You want to get a job and work in Denmark? The country is famous for its happy people, great economic opportunities, and high-tech companies. The future sounds brilliant. But you might need a Denmark work visa to work in this amazing Scandinavian country.

This article explains whether you need a visa or not, the requirements, how to apply, and all the details you should know.

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Do you need a Denmark work visa?

The EU nationals and Scandinavians don’t need a visa to work in Denmark. In case you are a citizen of these countries, you do not need a visa. If you work in Denmark for up to 90 days, you won’t need a residence permit or permission from the government. But if they want to work for longer, they have to apply for a residence permit.

The non-EU nationals need a visa and work permit or residence permit o work in Denmark. It’s true for even one day.

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Denmark work visa types

The following are the Denmark visa types. You need to find out which one you need to apply for:

  • The Pay Limit Scheme
  • The positive list
  • Fast track scheme
  • Trainee
  • Herdsmen and farm managers
  • Sideline employment
  • Employment for adaptation and training purposes
  • Work permit for accompanying family members
  • Special individual qualifications
  • Labor market attachment

Denmark work visa application process

The application process for a Denmark work visa, or a Danish work visa, is as follows:

Step 1. Find a job offer from a Danish employer or company

The first step to working in Denmark is to find a job offer from a Danish employer or company. You can search through the websites and send a resume to find one. The following pens are good to find a job in your field:

  • OFiR
  • Jobindex
  • Jobnet
  • Stepstone
  • IT Jobs
  • Public Sector Jobs
  • State Sector Jobs
  • Copenhagen Jobs for Professional English
  • Jobs in Southern Jylland
  • LinkedIn
  • Career Jet
  • WorkwithUS

You need to sign a contract and agree on working terms when you get the offer.

Step 2. Do you need a Denmark work visa?

The next step to take is to find out whether you need a Denmark work visa or not. As explained above, the EU countries and a visa waived country can work in Denmark without a visa. Read the above section and find out if you are among them.

Step 3. Pick the visa type that is appropriate to your conditions

There are different Denmark work visas and streams to move to the country. The explanation and category are different, and you need to figure out which one is appropriate for your conditions.

Step 4. Make a case Order ID

You need to visit the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI) website. Fill in your personal information and a verified email address to receive an Order ID.

You might be living in another EU country and commuting to Denmark; you don’t need an Order ID.

Often, the employer needs to complete and get the Order ID on behalf of the employee.

Step 5. Gather the requirements

Applicants need to submit some supporting documents for a Denmark work visa. They prove that the employee is eligible to work in the country. Also, the purpose of the visit is working, not anything else.

You can see a list of requirements in the below section. Looking through them, read the details as the supporting documents must be according to the instructions. If not and the embassy requires further documents, your application takes longer or might get rejected. Also, the embassy could require further documents, and it is up to the applicant.

Step 6. Complete the application form

The employer needs to complete the online application form on the SIRI website. It requires personal information, a verified email address, and a scanned version of some documents.

The Danish employer and employee need to be in constant contact and exchange documents to proceed with the application.

Employees can also complete a paper application to the Danish embassy in their home country.

Step 7. Submit your biometrics to the Danish embassy

You need to visit a Danish embassy or consulate to submit your biometrics, digital photo, and fingerprints. It is an essential part of the application process. You won’t receive a visa to enter Denmark and work if you don’t.

One can find a list of Danish embassies or visa centers that complete the visa procedures on the Ministry of foreign affairs of Denmark’s website.

In case there is no Danish embassy or visa center in your home country, you can visit a Norway embassy.

Step 8. Wait for visa processing

When you submit the biometrics, it takes about 10 days to a month or three months until the Danish officials decide on your application. By the type of visa, you might have to wait longer to receive an answer on your application. When the authorities make the decision, they will inform you to pick your visa up.

When you enter Denmark, you need to register your address with the local immigration or municipality officials.

In case the application is rejected, they inform you of the reason. You may apply again or appeal to a court.

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How to have a quick decision on your work visa application?

The employer is in a hurry and wants to start the work sooner. What can you do now? Well, the employer can send an email to “[email protected]” and inform the SIRI. The officials can make a quick decision on the application so the employee can enter the country sooner.

The employer needs to mention the Case order ID and the application’s reference number. So the authorities can know whose application to proceed with faster.

In such cases, the employee must be ready to submit the biometrics to a Danish embassy. It happens in two weeks so prepare yourself for everything.

Denmark work visa requirements

The list of requirements for a Danish work visa is as follows:


It must be valid over the date of your contact and the time you want to stay in Denmark. The longer the validity, the better.

A copy of your passport is also needed.


You need insurance to cover your medical expenses during the trip for 30.000 EUR. It must be valid in the EU and Schengen Area.


You need two photos according to the EU rules. They must be passport-sized and on clear white background.

Passport Photo Banner

Proof of paid visa fees 

Keep the receipt of the paid visa fees and submit it along with your application.

Power of attorney

If your employer is to complete the application process on the employee’s behalf, the form must be completed and signed. You can find


A signed contract between the employer and employee is needed. It must clarify everything and the income or payment.

Covid-19 vaccination certificate 

Educational certificates 

Provide your academic or university degrees.

Documents are accepted only in:

  • English
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish

Denmark work visa for us citizens

Anyone who wants to work in the EU needs a work visa. US citizens are exempt from a tourist visa for up to 90 days. When they want to work in Denmark, they have to apply for a visa and residence permit.

US citizens need to get a job offer and go through the above procedures. However, they might have less trouble in the application process than an applicant from Asia or the Middle East.

How long is your Denmark work visa valid for?

It’s valid as long as your work contract is valid. The total validity is four years, but you can extend it and stay longer as long as you:

  • Have a job and income
  • Respect the national law

Let’s sum up…

If you want to work in Denmark, you probably need a Denmark work visa. This article provided you with all you should know about a work visa, requirements, how to apply, and all the details.

If you have any questions regarding Denmark visas, write them down in the comment section. Do you want to know about other countries’ visas? Look at the top menu. You can find information about other types of Denmark visas from the left sidebar.

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  1. I have need a work permit in denmark

    • B Rajabali says:

      Your question is a bit unclear. Please clarify it so we can help you get your answer.

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    I am looking for a job in Denmark
    I have 9 years experience in fast food restaurant as shift manager. Will you help to find ?

    • B Rajabali says:

      Visa Library only provides visa information and can not help you with finding a job in Denmark. You need to search through the websites like Indeed and Linkedin.

  3. Rahat says:

    I am from Asia.. But i dont know how to find jobs in denmark… can you please provide me the searching link???

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      Google the name of the websites provided in the article, and you will find the link easily. Due to technical terms, we can not put so many links here.

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      Dear Rahat,
      You can find jobs in Denmark online through websites like Linkin, recruitee, jobindex.dk, etc.
      We hope you will be working in Denmark really soon.

  4. alireza says:

    If I get a work permit, can my wife accompany me and live in Denmark? What are the requirements?