India Film visa is suitable for a commercial shooting (featured film, commercial, reality tv, others) in India. Eligible people can include crewmembers, actors, technicians, or producers.

Generally, the India film visa is issued for the duration of the shooting. However, this visa cannot be converted or extended in India.

All the conditions, requirements, and eligibility criteria will also apply to journalists, so it’s expected that this visa is called a “Journalist visa,” too.

In this blog, we have covered all the aspects of an India film visa, including eligibility, requirements, processing time, etc.

India Film Visa eligibility

Indian Government’s previous authorization is mandatory for any audiovisual shooting or reporting of documentary films in India. The subject, category, or duration does not matter. The shooting films may include:

  • Reportages
  • Documentary films
  • Still shoots
  • Radio documentaries
  • Corporate videos
  • Institutional/Educational films
  • Television commercials
  • Publicity

In addition to all of the mentioned categories, the crew of any other audiovisual report for public diffusion or telecast should apply for a film visa. The journalists need to apply for a film visa as well.

India Film visa requirements

In addition to standard requirements, there are some additional requirements that we will mention below:

  • A signed, dated, and stamped Undertaking
  • Two copies of the application form and submitted Undertaking
  • Detailed Synopsis
  • Itinerary
  • Brief presentation of the production team
  • List of crewmembers
  • The journalist/ Director’s bio-profile
  • Details of crew members:
    • Name
    • Role
    • Nationality
    • Contact coordinates
    • Date of birth
  • Passport number & validity
  • Passport with a minimum validity of six months
  • Photocopy of the passport bio page.
  • Copy of the reservation Ticket
  • Proof of financial standing / recent bank statement
  • Type of production
  • Complete address of shooting location
  • Phone/ Fax number
  • Email


You should upload all the crew member pictures in their application form. The uploaded photo should be of size 2×2.

Applications for aerial filming should be directly submitted to the DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) under the observation of the High Commission of India.

How to apply for an India film visa?

It’s worth knowing that the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting is responsible for analyzing demands for the shooting of:

  • Reality TV shows,
  • Feature films,
  • Commercial TV series

First thing first, you should download the application and fill in the data. Then, you may make an appointment online. After that, you will be contacted to participate in an interview. After the interview, the final process will be carried out by the approval of the Indian High Commission.

Audio Visual Agencies shooting documentary films or AV commercials in India must send the application form and signed Undertaking to the press officer and Information work in the High Commissions of India. As soon as the proposal is approved, the Indian missions abroad will issue a film visa.

Please note that documentary filming is not allowed on other types of visas. However, you can bring any filming equipment upon the issue of the clearance.

India film visa processing time

The standard processing time will be up to 15 working days. However, the processing time may last approximately up to 15 weeks if:

  • The filming proposal contains any issues
  • The itinerary includes:
    • Restricted/protected/prohibited or vulnerable zones
    • Reserved forests
    • Underwater
    • Aerial filming

The process will be held because all the mentioned cases require prior clearance from different authorities in India.

India Film visa fees

The fee is inclusive of £3 Consular Surcharge. Mode of payment could be:

  • Cash
  • Debit Card
  • Postal Order
  • Payable Bank Draft

All visa fees, once paid, are non–refundable.

The price of your visa consists of fixed and variable service charges. The consular fee depends on the type of visa and your nationality, profession, or origin.

India film visa validity

The foreign company should employ an international cast and crew to shoot the film in India. The company should take all the responsibility for the hired cast and crew. No registration will be needed with FRRO/FRO (Foreigners Regional Registration Officer) if the stay does not exceed 180 days during each visit.

However, if the stay exceeds 180 days, FRRO/FRO will be concerned within two weeks of the expiry. The FRRO/FRO being involved will be applied if the total stay in India on a Film visa is more than 180 days in a calendar year.

The visa would be project-specific. Any other objectives are not allowed. Furthermore, the maximum duration of the visa will be for one year with multiple entries.

Let’s recap!

India Film visa will enable you and your film crew to travel to India to shoot a film under the observation of the High Commission of India. Your visa will be issued for at least 14 working days unless it has problems. On the Visa Library website, you can learn about other Indian visitor visas like (group tourist visas, transit visas, medical visas, tourist visas, emergency visas, and medical attendant visas) as well as ways to immigrate to other countries.

For more information about the India visa, visit the left sidebar. Go through the menu of the website to learn more about other countries’ visas.

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