Brussels the capital of Belgium is called the capital of the EU and there are many wonders and things to enjoy. You might need a Belgium tourist visa to visit this small country and enjoy its amazing attractions.

Do I need a visa to travel to Belgium?

Whether you need a visa to travel to Belgium is up to your nationality. Belgium is a member of the Schengen Area and signed the agreement in the 90s.

The members of the Schengen Area do not need a visa to enter Belgium for up to 90 days. They can visit the country and stay for 90 days or three months.

Besides the Schengen Area members, there are other countries that do not need a short-stay visa to enter Belgium:


Brunei DarussalamHong KongMalaysia
The United Arab EmiratesJapanSouth Korea

North America

Antigua And BarbudaGrenada
Costa RicaNicaragua
El SalvadorUnited States Of America

South America



Marshall IslandsSolomon Islands
New ZealandVanuatu


Bosnia And HerzegovinaSan Marino
EEA countriesSerbia
North MacedoniaUkraine
Vatican City StateUnited Kingdom


EritreaSierra Leone

If you are a nation on the above list of countries, you do not need a short-stay visa to enter Belgium.

In case your nationality is not among the above list of countries, you need a tourist visa to enter Belgium.

Belgium tourist visa requirements

The list of supporting documents or requirements for a Belgium tourist visa could be a bit different by the country you live in. Also, the officials could ask for further documents. But a general list is as follows:

Application form.

You need to complete the application form with your information and then print, date, and sign it. You can get it from the Belgium embassy website in your home country.

Two identical photos

Provide two photos taken in the past three months. If your face has changed a lot in the past few months due to different reasons, you need to take a new photo.

Your passport.

It must be valid for the time you will stay in Belgium and for six months over the date you will leave Belgium.

Copies of your previous visas (if applicable).

If you have visited other countries, provide a copy of them to the embassy.

Language Preference Form.

A cover letter.

Write a letter and explain the reason you want to visit Belgium.

This is a sample of the cover letter.

Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium

No. 6/50G Shanti Path,

Valiasr Street, Tehran, Iran, 110021


Subject: Reza Ahmadi XXXXXXX, IranianPassport No: XXXXXX, Schengen Visa for Visit


Dear Sir/Madam, (or To Whom It May Concern)

I would like to announce to apply for a Schengen visa upon my intention to travel to Belgium from June 2 to

June 28, 2022.

The main purpose of my travel is to visit my Belgium friends. However, I look very forward to

also visiting the magnificent sights throughout Belgium and experiencing the famous

food, and learning about the culture and way of life. During my stay, my friends and I

wish to spend a holiday in Germany and the Netherlands to celebrate my upcoming graduation.

I have been employed at XXXXXXXXX in <XXXXXXXXX> since April 2015,

currently holding the position of XXXXXXXXXXXX.

My employer has already verified my vacation from work for the duration of this trip.

Best regards

Name of the Applicant



Round-trip Flight Itinerary

You can provide a copy of the reserved return ticket to indicate that you will leave Belgium.

Schengen Travel Insurance.

You need valid insurance in the EU and Schengen Area to cover your expenses for 30.000 EUR. The insurance must cover all of your expenses, including hospitalization and Covid-19.

Proof of accommodation.

Provide proof of reserved hotel or rented accommodation.

Proof of civil status.

Your birth certificate, marriage certificate, and birth certificate of children if they accompany you.

Proof of sufficient financial means for the period of stay in Belgium.

Provide a bank statement or bank balance that you have enough funds to cover your expenses.

Note: The list of requirements might change by the country you live in and the Belgium embassy’s decision.

Belgium tourist visa application

The application process for a Belgium tourist visa is as follows:

Step 1. Determine if you need a visa or not

The article explained that a few countries are exempt from Belgium’s short-stay visa. They can visit the country with their passport and stay for up to 90 days.

See the section above and see if you are among the visa-waived countries or not. If yes, you don’t need to apply for a tourist visa.

Step 2. Gather the supporting documents

You have to submit some requirements or supporting documents to the Belgium embassy to apply for a tourist visa. You can find the list of them in the above section.

Applicants have to gather all of the supporting documents and submit them to the officials. Also, the embassy could require further documents.

Step 3. Schedule and attend the visa meeting

Find the Belgium embassy, consulate, or visa center in your home country. Contact them the way they want and schedule a meeting with them.

Go to the visa meeting on the scheduled date and bring all the gathered requirements. Submit the documents to the embassy and pay the visa fee. Also, you need to answer the questions regarding the purpose of your visit to Belgium;

  • Visiting friends and family
  • Tourism
  • Business
  • Participate in a meeting

Step 4. Wait for visa processing

After the visa meeting ends, you need to wait until the embassy work on your visa and designs to issue it or not. If they reject your application, they send a letter and explain the reason. When they approve the application, they inform you to pick up your visa. You need to visit the embassy in person to pick the visa up to post it to them.

Belgium tourist visa from India

The Indians need a tourist visa to enter Belgium. They have to gather the documents and visit the Belgium embassy in New Delhi to apply for a tourist visa.

Belgium also operates a consulate in Mumbai and Chennai. The Indians can visit the consulates in these two cities.

Belgium tourist visa covid

Vaccinated people can travel to Belgium without quarantine.

  • Moderna
  • AstraZeneca
  • Pfizer
  • Janssen
  • CoviShield vaccine (made in India by the Serum Institute of India)

Also, providing a recovery certificate in the past few months allows you to enter.

How long is a Belgium tourist visa valid for?

The up mots validity is 90 days in six months. There are single entry, double entry, and multiple entry visa types. The one you receive is up to the purpose of your visit and the embassy’s decision.

Let’s sum up…

Nationals of a few countries need a Belgium tourist visa to visit the country, while a few others are exempt from it.

This article explained who needs a visa and who doesn’t, the requirements, the application process, and answered FAQs.

You can also find out more about other types of Belgium visas by going through the left sidebar.

If you need to know about other countries’ visas, look at the top menu.

Your questions quill be answered by the Visa Library team in the comment section.

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