What are the 10 Best Countries to Immigrate for Nurses?

The decision on which country to move to can be a game-changer for nurses looking for new chances and opportunities. High salary, professional growth, or a change of environment are common reasons to consider. In this article, we will review the best countries to immigrate for nurses, based on factors like demand, salary, and ease of immigration.

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10 Best Countries for Nurses to Work and Live

Learning about visa processes, understanding approximate salaries, and identifying key benefits are crucial for nurses considering the best countries to immigrate to. Here’s a closer look at such aspects in some of the best countries for nurses to work and live:


Nurses can apply through the Express Entry system for skilled workers. Provincial. The average salary is CAD 75,000 per year. Canada offers a multicultural patient base that provides the opportunity to work in, particularly in urban centers like Toronto and Vancouver.


Nurses from non-EU countries need a job offer to apply for a work visa. Still, Germany offers a “Blue Card” for skilled non-EU citizens. The average salary is €44,000 annually.

There is a well-structured system for nurses who tend to upgrade their qualifications, emphasizing on practical training.


Nurses can apply under the skilled occupation list and become eligible for several visa subclasses, including the Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189). The average salary is AUD 75,000 per year. Australia offers great opportunities for continuing professional progress, further education, and enhancing career and expertise.

United States

Nurses can apply for a Green Card as a permanent resident through an employment-based petition or an H-1B in case they meet the specialty occupation requirements. The average salary is approximately $75,000 per year. The United States offers a wide variety of specialized nursing fields, which allow nurses to continue in areas like anesthesia, pediatrics, oncology, and more.


Nurses from outside the EU need a job offer and must apply for a work permit. The average salary is around 480,000 SEK annually. Prioritizing shorter work hours and long parental leave policies, makes it one of the best countries to immigrate for nurses.

New Zealand

Nurses are listed on the Long Term Skill Shortage List, which facilitates their visa applications for residency. The average salary is NZD 64,000 per year. The healthcare system provides opportunities for professional development and flexible working arrangements.

United Kingdom

The UK offers a Health and Care Worker visa, which includes nurses with reduced visa fees and dedicated support. The average salary is £30,000 annually. The UK’s National Health Service (NHS) encourages a clear framework for career advancement within nursing.


Non-EU/EFTA citizens need a job offer and an employer who can prove that no Swiss or EU citizen could fill the position. The average salary is CHF 85,000 per year. High standards of living and excellent working conditions make it the 8th best country to immigrate for nurses.


Nurses from outside the EU need a job offer from a Norwegian employer and must have proficiency in Norwegian for a work permit. The average salary is NOK 475,000 annually. Excellent work conditions and rights for nurses are included, along with a high nurse-to-patient ratio that enhances job satisfaction.

United Arab Emirates

Requires sponsorship from an employer, but with many hospitals willing to sponsor international nurses, the process is generally straightforward. The average salary is AED 120,000 per year. Nurses working in the UAE earn a competitive salary without the deduction of income tax, which effectively increases their take-home pay.

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Which Country is Best for Nurses to Immigrate to?

Many countries provide excellent opportunities for nurses, but Canada consistently ranks at the top. Canada consistently ranks at the top for nurses for several reasons, including a high standard of living. This includes safety, cleanliness, and environmental quality. Additionally, an excellent healthcare system and strong demand for nurses ensure job security and good career progression, and last but not least, supportive immigration policies help facilitate a faster immigration process. Such reasons make Canada one of the best countries to immigrate for nurses.

10 Highest-Paying Countries for Nurses

Maximizing their earnings is a high priority regarding their competitive salary structures which can list the best countries to immigrate for nurses. Here’s a rundown of the 10 best highest-paying countries for nurses, based on overall compensation, including base salary, overtime, and other potential bonuses:


  • Highest Salary: Over €125,000 annually, particularly for Nurse Anesthetists and Nurse Managers.
  • Lowest Salary: Around €60,000 for entry-level nursing positions.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Experienced registered nurses (RNs) often earn between €80,000 and €100,000.

United States

  • Highest Salary: Can exceed $180,000, particularly for Nurse Anesthetists.
  • Lowest Salary: Starts around $50,000 for entry-level positions.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Specialized roles like Emergency Room Nurses or Intensive Care Unit Nurses typically earn between $70,000 and $110,000.


  • Highest Salary: Above CHF 110,000 for specialized roles such as Operating Room Nurses.
  • Lowest Salary: Around CHF 70,000 for less experienced nurses.
  • Job-Related Salaries: General RNs with good experience usually earn between CHF 85,000 and CHF 100,000.


  • Highest Salary: Up to NOK 600,000 for specialized positions like Nurse Managers in large hospitals.
  • Lowest Salary: Starts at around NOK 400,000 for new graduates.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Nurses with specialized skills in areas like pediatrics or oncology earn between NOK 450,000 and NOK 550,000.


  • Highest Salary: Around AUD 100,000 or more for Nurse Practitioners.
  • Lowest Salary: Approximately AUD 60,000 for entry-level staff nurses.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Nurses in specialized fields such as mental health or aged care can earn between AUD 70,000 and AUD 90,000.


  • Highest Salary: Can reach CAD 100,000 for advanced practice nurses like Nurse Practitioners.
  • Lowest Salary: About CAD 55,000 for newcomers or less specialized roles.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Experienced RNs working in specialized areas like neonatal care or emergency typically earn between CAD 65,000 and CAD 85,000.


  • Highest Salary: Up to DKK 500,000 for highly specialized roles such as in surgical units.
  • Lowest Salary: Around DKK 350,000 for entry-level nursing positions.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Experienced nurses in general wards earn between DKK 400,000 and DKK 450,000.


  • Highest Salary: Up to €70,000 for senior nurse positions or those with extensive specialization.
  • Lowest Salary: Around €35,000 for beginners or less demanding positions.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Experienced nurses often earn between €40,000 and €60,000, depending on their area of expertise.


  • Highest Salary: Nurses in senior positions or with specialist roles can earn up to €55,000.
  • Lowest Salary: Starting salaries are about €30,000 for newly qualified nurses.
  • Job-Related Salaries: General RNs with several years of experience typically make between €35,000 and €45,000.


  • Highest Salary: Approximately €60,000 for highly specialized nurses or those in management roles.
  • Lowest Salary: Around €30,000 for entry-level nursing jobs.
  • Job-Related Salaries: Nurses with specialized training in areas such as ICU or emergency can earn between €40,000 and €55,000.

Which Country has the Highest Demand for Nurses?

The United States faces an ongoing demand for nurses, with projections indicating that more than 275,000 additional nurses will be needed from 2020 to 2030. Such demand is based on factors like an aging population, which leads to more healthcare services, making the United States one of the best countries to immigrate for nurses in terms of increasing emphasis on healthcare prevention.

Which Country is the Easiest for Nurses to Migrate to?

Australia is one of the best countries to immigrate for nurses because of its streamlined immigration process for skilled nurses. Nurses are listed on the Skilled Occupation List, which means there are more visa options available. They can submit an EOI through the SkillSelect online service and need a minimum number to apply for a visa. They can apply for a visa after receiving an invitation. Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189) or the Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190), which do not require employer sponsorship, facilitate their application procedure.

What are the 10 Best Countries to Immigrate for Nurses

Which Kind of Nurse Makes the Most Money?

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) are among the highest-paid nursing professionals in the United States. Because of their advanced training and significant responsibilities in administering anesthesia, CRNAs can expect outstanding earnings. On average, Nurse Anesthetists earn from $174,000 to $200,000 per year, depending on their experience, the complexity of the cases they handle, and the region they work in.


The best countries to immigrate for nurses are listed above. These not only offer competitive salaries but also a chance to experience different cultures and professional environments and find new horizons.

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Where is the best place for nurses to work?

Canada and Australia are often cited as the best places for nurses to work due to their high standards of living and supportive healthcare systems.

Where is the cheapest place to live as a nurse?

Countries like Portugal and Spain offer a lower cost of living while still providing decent job opportunities for nurses.

Which country sends the most nurses?

The Philippines is one of the largest sources of nurses worldwide, with many Filipino nurses working internationally in search of better opportunities.