South Korea Visitor Visa Requirements, South Korea Visitor Visa Types


If you plan to travel to South Korea for short-term purposes, you need a South Korean visitor visa. There are different visas in this category that are defined for different purposes. Some of the reasons for a short trip to South Korea are:

  • Meet relatives
  • Transit
  • Participate in sporting, cultural, and business events or conferences
  • Signing commercial contracts
  • Business consulting

In the following, we will discuss the types of South Korean visitor visa, their requirements, the application process, necessary documents, and other details.


South Korea Visitor Visa Application Process

The steps for applying for a South Korean visitor visa are:

  1. Download Visa Application Form: You can download the form online. You must complete the required information on the form carefully. Note that you must sign the form.
  2. Prepare the required documents: Prepare the required documents and submit them along with the form.
  3. Photo Preparation: You must submit a color photo that is taken recently with your application form. Remember that in addition to the photo, two copies of the passport must be sent.
  4. Pay the visa application fee: Note that the visa application fee is non-refundable. In other words, whether the visa application is approved or rejected, you have to pay this fee. Also, note that the cost of applying for a visa will vary depending on the time.
  5. You must send the visa application form and your documents to the nearest South Korean embassy.


South Korea Visitor Visa Requirements

The documents that must be submitted for different types of South Korean visitor visas are:

  • A valid passport: Your passport must have at least two blank pages. It must be valid for six months longer than your stay in South Korea.
  • Visa Application Form: Download this form online and make a copy of it.
  • Itinerary: You must provide your plan for travel. Providing documents such as hotel reservations and flight reservations can be sufficient.
  • Return ticket: You must also provide a copy of your return ticket.
  • Financial documents: You must show that you can cover your expenses during your stay in South Korea. You can provide a bank statement to prove your financial ability.
  • Proof of employment: You must prove that you do not intend to reside permanently in South Korea and will return to your home country after your visa expires. For this purpose, you can provide an employment contract or your family ties.

South Korea Visitor Visa Types

  • B-1(visa exempted): Citizens of some countries do not need a visa for a short stay in South Korea. These people can use this permission to enter South Korea.
  • Tourist/ transit (general) (B-2-1): Citizens of some countries who do not need a visa to transit in South Korea can use this permit.
  • Tourist/Transit Visa (Jeju Island) (B-2-2): People who plan to visit or transit Jeju Island for 30 days need this permit.
  • Short-term general (C-3-1): Individuals who intend to visit their relatives and attend seminars or events in South Korea can apply for this visa.
  • Group tourist (C-3-2): Individuals who intend to visit South Korea in groups through travel agencies can apply for this visa.
  • The business visitor (general) (C-3-4): Individuals who intend to engage in business activities such as business negotiation, signing a contract, receiving consultation, or attending business conferences can apply for this visa.
  • The business visitor (agreement) (C-3-5): People who want to come to South Korea for short-term business under an agreement with this country can apply for this visa.
  • The business visitor (sponsored)(C-3-6): People invited by a company under the Justice Minister of South Korea can apply for this permission.
  • The short-term visitor (overseas Korean) (C-3-8): Korean citizens with foreign citizenship who are also under the age of 60 can use this visa for a short stay in the country.
  • Ordinary tourist (C-3-9): People planning to travel to South Korea for a vacation must apply for this visa.
  • Direct transit visa (Air-side)(C-3-10): People from Egypt, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen who travel in direct airside transit through South Korea to visit the country need this visa.


Let’s sum up …

In the last paragraphs, we reviewed the application process for the South Korea Visitor Visa, its types, and requirements. In other sections of the Visa Library website, you can find other South Korean visas and visas from other countries.

If you have experience in getting a visa, you can share it with other readers and us through the comments section. In this way, your experience helps others make better decisions.

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