Labor. When the Ministry confirms your Permit, they will send it to the OFFII (French Office of Immigration and Integration). Then, the OFII will send the Permit to the French embassy in your home country.

Now you, as the employee, can apply to the French embassy for a work visa. The work visa is permission to enter France. The Residence permit is the Authorization to work in France issued by the officials.

Step 5. Application form

Get the application form from the French embassy in your country. Remember to complete the appropriate application form. The short-stay and long-stay applications are different. Complete the form with extra care. focus on the information you put in it. They must match with your documents. Then print, date, and sign it.

Step 6. Required supporting documents

The French authorities require some supporting documents to issue the visa. They are the requirements for a French work visa. See the section below to know what they are. You have to gather every piece related to your visa. Some of them might not be for your case.

Bear in mind that every piece of requirements must be according to the details. The French authorities are tough on their visa rules.

Step 7. Visa appointment

Schedule a visa meeting with the French embassy. You can get one

  • through their website
  • By a phone call
  • visiting them in person.

Engrave to your mind the exact date and time of the appointment. You have to get there in person to submit documents. Leave your time free for it.

Step 8. Interview with the embassy

Visit them on time to submit requirements. There might be some delay while entering the embassy. So get there a bit early.

Submit all the requirements to the officials, then pay the fee for visa processing. The fee or cost of the visa depends on its type and the embassy you apply to. Do not throw away the receipt. Keep it as you have to show it to the officer. Finally, you might have to pass an interview. The officials will ask about your visit and your background.

Step 9. Processing

Wait until the French embassy process your visa. When you want to leave the embassy, ask them about the processing time. You could get a date to wait for your visa.

The required time depends on the embassy and the visa you need. When they issue the visa, they inform you to get it. Once you received it, you can move to France.

Do I have to apply for a Residence Permit?

Yes, if you are a non-EU national and will be staying longer than three months. Make contact with the OFII in France and find the nearest office. Schedule an appointment with them; then, gather the requirement. Visit the OFII office in time and bring the requirements. Bear in mind that you have to complete an application form. It is in French. OFII officials might assess your language proficiency skills.

When everything goes well, the OFII will put a sticker on your passport. It will demonstrate that your stay in France is legal.


What are the Requirements for France Work Visa?

As explained, there are different types of visas that may get recognized as France work visa. The requirements for each one of them are different. Also, the French authorities could ask for additional documents. So, the list below is a standard set of requirements for France work visa:

Application form

There are two types of application form:

  • Short-stay
  • Long-stay

Remember to complete the one that suits the duration of your stay in France. You could get the form from the French embassy’s website in your country. Be extra cautious with the information you put in the application. They must be equivalent to your documents. After completing, print, date, and sign it.

Job contract

Provide the contract between you and the French employer. Both of you must sign it. Also, it must contain all the details of your employment:

  • Payment
  • Working hours
  • The duration of the contract
  • The nature of the job you will be performing
  • The rank of position you will have in the company
  • Any other important detail.



Two identical photos of you are mandatory. They can not be older than three months. Also, their background must be clear. Its size must be passport one.


The French rule requires your passport not to be older than ten years ago. Look at its validity. It must hold validity for a minimum of three months over the date you will leave France. The officials need two blank pages in the passport to stick the visa on it.

Proof to have enough funds

Being able to cover your expenses is a must for French authorities. They need evidence or proof of that. You could provide them one of the below documents. It depends on your case:

  • Bank statements for the latest three months.
  • The job contract shows your salary in France.
  • Letter of support by a friend or family member.
  • Any form of document that proves you can support yourself.

Clean record

Provide a clean record certificate from the Police in your home country.

  1. Proof of paid visa fees
  2. Insurance

You need to have valid health insurance in France. It must be valid until you begin your work. When you start, the insurance from your job will cover you.

Accommodation proof

Make it clear where you will stay in France.


NOTE; Remember to have the documents translated into French. The authorities could ask for additional documents.


How much does a France work visa cost?

The cost you pay depends on the type of visa. If you are applying for a French short-stay work visa, you have to pay 80 EUR. Providing that you apply for France long-stay work visa, you have to pay 99 EUR.

Bear in mind that the French embassy in your country might charge you more. They might require additional pay for a service. You could also take benefit from a discount.


How long is the France work visa valid for?

Franch short-stay work visa is valid for up to 90 days. The long-stay work visa’s validity depends on your work contract. Yet, it is often valid for one year, but you could extend it.


Can I Work in France through the EU Blue Card?

Yes. The French law permits you to work in France through the EU Blue Card. It got introduced to tackle the workforce shortage in the EU countries. Non-EU citizens can move to one of the EU countries and work there. It is only possible if there are eligible for it. There are a few principles over the EU Blue Card. If you meet them, you can get a job in the EU.


Can I work in France with a tourist visa?

No. You have no authorization to work in France under its tourist visa. The tourist visa only allows you to visit the country. If you participate in a paid job under a tourist visa, you have to face heavy consequences. The French government will decide on the penalty. It could be prison or deportation.


Is it easy to get a job in France?

The answer depends on various elements. Some of them you can control, some of them you can not. One of them is whether there is a job opportunity for you or not. It depends on the job market in France. Keep searching to know when there is a job available. Also, you have to work on your qualifications. You will be working in the EU. The best of best apply for it. Keep searching; keep working on getting better.


Can I move to France without a job?

It depends on your conditions. If you are an EU, EEA, or Switzerland national, you can move without a job. You can search for a job and then begin working.

If you are a non-EU national, mostly, you need a job offer to be able to move to the country. There is another possibility that you want to invest. The rules are different in this situation.


Can I get a job in France without speaking French?

No. French is the dominant language in France. Other languages, like English, are common. But you must know some French to be able to work in the country. Bear in mind that some jobs might require you to provide a language proficiency certificate.


Can I bring my family member to France under Its work visa?

Whether you can bring your family depends on your Residence Permit. If you have a France long-stay work visa, you can bring your family after 18 months of staying in the country. Remember, the rules are subject to change. Ask the Immigration authorities in France or the French embassy.


Let’s sum up…

This article brought you whatever you need to know about France work visa. It explained whether you need a visa or not, its requirements, the application process, validity, fees, FAQs, and many more.

In case you are looking for more information on France visas, go through the left-sidebar.

If you need to know about other country’s visas, visit the Visa Library’s home page.

The visa applicants desire to know your experience or knowledge about visas if you have any. They beg you to share them in the comment section. Your comments will be valuable tips for candidates.

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