What are the Top 10 Best Countries to Immigrate for Doctors?

Deciding on the best countries to practice medicine is a significant choice for doctors around the world. Each country has its healthcare system, salary ranges, and immigration policies. However, some countries stand out as particularly favorable among medical professionals. This blog will explore the top 10 best countries to immigrate for doctors, considering key factors such as average salaries, job opportunities, and the ease of the immigration process.

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Top 10 Best Countries to Immigrate for Doctors

Here is a list of the 10 best countries for doctors to move to:

United States

The United States is a premier destination for immigrant doctors since it has advanced healthcare technology and substantial healthcare spending. US doctors can make between $200k and $300k a year, depending on their specialization and location. Immigration is a bit complicated. You need to pass the USMLE, get ECFMG certification, and match for a residency.

The job market is booming, especially in rural and urban areas, where there’s a demand for family physicians, internists, and psychiatrists. However, doctors in the US face high insurance costs because the medical profession is highly competitive.


Medical professionals are in high demand in Germany because of the robust healthcare system. The average doctor’s salary is between €65,000 and €100,000. To immigrate, doctors have to prove they’re proficient in languages and get their medical qualifications recognized. There are many jobs available, especially for surgeons and anesthesiologists. The only problem is that you have to learn the German language, and it can be a long process.


Canada’s inclusive healthcare system and a critical need for doctors make it one of the best countries to do medical residency. In this country, doctors earn between CAD 150,000 and CAD 250,000 per year. In comparison to many other countries, immigration is easier, thanks to Express Entry. The job market is good, especially in rural communities, with an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 vacancies for family doctors, pediatricians, and geriatricians every year. The main drawback is the long process for validating medical licenses.


There’s no denying that Australia is one of the best countries to immigrate for doctors. It has an excellent healthcare system and a high quality of life. An average doctor makes between AUD 100,000 and AUD 250,000. Getting a work visa and passing the AMC is the first step to starting the immigration process. Doctors are in high demand, especially in remote areas, with general practitioners and emergency medicine doctors in particular. Although major cities can be expensive, they’re worth it.


The Swedish welfare state, which offers a high level of healthcare, has an emphasis on healthcare, with salaries ranging from SEK 500,000 to SEK 800,000. As part of the immigration process, you will be required to demonstrate your language skills as well as recognize your medical license. It has good opportunities for specialists, especially oncologists and neurologists, but it has high taxes and long winters.


Many doctors aim for high salaries. Switzerland offers some of the highest salaries for doctors, making it one of the best countries to immigrate for doctors. These salaries range from CHF 180,000 to CHF 300,000 annually, complemented by excellent living standards. For the immigration process to be successful, you must be fluent in French, German, or Italian. With an estimated 500 to 700 job openings each year, there are plenty of job opportunities for those who are looking, but the competition is high. On the other hand, the cost of living in this country is very high.

United Arab Emirates

Due to the country’s tax-free salary policy, doctors in the UAE can earn a salary of up to 500,000 AED tax-free. Immigration to the country is relatively straightforward, and there is a high demand for specialties like cosmetic surgery and dermatology. However, tricky cultural adjustments and temporary residency don’t make it one of the best countries for doctors to live in.

New Zealand

The medical system in New Zealand, which is well known for its scenic beauty and supportive medical system, offers doctors a salary of between NZD 100,000 and NZD 180,000 per year. As a part of the immigration process, you are required to register with the Medical Council of New Zealand. Rural settings have steady job opportunities, especially for general practitioners and emergency doctors. There are, however, some drawbacks to the country’s isolation.


The quality of life in Norway is very high, and there is a strong emphasis on health care, with salaries ranging from NOK 600,000 to NOK 1,200,000. For the migration process, doctors have to meet language requirements and have their credentials accredited. The number of job opportunities for medical specialists is limited, but it is on the rise. Cons of living in this country include a high cost of living and a challenging language barrier.


There’s a lot to like about France’s healthcare system and quality of life, with salaries between €60,000 and €120,000. In order to work as a doctor, you need to validate your diploma and take a language test. The job market for general practitioners and pediatricians is pretty good, especially outside major cities. However, bureaucratic hurdles and French fluency are drawbacks.

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What is the Best Country for Doctors to Immigrate?

Not only does Germany stand out as the best country to be a doctor in, but many consider it to be the best European country to work as a doctor. This is because of its excellent healthcare infrastructure, high demand for medical professionals, competitive salaries, reasonable cost of living, and supportive professional environment.

Doctors can expect a salary of approximately €56,000 per year. This salary is an average of €116,000 annually for senior physicians in hospitals, with doctors in private practice potentially earning around €164,000 per year.

Germany has made itself one of the best countries to immigrate for doctors in Europe since it needs an estimated 5,000 to 8,000 general practitioners over the next few years. The cost of living in Germany is relatively moderate compared to other Western European countries, which makes the salaries more appealing, though the demands of the job can be high.

Top 10 Best Countries to Immigrate for Doctors

Here is a quick rundown of the best countries for doctor:

10 Best Countries to Immigrate for doctor

Best Country for Doctors to Earn Money

Here’s a list of the highest-paying countries for doctors, with considerations based on specialization:

  • United States
    • General Practitioners: $180,000 – $230,000
    • Cardiologists: $350,000 – $550,000
    • Neurosurgeons: $400,000 – $600,000
    • Orthopedic Surgeons: $400,000 – $600,000
  • Switzerland
    • General Practitioners: CHF 200,000 – CHF 250,000
    • Orthopedists: CHF 350,000 – CHF 500,000
    • Cardiologists: CHF 350,000 – CHF 500,000
    • Dermatologists: CHF 300,000 – CHF 450,000
  • Australia
    • General Practitioners: AUD 100,000 – AUD 250,000
    • Anesthesiologists: AUD 250,000 – AUD 400,000
    • Surgeons: AUD 300,000 – AUD 500,000
    • Psychiatrists: AUD 200,000 – AUD 400,000
  • Germany
    • General Practitioners: €65,000 – €100,000
    • Cardiologists: €100,000 – €180,000
    • Neurologists: €80,000 – €150,000
    • Pediatricians: €80,000 – €140,000
  • Netherlands
    • General Practitioners: €60,000 – €120,000
    • Gynecologists: €150,000 – €300,000
    • Oncologists: €150,000 – €300,000
    • Gastroenterologists: €180,000 – €350,000

What are the Easiest Countries to Immigrate as a Doctor?

Among the countries that accept foreign doctors, Canada is known for its relatively simple immigration process for doctors. This is mostly because of the Express Entry system. Typically, it takes 6 to 12 months to get approved and costs around CAD 1,500. Depending on the province they choose to practice in, doctors may need to pass certification exams and get a provincial nomination before they can immigrate.

It’s easy because it’s clear and it’s fast, making Canada an appealing destination for medical professionals looking for new jobs. In other countries, immigration procedures can be uncertain and lengthy. This system helps reduce that.


Choosing among the best countries to immigrate for doctors to practice medicine involves weighing factors like salary, lifestyle, and the intricacies of the immigration process. Opportunities abound all over the world, but your personal and professional goals will ultimately guide your decision.

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Top 10 Best Countries to Immigrate for Doctors


What countries can American doctors practice in?

American doctors can practice in many countries, but they typically need to meet the host country’s licensing requirements, which might include exams and language proficiency tests.

What are the best countries to immigrate for Indian doctors?

Canada, Australia, and the UK are among the best countries for Indian doctors due to their high demand for medical professionals and streamlined processes for recognizing international qualifications.

Which country is best for doctors to migrate to?

Germany is considered one of the best countries for doctors to migrate due to its robust healthcare system, competitive salaries, and high demand for medical practitioners.