Israel work visa requirements and application process 


If you want to work in Israel, you need an Israel work visa. The start-up companies and strong economy are promising and will bring a better life.

The article explains who can apply for Israel work visa, different types, requirements, the application process, and FAQs.

Can you apply for Israel work visa?

According to the national law of Israel, anyone who is not an Israeli citizen needs a work visa and also a work permit to work in the country. There are different types of work visas by the duration of stay and the sort of work you will do in the country.

Foreign nationals who have a job offer from an Israeli employer can apply for a work visa. Without the job offer and a signed contract, the application is impossible. The employer is involved in the application process and needs to complete some of its parts, so don’t be misled by fake information and websites that claim they provide you a visa with a few thousand dollars.


Israel works visa categories.

The categories of Israel work visas are as follows:


B-1 Work Visa (one year): Specialists Work in Academic Fields

People whose carer involve in higher education come into this subcategory:

  • Research and Development Teams,
  • Auditors,
  • Senior Executives,
  •  Senior Supervisors


B-1 Work Visa(one year): Specialists Work in Non-Academic Fields

The foreign experts who work in a career that requires expertise but no qualification or academic education come in this group such as:

  • Welder,
  • Mechanical installer,
  • Equipment installer


B-1 Work Visa STEP (up to 3 months employment)

They are the people who have vocational training required by Israeli employers or education or academic certificate. It is mostly used by Israeli start-ups and Hi-Tech companies to hire the staff they need for the short term.


B-1 Work Visa, Short Employment Authorization (SEA)(up to 4 days)

This group can work in the country for 45 days on a calendar year. The nationality of the applicant must permit working in the country.

The companies that need an expert to solve installation or sudden technical issues can use this program. The processing time for a longer work visa often takes up to 3-4 months, yet this one is processed in less than a week often.


One Year Hi-Tech Work Visa (HIT 365), one-year work visa

The foreign citizens whose countries benefit from the visa waiver program can only use this program. They can submit the application online, and it will be processed in a few days. The applicant has the authorization to work for a year but can extend it for up to 5 years. The authorities will check the applicant’s background and the visits to Israel. As the name suggests, the Hi-Tech companies can use the visa to bring highly skilled experts.


Up to Days Hi-Tech Work Visa (HIT 90)

The applicant can work for three months in the country and must receive double the average salary. The same conditions of the “One Year Hi-Tech Work Visa” apply to this visa as well.


Unique Technologies and Mechanization

There are some industries in Israel that the required experts for the mare are not available. They mainly include:

  • Ports,
  • Trains
  • Power plants
  • Infrastructure
  • Megaprojects
  • etc.


The employee has unique expertise and knowledge that is not found in Israel. The eligible companies often have the permission to bring hundreds of such workers to the country. The company that is working on the mentioned big projects needs to begin the application process six months before they start the project.

The work visa will be valid for the entire duration of the project and not limited to one year like the other types.

The processing time is six months, and the following parts will review the application:

  • Ministry of Finance,
  • Ministry of Labor,
  • Ministry of Construction and Housing.


Journalist B-1 Work Visa

Apart from the work visa, which permits working for three months, applicants must submit an application for a Temporary Journalist Card from the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO). On arrival, receiving a visitor permit is necessary.


B-1 for Scientist

This visa is for researchers and lecturers who have a postgraduate certificate and want to work in a university in Israel. The applicant needs a recommendation letter from the Israeli University.


B-1 Post Doctoral Research Visa Process

The applicant must have a Ph.D. and provide approval from the Council for Higher Education (CHE) that the university needs him/her. A recommendation from the university is necessary.


Researchers Under Qualified EU Research Program

People who are in a joint research project in the Eu can apply for this program.


What are Israel’s work visa requirements?

Israel works visa requirements are as follows:

Application form

You can receive it from the embassy or consulate in your home country. The form is also available online. Remember that based on the visa, you might have to complete an online application.


You need to provide the photos with white background and sized 5.5 cm X 5.5 cm.


It must be valid for at least six months over the validity date of your visa. It can not be older than ten years ago either.

The officials require you to provide previous passports, including:

  • Old
  • Canceled
  • Expired
  • Special

Personal documents

It includes but is not limited to:

  • Birth Certificate.
  • Marriage certificate
  • death certificate of spouse

Visa fees

Provide proof that you have paid the visa fees.

Language certificate requirement

You might need to provide a language fluency certificate depending on the type of visa you apply for.

Medical report

You need to take a few medical tests by approved medical centers in your country of residence. The test must show you are healthy and pose no health threat to the Israeli people:

  • TB (tuberculosis)
  • Hepatitis
  • AIDS
  • The results of blood tests.

Clean record certificate

A certificate from the police or jurisdiction officials is required to prove you have a clean record and have committed no crime or illegal act. It cannot be older than three months at the time of application.

Job offer

The cornerstone of your application is a job offer and a signed work contract. Remember that part of the application is completed by the employer, so you two must be in contact with each other.


Your documents must be in English or Hebrew languages. If not, have them translated by a verified translator with a signature. It must also be notarized by the Israeli embassy or consulate.

Academic certificate

Depending on the visa, you might need an academic certificate and qualifications.


Employer letter

By the type of visa, the employer will provide you a letter and explain to the authorities why he/she needs your expertise in the country.

A recommendation from the university

If your visa type requires one.


Note: there are different types of Israel work visas, and each one has its own requirements. The mentioned list is not complete.


Israel works visa application process

The following steps explain the application process for Israel work visa; however, by the visa type you apply for and your country of residence, you might need to go through a slightly different procedure:


1. Receive a job offer

The first step in Israel’s work visa application is to find a job offer from an Israeli employer. You need to search for the available job opportunities and find an appropriate one by your conditions.

Remember that you need a work contract with the employer, and the payment must be determined. As explained above, there are rules with payment, and you and the employer must come to an agreement.


2. Work permit

The employer needs to apply for a work permit or authorization for a foreign employee to work in Israel. He/she needs to apply to the Ministry of the Interior in Israel for the permit.

The employee and employer must be in constant contact with each other to make the arrangements. Remember that there are different requirements for each visa type, and the processing time is different by the duration of stay.


3. Application form

You need to complete the application form for an Israel work visa. Include all the required information and remember that it must be accurate and according to your documents. The numbers and spelling of the names must be accurate.


4. Gathering the requirements

The requirements for an Israel work visa are explained in the above section. In part explaining the visa types, the special requirements for the visa got explained. Pay attention to the particular visa rules and consider them in your application process. Remember that collecting them might take a bit longer than you expect, so start the process as early as possible.


5. Visa interview with the embassy or consulate

You need to reserve an interview session with the Israeli embassy or consulate in your home country. Visit the embassy on the exact date and bring all the requirements. You also need to bring money to pay the fees, which is €41. Often you might have to pay the fees online.

There is a background check, an interview and officials will ask about the purpose of your visit and background.


6. Wait for the processing

After finishing the procedures with the embassy, wait until the authorities process your visa. They will inform you of the decision and the required steps to follow.


How long is an Israel work visa valid for?

Israel works visa is valid as long as the type of visa permits. It starts from 30 days to five years. However, the authorities might have a different opinion and grant a visa with shorter validity.


Can you bring your spouse under an Israel work visa?

You can bring your spouse or family to Israel through a visitor visa. However, you need to inform the officials that you will bring your family.

If your spouse wants to work, the rules are different. The Spouse/ partner of Hi-Tech (HIT) Visa applicants can work, but the B-1 Foreign Expert Visa holder can not work. You need to ask the authorities about the rules over your family as they change, and officials have a different attitude toward it.


Let’s sum up…

If you want to work in Israel, you need an Israel work visa. This text explained how to apply for the visa, different types of work visa, requirements, and the FAQs. If you need to know the other types of Israel visa, go through the left sidebar. You could also find out about other countries’ visas at the top menu.

If you have questions, write them in the comment section below.

In case you have information or knowledge of the visas, visa applicants will appreciate sharing them in the comment section as well.

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