Who needs and doesn’t need a Turkey visa?


You are going to visit Turkey and are searching for the visa rules. But wait. Do you really need a Turkey visa? You might be exempt from visa rules and not knowing. It’s worth going through this article to find out.

Their text will explain who needs a Turkey visa, exempted countries, and the details.

How to determine you need a Turkey visa?

Whether you need a turkey visa or not is up to your:

Duration of your stay

In terms of visa rules, the duration of stay is divided into two parts:

  • Short term
  • Long-term

If you want to stay in Turkey for up to 90 days, then your stay is short. However, if you need to stay longer than 90 days, your stay becomes long. The rules are the same as the Europe and Schengen area. Determine the length of your stay before applying for a visa or searching for the necessity of the visa.



As explained, the visa types come into two types:1) short-term, 2) long-term. A few countries are exempt from Turkey’s short-stay visa. It means they can visit the country with their passport or ID card. They can stay in the country for up to a limited time. See the section below to know if you are among these countries or not.


Purpose of your trip

There are the different purposes of the visit to a country which defines into visa categories:

  • Tourism, visiting friends and family
  • Studying
  • Work
  • Developing business

Depending on the purpose of the visit, there are related visas. Your nationality might be except the visa for your purpose to visit the country. For instance, a few countries can visit Turkey for tourism for up to 90 days. They don’t need a visa for studying in the country for three months as well.


Do you need a Turkey visa?

The list of the countries who are experts from Turkey visas is as follows. See them then look at the mentioned factors in the above section and find out if you need a visa or not.


Short-stay visa-free countries

The nationals of the following countries can travel to Turkey with a passport and stay for up to three months:



Georgia Kyrgyzstan
Hong Kong Lebanon
Iran Malaysia
Israel Qatar
Japan Singapore
Jordan South Korea
Kazakhstan Tajikistan
Kuwait Uzbekistan



Morocco Seychelles Tunisia



Albania France Lithuania Serbia
Andorra Germany Luxembourg Slovakia
Bosnia and Herzegovina Greece Moldova Slovenia
Bulgaria Hungary Monaco Sweden
Czech Republic Iceland Montenegro Switzerland
Denmark Italy North Macedonia Ukraine
Estonia Kosovo Romania Vatican City
Finland Liechtenstein San Marino United Kingdom


North America

Belize Nicaragua
El Salvador Panama
Guatemala Saint Kitts and Nevis


South America

Argentina Paraguay
Bolivia Peru
Brazil Trinidad and Tobago
Chile Uruguay
Colombia Venezuela



New Zealand


Countries can apply for e-Visa

The following countries are eligible for Turkey’s e-Visa. They can stay for 90 days in six months in the country:



Armenia Maldives
Bahrain Oman
China Saudi Arabia
Cyprus Taiwan



East Timor Mauritius South Africa



Belgium Norway
Croatia Poland
Ireland Portugal
Malta Spain



Australia Fiji


North America

Antigua and Barbuda Haiti
Bahamas Jamaica
Barbados Mexico
Canada Saint Lucia
Dominica Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Dominican Republic United States


South America



Countries eligible for conditional e-Visa

The following list of countries are eligible to apply for Turkey e-Visa yet the single-entry one to visit the country for business or tourism purposes and stay for up to 30 days:



Afghanistan Pakistan
Bangladesh Palestine
Bhutan Philippines
Cambodia Sri Lanka
India Vietnam
Iraq Yemen



Algeria DR Congo Lesotho Rwanda
Angola Djibouti Liberia São Tomé and Príncipe
Benin Egypt Libya Senegal
Botswana Equatorial Guinea Madagascar Sierra Leone
Burkina Faso Eritrea Malawi Somalia
Burundi Ethiopia Mali Sudan
Cameroon Ghana Mauritania Swaziland
Cape Verde Gabon Mozambique Tanzania
Central African Republic Gambia Namibia Togo
Chad Guinea Niger Uganda
Comoros Guinea-Bissau Nigeria Zambia
Côte d’Ivoire Kenya Republic of the Congo Zimbabwe



Solomon Islands Vanuatu


Long-stay visa

For staying longer than 90 days in Turkey, you need to apply for the appropriate visa. It could be a student, work visa, start-up, etc. depending on the purpose of your visit to the country.


Let’s sum up…

A few countries are exempt from Turkey short-stay visas, They don’t need to apply for a visa and can visit the country with their passport. Also, a few countries are eligible for e-Visa which the application process is online and easy to receive.

The article explained the list of all countries. Remember that you need a visa for a long stay in Turkey.

If you need to know about the specific type of Turkey visa, visit the left sidebar. To know about other country’s visas, look at the menu.

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