You are going to visit Turkey, the country bridging Europe to Asia, the magnificent architecture and buildings from the Ottoman empire. However, you might need a Turkye tourist visa or e-Visa to visit the country. You could also be among the visa-exempt countries.

The article explains who doesn’t need a Turkey tourist visa and who needs it, who is eligible to apply for an e-Visa, the requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

 Turkey Tourist Visa Types

Turkey Tourist Visa is considered as an approval to set foot in Turkey and stay there for purposes related to tourism, only for a particular time. These purposes could be:

  • sightseeing,
  • vacations,
  • visiting family members or friends,
  • etc.

You can obtain the Turkey Tourist Visa in two ways based on your nationality.

  • E-visa for tourism purposes.
  • Turkish Sticker Visa for tourists.

It is way easier and cheaper if you are eligible for the first one; you do not have to apply for the second one.

Who needs a turkey tourist visa?

A few countries are exempt from the Turkey tourist visa. Go through the below text to know if you need a turkey tourist visa or not.

Visa expended countries

A few countries are exempt from Turkey’s tourist visa. It means they don’t need to apply for a visa to visit Turkey for tourism, visiting friends, or other purposes. If you are in one of these countries, get to the country with your passport:


Hong KongLebanon
JordanSouth Korea




Bosnia and HerzegovinaGreeceMoldovaSlovenia
Czech RepublicIcelandMontenegroSwitzerland
 ItalyNorth MacedoniaUkraine
EstoniaKosovoRomaniaVatican City
FinlandLiechtensteinSan MarinoUnited Kingdom

North America

El SalvadorPanama
GuatemalaSaint Kitts and Nevis

South America

BrazilTrinidad and Tobago


New Zealand

Applying for a Turkey E-Visa

Some countries are eligible to apply for Turkey’s e-Visa. Acquiring an e-Visa to Turkey for the purpose of tourism is very easy.

The following countries are eligible to apply for Turkye e-Visa:


ChinaSaudi Arabia


East TimorMauritiusSouth Africa





North America

Antigua and BarbudaHaiti
CanadaSaint Lucia
DominicaSaint Vincent and the Grenadines
Dominican RepublicUnited States

South America


The following list of countries are eligible to apply for Turkey e-Visa yet the single-entry one to visit the country for business or tourism purposes and stay for up to 30 days:


CambodiaSri Lanka


AlgeriaDR CongoLesothoRwanda
AngolaDjiboutiLiberiaSão Tomé and Príncipe
BotswanaEquatorial GuineaMadagascarSierra Leone
Burkina FasoEritreaMalawiSomalia
Cape VerdeGabonMozambiqueTanzania
Central African RepublicGambiaNamibiaTogo
Côte d’IvoireKenyaRepublic of the CongoZimbabwe


Solomon IslandsVanuatu


Turkey tourist visa FREE cheat sheet

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Video description 

Find the links and extra information covered in the video here:

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs website for visa information 

Turkey tourist visa application form  

You must follow the steps given below, and your application will finish in a matter of minutes.

  1. Fill out the online form of application on the Turkish e-visa website.
  2. Confirm the application. In a few minutes, you have to get an email that will ask you to confirm that you have started the e-visa application. Click on the link you received. The link will take you back to the e-visa application website.
  3. Pay the price. Then, you must pay the e-visa application fee online on the e-visa application website.
  4. Download e-visa. You will get an email, and if you click on the button, it will take you back to the website, and on it the page, you have to download your e-visa.
  5. Print e-visa. You must present your printed version of the e-visa at the entrance of the Turkey port.

How to apply for Turkey Tourist Visa?

To apply for the Turkey Sticker visa for the purpose of tourism, you must complete a few steps as follows: Follow the guidelines in order and comply with the specified requirements.

  1. You must check when to apply.
  2. Find where you should submit your application.
  3. Complete the tourist visa form of application online.
  4. Compile the needed documents.
  5. Go to the interview.

When to Apply?

It is very important to apply for a tourist visa for Turkey on time. If it is too early, the application can not be accepted. If it’s too late, you might lose the trip to Turkey because the process is delayed. Therefore, please apply on time.

You can submit your application 60 days before your trip’s date. On the other hand, the latest time you are able to apply is one month before this date.

Where to Apply?

You must submit your application for any tourist visa, depending on how the Turkish authorities in your country of residence have regulated the presentation of your Visa at one of the following places:

  •  Embassy of Turkey or consulate of your residence country.
  •  The third-party center for visa processing that Turkey has outsourced submission of visas in your country.

Complete the application form for a Turkey Tourist Visa online

The first specific step to completing the application files for the Turkey Tourism Visa is filling in the online visa form of application. This form contains questions such as your:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Date and place of birth
  • Purpose of trip

The system will show you the type of visa you must apply for and the list of main documents you need to submit for your visa application. When the form is completed, the date of the Visa interview is also received.

Documents that are required to apply for a Turkey Tourist Visa

A very important section of the application process is collecting needed documents. Through these documents, you can demonstrate that you are eligible to enter and stay in Turkey for the period you want.

Please be sure to get each and every one of these documents and submit them to the officer of consular on your interview day:

  1. Completed version of Turkish tourist visa form of application.
  2. A valid passport is required, or you can present an alternative travel document.
  3. Two photos according to the requirements of Visa photos in Turkey.
  4. Proof of income or savings. You must show that you have sufficient money to support yourself throughout your entire time of stay in Turkey. You must present the possession of the minimum daily amount of €50 you want to spend on Turkey. This can be done through a recent bank statement, a letter of support from other people, etc.
  5. Travel insurance. It is required to have health insurance so that you can travel to Turkey. The insurance must cover the entire Turkey territory with a coverage of up to 30,000 Euros.
  6. Travel Itinerary. You should present booked flight from your country of residence to Turkey and back, a bus ticket, or any other evidence showing that you will leave Turkey when you have finished your trip.
  7. Accommodation Proof. Depending on where you want to stay in Turkey, you must present a document as Accommodation Proof. If you stay at the hotel, show hotel reservations. If you are invited to stay in Turkish friends and family homes, you must present an invitation letter from the host.
  8. Certificate of police clearance. This document should be acquired from the relevant authorities of your residing country and demonstrate that you did not participate in criminal activities in recent years.
  9. Group travels require documents related to the company organizing the trip.
  10. Documents related to your employment status:
  11. If you are employed: a letter of guarantee from the employer and payslips for the past three months.
  12. If you are a business owner: the company’s certificate of establishment and registration, business license (trade license) of the company, and bank account statement of the company, which shows transactions in the past three months.
  13. If your spouse is the one who is providing for you: the same relevant documents above are required for your spouse.

Please note that the Turkish authorities responsible for visa processing in your country of residence have the right to require you to submit documents other than those mentioned above.

Turkey Tourist Visa Interview

Turkey visa interview is a key part of the application process. The interview will help the consular officer decide whether to obtain a Turkish visa for you or not.

The visa interview is generally a short meeting between you and the interviewer. You should also present him with the required documents that you have collected.

PCR testing for COVID 19

PCR test As of December 29, 2020, all travelers over the age of 6 must submit a negative SARS COV 2 PCR test within 72 hours of the flight departure to Turkey. Passengers who have not shown a negative PCR test for the COVID coronavirus cannot board the flight. This law does not apply to transit passengers or transfer passengers.

Passengers flying to Turkey, who are six years or older and have been in Brazil or South Africa in the last ten days, will need to show a negative PCR test for COVID-19 within 72 hours before they arrive in Turkey. These passengers must also complete a 14-day quarantine at a location designated by the Turkish authorities. If they acquire a negative COVID-19 clearance on the 10th day, the quarantine will be canceled, and they are free to go to any place they want. If you have more questions regarding the visa or PCR testing, please, get in touch with us.

Let’s sum up…

If you want to visit Turkey for tourism or visit a friend or relative, you might need a Turkey tourist visa. A few countries are exempt and some countries can apply for e-Visa. The article explained all the details you need to know. It also provided a list of countries so you can find the information you need quickly.

If you need to find out about other types of Turkey visas, go through the left sidebar.

In case you need to know about other countries’ visas, look at the top menu.

Visa applicants will highly appreciate it if you share your experience or knowledge with visas in the comment section below.

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