France Visitor Visa Requirements, France Visitor Visa Application Process


Young couples choose France for a honeymoon or a simple visit. The most romantic country in the world provides an ideal beginning for your life. The experience is memorable with everything. The sense of food, wine, or sex stays with you forever. But, you might need a visa. This text covers whether you need a France visitor visa, its requirements, and the application process.


Who Needs a France Visitor Visa?

The answer can be a bit tricky. But it is easy to understand. First, you should determine the lengths of your stay in France. When you need to stay up to 90 days, it gets called short-stay. So, you should apply for a short-term visa or visitor visa. The visas introduced on this page are suitable for you. Also, look at the purpose of your visit. The visa you pick must fit the purpose of your visit.

Once you have to stay in France for longer than 90 days, you have to apply for a long-stay visa. The long-stay visa should also suit the purpose of your visit.

To know if you need a France short-stay visa or not, look at this article.

France Visitor Visa Requirements

The required supporting documents for a France visitor visa are as follows:

  • Application form (short-stay)
  • Photo
  • Valid passport
  • Copy of the previous passport (if applicable)
  • Health insurance
  • Itinerary
  • Proof to have enough funds to cover the trip
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Clean record certificate
  • Proof to have paid visa fees
  • Permission leave (if employed)
  • Required documents based on your job status
  • Supporting documents for minors

The French embassy you apply to might ask for more documents. It’s quite normal. Also, they could ask for specific documents based on your case. Always remember the point.


France Visitor Visa Application Process

Follow these steps for the application of France visitor visa:

Step 1. Necessity of visa

French visitor visa has different subcategories. Before you apply for one of them, ask: Do I need a visa? As the article explained above, a few states and countries do not need a France visitor visa. Their nationals can visit the country with a passport. See if you are one of them or not. If not, then apply for a visa.

Step 2. Eligibility

Once you know you need a visa, see what visa you need. The visa must suit the purpose of your visit. Also, you must be eligible for the visa. Check the visa’s eligibility. You could work on your conditions to become eligible.

Step 3. Application form

The application form is the first thing to complete. Receive it from the French embassy in your country. Be careful to complete the right one. The form must be for short-stay. Then, print, date, and sign it.

Step 4. Supporting documents

The French officials have set some supporting documents. Start collecting them. You can find the list above. Yet, the authorities might ask for more documents.

Step 5. French embassy

Set a meeting with the French embassy or consulate in your home country. You could arrange one through:

  • Their website
  • Phone call
  • In-person

Get there in time and bring all the gathered supporting documents. Submit them to the officials.

Step 7. Fees

You must pay a fee for the visa application. Bring enough money to the embassy and be prepared. The embassy might not accept cash. So research it.

Step 6. Interview

Often visa candidates have to pass an interview. The French authorities ask about the nature of the visit to France. Be honest and give true answers. Try not to hide anything.

Step 8. Processing

The finals stage is a time for patience. Wait until the officials process the visa. Once they issue the visa, they will send it to your address.


Types of France Visitor Visa

France visitor visa comes in subcategories. Each one of them is for a different purpose. When you need a short-stay visa, pick one that suits the purpose of your visit.

Transit Visa

By law, a few countries may not switch flights in Schengen Area without a visa. So it is for France. The residents of some countries have to hold a visa to catch a connecting flight in France. The visa for this purpose is Transit Visa. It allows people to wait in the French airport’s international zone. They may not enter Frech or get out of the international zone.

Tourist Visa

More than 90 million visitors take a tour of France every year. If you want to join them, you might need a France tourist visa. Only a few countries need a tourist visa for France. Many more are exempt from it. The EU, EEA, and Schengen Area members are some examples.

France tourist visa comes under the short-term category. It allows people to stay in France for up to 90 days, not longer. Also, people may not work or study under a tourist visa. They have no permission to get involved in any paid business.

Business visa

When you seek to enter France for business, you might need a business visa. If you need it or not depends on your nationality. Some nationalities do not need a visa for short visits to France. They do not need a business visa either. It is only true when they stay in France for up to 90 days. The longer period needs an appropriate visa. Some countries need a visa for short-staus. They also need a business visa. The lengths of stay do not matter for them.

Please note that a business visa is a short-stay visa. It is only valid for three months. Apply for another visa when you have to spend more time in France.

For the two groups, a business visa does not allow any paid work.


Let’s sum up…

This blog got covered all you should know about France visitor visa. You got familiar with whether you need a visa r not, the requirements, its application process, and more.

Look at the left sidebar to know more about other types of France visa.

You could find out more about other countries’ visas by going through the Visa Library’s home page.

Share with us the experience or knowledge you have about visas in the comment section. They are a great help for visa applicants. Your comments allow them to save effort and time, not to mention wasting any.

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