Are you looking for an opportunity to travel and work at the same time? Belgium working holiday visa is what you are looking for. A great chance to visit Europe, work, study, and have fun all at once.

This article explains who can apply, the requirements, and the application process.

Belgium working holiday visa requirements

The list of requirements you need to prepare is as follows:

Cover letter or statement of intent

Write a short letter and explain the purpose of your trip to Belgium. It must include your name, signature, and date. Your main purpose is a trip but you can explain a few more things as well.

Proof to have paid visa fees

The embassy might require to pay the visa fees online and in advance. Either way, keep the receipts. The fee is up to the county you live in and the embassy services.


You need two recent photos with a white clear background.


It must be valid for 15 months when the visa gets issued and you can get into the country. In other words, passport validity needs to be 3-6 months after the date your visa is valid and you must leave Belgium.

Clean record certificate for police record

Get it from the police of the Ministry of Justice in your home country. It might need Ministry of Foreign Affairs verification or other segments.

Application form

You need to complete the form on the Visa on Web website that is the visa application for Belgium. The information you put in the form must be compatible with your documents.

Medical certificate

You need to visit a doctor verified by the embassy and submit the required form by the doctor.

Proof to have enough funds

Submit a document that verified you have enough money to cover your expenses for one year. Although you can work, it’s limited, and having some funds is necessary.

Bank statements with applicants’ names can verify their financial independence.

Being able to return to your home country

You need to prove that you can go back to your home country. You can reserve a return ticket or submit evidence of enough funds.


Purchase verified insurance in Belgium and the entire Eu for one year. It must cover your expenses for 30.000 EUR and the Covid-19.

Return envelope

Often the embassy requires you to submit an envelope with your address and information written. It is to post the visa stick to the passport to your address. The way you get the visa is up to the embassy.

Note: The list of requirements could vary by the country you apply from. Also, the Belgium embassy could require further documents from applicants.

Can you study under the working holiday visa program?

The WKH program allows foreign nationals to study and take training courses in Belgium. The duration of the program can not be longer than three months and the officials must have approved it.

Belgium working holiday visa eligibility principles

You need to meet the following principles to be eligible for Belgium working holiday visa.

Only applicants from the following list of countries can apply for the program:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

Applicants need to meet the following factors;

  • 18-30 years old
  • Have €2,500
  • Being healthy and submitting a medical certificate
  • Clean record certificate
  • Holiday being your true purpose of visit
  • First time using the program

Note: applicants become ineligible if they have used the program once before.

Which countries offer a working holiday visa?

The following countries have signed a mutual working holiday visa program. Their national can apply for the program:

  • Australia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea
  • Taiwan

What you are allowed to do under a working holiday visa?

There are some restrictions with the working holiday visa and it doesn’t allow you to do everything you want.

These are the things you can do:

  • Live in Belgium for one year
  • Work for a Belgium employer for six months.
  • Study in a course for three months approved by officials.
  • Get out and return to the country several times.

Belgium working holiday visa application

The way you need to apply for a working holiday visa is as follows:

Step 1. Are you eligible for the program?

Only qualified applicants may apply for a working holiday visa. The section above explained who is eligible and who is not. For instance, if you have used the program once, you may not apply for it.

Applicants need to meet each and every item of the principles to apply for the working holiday visa. If not, they may not do it.

Step 2. Collect the required documents

There is a list of supporting documents that you need to submit to the Belgium embassy. Look at the section above and gather all of them.

You would better visit the Belgium embassy in person or visit their website to know if they have special requirements or not. If yes, collect them and submit them to fasten the application process.

Do not forget that you need two copies of the application form.

Step 3. Visa meeting

Schedule a visa meeting with the Belgium embassy or consulate in your home country. Go to the meeting on the booked date and bring all of the requirements.

Submit everything to the officials, pay the fees and if they asked you questions about your trip, answer all of them. You would better be honest and give true answers about the nature of your visit which is a holiday.

You are not moving to Belgium to work but to have a holiday and can have a part-time job. Remember this essential point.

Step 4. Moving to Belgium

It takes up to a month that the embassy decides on your application. When the visa gets issued, you need to pick it up from the embassy.

Now you can move to Belgium and you have to do it in three months.

Also, you have to visit the local town hall (gemeente/commune) during the first week of arrival to register your residence.

You need to bring your passport and the documents that you submitted when applying for the visa.

Belgium working holiday visa processing time

The average processing time for a Belgium working holiday visa is about a month. In case your document is incomplete or the officials require further documents, it takes a longer time.

You should check all of your documents before submitting them and ensure they are according to the instructions.

The utmost processing time is three months.

Let’s sum up…

Belgium working holiday visa permits the nationals of a few countries to work and travel in Belgium at the same time.

This article provided you with how to apply for the program, the requirements, and the application.

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